The Definitive 2018 iMarketsLive Review

The Definitive 2018 iMarketsLive Review AKA IML Review

The big idea with iMarketsLive is this: Professional traders can trade your brokerage account for you and get significantly higher returns over time than

a) if you were doing it yourself and
b) your current investment plan

As you read this review, consider where your own investment are.  Do you have 401Ks (or RRSPs)? Do you have Certificates of Deposit or money sitting in a savings account earning a tiny amount of interest annually?

There are alternatives.  And this is one of the things you might want to consider.

(Just for sake of context, I have traded my own portfolio before.  In 2008, I took a year off of my internet marketing business to learn the art of investing in stocks.  So I have experience in buying and selling stocks, and shorting stocks.  I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have that are related to trading or your own portfolio.  I love talking about this stuff!)

[This review has been updated since it was originally written as iMarketsLive has made some changes and added several products to their company.]

Some of the big changes are product expansion into the cryptocurrency space with cryptocurrency education and the brand new SwipeCoin app, and some other significant changes.  I'll lay out the changes as clearly as I can.  If you have questions, feel free to shoot me off a text at (617) 340-2920, and I'll get back to your personally.

NOTE: I am not one of those big hype people.  This is a straightforward review and if you have questions, I'll answer them directly and honestly.  You find that with everyone associated with iMarketslive.

In fact, that's one of the major problems with iMarketsLive being such a low-cost option.  It allows inexperienced investors to get into the FOREX and crypto markets – without understanding proper investing protocol and risk management.   So if you see negative reviews, typically this is because you have uninformed people coming into the market without the proper pre-education.

This is one of the major reasons why I partnered with a professional options trader and why I take the time to make sure any new iMarketsLive customers are setup the right way.

iMarketsLive Results

This post will explain some of my own results with iMarketslive and by SwipeTrades results.  I've been very happy using this service, particularly SwipeTrades, and SwipeCoin, which just saw a 30% ROI in it's maiden week.

So, what is iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive is a 5-year old debt-free company founded in 2013 that has started to catch momentum in 2016.

They are in over 120 countries currently, and are reportedly working on a deal with China.  The entire corporate team has over 100+ years of corporate experience.

It is essentially a suite of products and services that allow you to compound your income faster and more reliably using the FOREX (and now cryptocurrency) markets and professional traders.   (FOREX has the added distinction of being a leveraged instrument.)

NOTE: In regards to the crypto, you can use leveraged or non-leveraged ways to trade crypto.  Since Crypto is so volatile, I recommend using un-leveraged accounts in crypto.

iMarketsLive was founded by a professional trader, Christopher Terry.

The iMarketsLive Founder… Christopher Terry!

Christopher Terry has the friendly bark of somebody who has spent years in the financial industry in New York and Chicago.  What I like about Christopher Terry is that he is so committed to the IML community.  He doesn't need the money.  He has already mastered the art of growing and compounding money for himself – and has managed accounts with over $50 million dollars in funds.

christopher terry iml imarketslive review

Based on my impression of Christopher Terry, he seems like a jovial workaholic who loves trading and loves sharing his love of trading.

I think his main motivation is really (and this might sound corny, but it's true) helping average people win in the FOREX market.  And he is spending his time in the trenches – helping ANYONE who attends the iMarketsLive Live Trading Room Sessions (IML TV).  You can tell he feeds off the success people are having and he loves that.  And his motivation to really help the average person win financially fit very in-line with my own personal vision, which is one of the reasons why IML is such a compelling opportunity for me.  (Just scroll up and read the tagline on my blog!)

Can you trust Chris Terry?

He has been a featured speaker at NYC and Las Vegas Traders Expo's.  He has been a weekly contributor to  And he has been published in various books and periodicals in the trading industry.

To delve more into Christopher Terry, you can read his interview here.

You can also watch Troy Dooly interview Christopher Terry on YouTube:

But Christopher Terry is not perfect.  What I don't like about Christopher Terry is that he does not think like a business owner.  He also likes to surround himself with young people (read: hip millennials) and can be influenced by them a little too much.

So what do I mean by that?  Well, he doesn't think strategically as much as he could.

The Big Problem With Chris Terry As iMarketsLive Owner

For example, he had one trader, Nader “The Pip Master” go rogue and deviate from the guidelines he was supposed to trade under.  Nader basically refused to enter a stoploss and let the market move against him, drawing down everyone's account significantly that was attached to him.  Not good.  After he was fired and removed from the mirror trading options, Christopher Terry added a couple things.

ONE – After Nader, iMarketsLive added that you can set a maximum drawdown amount, so if hit, you will exit your trades automatically.  This is an excellent thing – as risk management is the one thing new traders don't recognize the value of.

TWO – After Nader, iMarketsLive started to follow the open trades of traders to make sure they were not “going rogue.”

Both of those are key improvements to the iMarketsLive suite.  But both of those should have been implemented earlier on by a “business-minded” owner in my opinion.

Another example is that announcements often feel “last-minute,” for example you will get an email that the Harmonic Scanner is going offline for maintenance without warning.  Now I understand that these products might need to tweaks and updates, but the weakest link of iMarketsLive is these sorts of a”almost-too-late” business decisions.

That being said, the opportunity for average people to leverage the trading minds of experienced traders is an incredible opportunity.  You just have to understand proper risk management first.

So before going forward, you are advised to watch this video from iMarketsLive/SwipeTrades Trader Justin Adams on Risk Management in FOREX:

The iMarketsLive Products:

There are 8 products in iMarketsLive (up from 5).

I will take some time discussing all of them.

The cool thing about it there is a variety of hands on and hands off products.  Meaning, if you want to look at charts and learn the art of FOREX trading, you're in luck.  And if you don't want to look at charts and don't want to manage trades (or don't have the time to manage trades) you're in luck too!  Keep in mind that since you're probably in one camp or the other, some of the products will have less interest for you.  You will not be using all of the iMarketsLive products at the same time.

The one that commanded my attention at first was the mirror trader.

New Product: SwipeCoin

Check out the new SwipeCoin trailer:

Product #1: iMarketsLive Mirror Trader

You can see the currently there are 5 different mirror traders.  Each with a different style and risk tolerance.  And amazingly you can see the documented results of EVERY trade at

Now, currently, all of the traders except for Steady Freddie have lost at least one trade.  But all are extremely profitable.  Just look at this image:

iml review fxsignalslive

You can see the Pips and growth for each trader and the # of weeks they have been trading.

These range from 37.58% gain over 29 weeks (about 6 months) up to 157.24% gains over 48 weeks (about 11 months.)  As you can see, all are profitable and have a graph that points to increased profits.

You can see ALL closed trades from any of the master traders on the FX Signals Live website.  So you can see past history and how they perform over time.  This is very important in terms of being able to prove that these traders are very, very profitable.

Disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Your own results may vary, and you are responsible for making your own financial decisions.

You can actually go to the site and see ALL of their trades and a huge number of statistics.  There is also an income projection calculator.  This is one for “Crosses Pairs and Pips:”

crosses pips pairs iml review

Now this mirror trader thing needs a bit of explanation.

It has been discontinued temporarily.

A note about broker accounts:  You set up your own FOREX account at your FOREX broker.  There is no connection between IML and your broker.  You are in charge of your own FOREX account.  IML does not endorse or recommend any specific broker and they do not get kickbacks.

However, some brokers are better than others.  There are A book and B book brokers.  A book brokers provide liquidity and don't bet against their clients.  B Book brokers take the opposing side of a trade against their client.  As you can imagine, this creates a serious conflict of interest.

That's why I like to guide my customers of iMarketsLive to pick a suitable broker when I get them started.  I'm happy to provide recommendations of what I use personally.

Which Brokers Can I Use With iMarketsLive?

Personally, I have multiple broker accounts open, as I like to keep my trades separate so I can easily know the performance of each trader and service I am using.

Currently, I have an account with:

FX Choice


UPDATE: I also opened an account with JAFX because they also trade cryptocurrencies, which I have started to put a lot of my portfolio into.  If you're interested in what I'm picking up, reach out to me on my blog and ask.  I closed my account at Capital City Markets as this was my smallest account and I wanted to centralize my portfolio more.

(FX Choice gives you a signup bonus of 15% above your deposit that is actually withdrawable after a certain number of trades have been done through your account.  You also, therefore, have a slightly larger trading account as I recommend you only start the Mirror Traders if you have close to a minimum of $1000.)  There are several other brokers you can use, and I'm happy to discuss these with you if you have questions.

I have closed my account with Capital City Markets – this was not for any reason other than consolidating my trading accounts.

Once you set up your FOREX account and fund it, you can start using SwipeTrades, which is the recommended starting point in iMarketsLive if plan on trading FOREX.

So let's pretend you start following the specific trade signals provided by SwipeTrades.  Whenever one of the SwipeTrades traders makes a trade, the same trade happens automatically and simultaneously in your account.  Now professional traders are conservative.  They rarely trade more than 1-2% of their entire account on any one trade.  However, you can increase the ratio and risk in your trading account if you want to.

So now, every time Steady Freddie makes a trade, you take one with him.

This gets even better with full automation.

We have a software you can use to take all the trades – no matter if you are busy or sleeping.

There is no involvement of time.  No need to check signals and log in and take the trade too.  It happens without your involvement.

This is revolutionary on a number of levels.

First, I believe that people that are the best-in-class at what they do far outperform the competition.  So I believe that people that are awesome traders can consistently outperform the market by a wide margin.  To me, this is like getting one of the top forex traders in the world to trade your account for virtually nothing.  (I'll get to costs after explaining the other products.)

Secondly, I believe that you need to get money working for you…otherwise, you will always have to work for money.

Thirdly, I believe that patterns and reversal patterns can lead to increased gains in the market.

So count me in as a fan.

This is the first “network marketing” product I actually would have bought even if there were no referral system attached to it.  I believe every person – regardless of what company you are currently promoting – should become at least a customer.

Product #2: Harmonic Scanner

The Harmonic Scanner scans for patterns and reversal patterns.  It can do scans for multiple time periods, which is critical for a tool like this.

You have to go in and take the trade.  It works on PC (natively) and MAC.

imarketslive harmonic scanner
imarketslive harmonic scanner

It tells you when to get in, what the target is to sell and take your profits, and it tells you where to place your stop loss.  (And having a stop loss is very important because you will not win every trade.)

So the iMarketsLive Harmonic Scanner is exclusive to iMarketsLive.  It would best be compared to purchasing “signals” from FOREX signals sites.

So some time is required.

However, when using the mirror trader, it is advisable to have at least $500 in the account to start ($1000 or more is better.)  You can start with less when you are doing your own trading.  Be careful not to over-leverage yourself.

This is a good product for those investors looking at honing their own skills and getting hands-on knowledge.

Product #3: IML TV

imarketslive tv

This is where Christopher Terry comes back into the story.

You can actually jump in a live trading room with him, and he calls out trades as he sees the markets move.  He does this live for the US open and the London open session which is about 2am EST, so it works great for international members.

The camaraderie of the group is apparent and tangible.  You can see a chat box so you can ask questions live.  He also asks people how much they have made with him in the live room – so you can see people win.  You can participate in a demo account also.

At first, I thought this was quite strange, as the mirror trader could command a several thousand dollar price tag along easily.  But Christopher Terry wants to make this achievable for everybody.  He's kind of like the Robin Hood of the FOREX market.

UPDATE: The IML TV has expanded significantly and there are a series of trainers that are live and show you good setups and trading opportunities on the calls.  Some of these are highly profitable because you can get in at market execution.  Christopher Terry has been doing less of these live training on IML TV, which is a good thing so he can focus on the big picture of running the company as it expands.

Here are some of the current trainers on IML TV:

imarketslive tv trainers

I really like Chris Derrick, Justin Adams and Adaeze Duncan.

Obviously, this is a product for people that want to learn and master FOREX trading.  The education is top-notch.

Are you getting excited about iMarketsLive yet?

UPDATE: iMarketsLive TV has a native iPhone app so you can access these live trainings easier on your mobile device!

UPDATE: iMarketsLive now has several Crypto trading sessions per week.  Learn to trade cryptocurrencies from real traders in a 24-7 non-stop crypto boom marketplace.

Product 4: Swipe Trades

SwipeTrades is a new hybrid product.

These come through the App Store/Android Store with an app that gives real-time notifications about trades.

All the detail to take the trade is available in the signal.

So with these iMarketsLive Swipe Trades, you actually take the trade yourself on your phone.

To familiarize yourself with how this works, download this PDF that walks you through how to set this up.  (Of course, this only works if you are a customer.   You can become a customer here if you are not already.  We do have some bonuses exclusively for customers on our team that you won't get anywhere else.)

Short Swipe Trades Video Tutorial:

How well are members doing on these trades?

You can download this iMarkets-Live Swipe Trades Results PDF that documents all the trades taken in January 2017.  As you can see, they are very, very profitable – and only available for iMarketsLive customers.

There is also a brand new setup guide.

Here is a longer tutorial and walkthrough of some of the more detailed aspects of SwipeTrades by iMarketsLive trader, Jay Adams.

The SwipeTrades product has not had a losing week since it's inception in July 2016.  So if you take all the trades, you can expect to profit from some consistent pips.

This is the one product that is the bridge between passive and active.  And honestly, I wish I had started using this one when it first came out.  The confidence it gives you – because you actually take the trades – is enormous.  If you have a desire to learn more, take SwipeTrades.

UPDATE: SwipeTrades now has 2 other traders so you can make even more profits using the iMarketsLive Swipe Trades alerts.

Note: We do have a solution to automate SwipeTrades that is only available with our team.  If you are interested in the details, please let me know.

Product 5: Daily Swing Trading Signals

It's essentially signals that are manually selected by our professional traders like Justin Adams or more often, the man Christopher Terry himself.

They select each trading day, the ONE strongest signal and explain in a short video why they chose that signals and what they are looking for in terms of places to take profit, where to place your stop loss, and a secondary profit target.

This allows you to to get some good trades – but more importantly to learn with real live charts in a short condensed period of time for those who don't have the time to sit through an entire trading sessions live.

Product 6: IML Academy

IML Academy (iMarketsLive Academy) is the foundational course in FOREX you wish you had taken in high school.

It will lead you from absolute beginner to FOREX mastery over a series of videos.

Some of the early ones I found a bit dry.  But stick with it, because the way they teach the information has a habit of sticking in your head so you get it.  I would highly recommend ANY customer of mine to go though the IML Academy and understand the basics.

They also have some of the training in Spanish.

iMarketsLive has also started to roll out training specifically on how to trade and profit from the cryptocurrency markets.  This is huge boom opportunity, particularly if you want toleverage the crypto markets which are prime for swing trading.

Product 7: iMarketsLive Fusion Traders

imarketslive fusion trader

iMarketsLive Fusion Traders is a product that grew out of a need for speed.

The mirror traders only take trades that are profitable.  If they don't have a significant chance of earning a profit, they don't take the trade.  It makes sense, but some customers wanted to see more transactions per day.  Often in the mirror trader, you could go a day or two with no open trades.  Fusion Traders are more geared towards taking multiple smaller, shorter term trades per day.

This product essentially parallels the Mirror Traders.  And you can see the iMarketsLive results and performance and all the closed trade history of the Fusion Traders over at

FusionTrader has been discontinued in part to inconsistent results.  It's better to use SwipeTrades which has provne to be a consistent winner.

The iMarketsLive Compensation Plan:

Let's be honest.  Compensation plans are hard to explain and hard to understand.  Every company says they have the best one.  I'll post a video so you can hear all the details about the compensation plan visually (which is the ideal way to communicate how the IML Comp Plan works.)

But I want to highlight the key things about it.

It's good for the little guy.

First: One you have 2 people, your income covers your own membership fees.  This means that all of your trading profits can now grow and compound.  I think this should be the goal for anyone joining my team in the next 72 hours.  It's easy because everyone out there wants to make more money easier.

I highly recommend joining as a customer first.

Second: Once you have 3 personal recruits and 12 total in your organization, you hit Platinum 600.  At this level, you're earning $600/mo.  Now this is probably the lowest amount of personal recruits to hit $600 of any network marketing company I know of.  And an extra $600 is a level that can literally change people's lives.

Third: Deeper into the compensation plan, you are given a nice sum of money in a trading account and that account is traded for you – with you keeping 70% of the profits.  Pretty awesome!

Are you excited?  I am all over again.  Check out the IML Compensation Plan:

How To Join iMarketsLive:

There are 2 price points to get started at.

Option #1: Platinum Package:  $217.19 Initial Payment and $161.50 a month ($200 as an IBO) and $145/mo as a customer ($150/mo as an IBO).  IBO = independent business owner.  This gives you access to the Harmonic Scanner, IML Academy, IML TV, and Daily Swing Trades.  (This used to be the only level you could join at.)

Options #2 Platinum Package Elite: $250.61 Initial Payment and $194 per month.  Plus $15 if you want to pay the additional IBO fee.  This gives you access to the Harmonic Scanner, IML Academy, IML TV, and Daily Swing Trades, as well as FXSignalsLive, SwipeTrades and FusionTrader.

The IBO/Independent Business Owner is an important legal distinction to have different pricing for customers and business owners.  However, again you can see that iMarketsLive is not interested in gauging the distributors for extra money.  That is the lowest spread that I think I have ever seen.

But again, I would highly recommend you join as a customer, refer 2 other customers and get free access – and then consider upgrading to an IBO for just $15/mo.  You can add the IBO on at any time.

iMarketsLive IML Bonuses:

Yes!  I think iMarketsLive is a fantastic product and don't need any bonuses, however, I have created some value-added products for customers who join my team.  I should mention that these bonuses you are welcome to give your customers as long as they are part of my group.  I want you to understand how this can benefit you for the long-term.

Bonus #1: Custom Webinar

As you may or may not know, I'm one of the best in the world at creating compelling webinars.  I have created a presentation webinar that appeals to people who are NOT in the MLM industry.  I think that this is the only product in the MLM-space that is worthy of marketing as a stand-alone product – and I'm good at communicating this to business owners and people that are afraid about the volatility of their net-worth as it gets beaten up by the bulls and bears of Wall Street.

This webinar and presentation (including autoresponder followup) are exclusive to my team – and is truly a gamechanger.

Bonus #2: Habits of the Wealthy

imarketslive bonus habits of the wealthy dvd

Also as a member of our team, you'll get access to my 75+ minute presentation, Habits of the Wealthy, which I encourage all members to carefully go through.  It explains some of the counter-intuitive things that wealthy people do.  Highly recommended.

Bonus #3: Dividend Investing Formula

imarketslive dividend investing

This is my own personal investment plan for investing in Dividend paying stocks.  Now you won't have the same kind of capital return, but nevertheless, I believe in diversification and owning some individual dividend stocks.  This training video will show you how to pick ones that outperform the market.

Bonus #4: Big Picture Financial Overview

This video explains some key elements of a fantastic chart that goes over the most important markers in modern monetary history.  (Sounds boring, I know!)  But seriously, this is a short video that will give you some ah-ha moments as you look at your own personal finances.

Bonus #5: How I Make 18% ROI

imarketslive bonus high roi

This gem of a video explains a little-known investment asset class that quietly makes me 18%+ ROI per year.  Again, this may not rival the gains you see in iMarketsLive, but you'll be glad to learn about it.  These bonuses are ONLY available if you are in my group.

Bonus #6: Additional Training Resources

You will also get access to our complete training website with training, tutorials, presentation tools, graphics, and so much more available at IMLTrain that walks you through everything you could possibly need to know.

Lastly, I am a master of paid traffic and know that this can sell in cold market traffic.

I have also recently achieved the Bing Adcenter Certification as a top Bing Adcenter marketer.  So if you (or you know people) who have a budget, I can help you get extremely targeted cold market leads.  This is completely optional, and I love working with customers also.

bing ads certification

UPDATED: Bonus #7: Crypto Training

bitcon training

I give you my own crypto trading formula that has produced incredible results. Just last week I made a 430% gain my crypto portfolio.

Why Join My iMarketsLive Team:

We are working directly with Chairman 25 Brandon Boyd.  And my upline, who has been close to Brandon for years, is a professional options trader.  These are great people to have for 3-ways in addition to myself.  I know traders and know how to help you pick the right portfolio mix for your trading style.

Ready to Join My IML Team?

Call or text me at: (617) 340-2920

Ready to lock in right now?  Click here to join iMarketslive as a customer or IBO.

I hope you got some clarity and value out of this iMarketsLive review.  I'm happy to answer any of your questions.  And I take the time to make sure each new customer I am getting them set up and using the best products for their needs and wants.

Consider how important this is when getting started with iMarketsLive.

Best To Do App

I have been really digging the new Things 3 app.

It's really, really well designed and functions perfectly.

I have tested out a ton of To Do apps, and I'm really into this one.

I love the interface.  I love the “Evening” function, and the project headings.

This is a nice video review:


There is a lot of functionality, but it's been kept simple at the same time.   Perfect example of the “less but better” principle.

Looking for a fantastic To Do App?

Mac users? Take a peek here.

It's also on iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Previously I was using TeuxDeux, which has a completely different spin on the To Do list.  It's just a little weak on projects, but it's very unique and works well if you have a simple business.

What is your favorite To Do app?

Let me know what you're using by commenting below.


Infinii Review

infinii logo

Infinii eCommerce.  No doubt this is a company that has gained a lot of interest, attention and momentum recently, and I am sure with all the buzz, that you want to know more about it and whether or not it is a legitimate opportunity.  You can read about it in our INFINii review!

Well look no further as I am about to break down Infinii, the company for you and give you all the straight goods so that you can make an informed decision.

Now, if you are not familiar with me (or my wife, Marie Torres) I will also get into that too, so at least you understand WHERE you are getting your information, as I have always believed that YOUR SOURCE is everything.

==> NOTE: If you want to join and start an e-commerce business, click here to sign up.

So without further delay, let’s look at the overall company called Infinii.

infinii review

Infinii: The Company Corporate Team

Infinii was founded by Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose.  Ken Eggleston is the VP of sales.

NOTE: Ken Eggleston was removed for shady business practices, which included cross-recruiting against the field.

UPDATE: The new INFINii COO is Brian Barczyk, who comes highly recommended from Kevin Thompson, who is part if the legal counsel of INFINii corporate.

brian barczyk infinii coo

Many of you reading this review will be familiar with the founder's names as they were also the founders of the very popular (and still running programs) DS Domination and Options Domination (which was a singlas platform for Binary Options and which closed suddenly and without warning to the distributors.)

As a longstanding member of both DS Domination (since its inception) and Options Domination (which I created a FREE marketing system for, by the way), I am super-stoked about the Infinii opportunity.  It takes, what I believe to be the winning business trend online for home-based entrepreneurs and takes it to the next level – eCommerce.  And we get right into it in our Infinii Review.

I have been on the top volume sales leaderboard for most of the time DS Domination has been in existence because of my strong recruiting, marketing and team-building skills.  I have a knack for being about to teach marketing and help others be able to fully implement and grow their businesses, especially with cold marketing.  (Cold marketing is building your business with advertising to people you do not know who are interested in building a business.)

Check out this promo video for INFINii:

eCommerce is a huge behemoth that I have been watching trickle into the affiliate world.

In fact, I recently placed #9 in the world in the top eCommerce affiliate launch of 2015 against some of the most competitive online affiliates in the world…and my experience in this area has been a huge advantage in my ability to help and mentor my team members.

But first, I have to disclose a personal connection to Infinii.

In addition to that, I worked personally with Kevin Hokoana as one of my uplines in a previous company where I was the #4 all-time enrolled in a company of 180K reps.   I achieved that feat in less than 6 months and brought in over 100 personal enrollees in less than one year.  I've been friends with him for nearly 6 years now.

Here is Kevin Hokoana, founder of INFINii talking about myself:

INFINii launched in December 2015 via an invite-only system.

What I love about Infinii is that they are making it easy for anyone who has ever been entrepreneurial to be successful in the home business industry through eCommerce.

A Word about INFINii eCommerce

eCommerce is simply when you buy and sell on the internet.  As people become more comfortable pulling out their wallets and buying online, eCommerce is poised to grow.  Also, as more younger people reach the age they can purchase online, you will see a “baby boom” type effect that you can capitalize on.

You get to be the middleman and take a cut of every transaction – after the end user has purchased the product.

(And for the astute businesspeople reading, eCommerce is incredibly scalable, which many business models are not!)

One of the things I like about eCommerce is you are selling physical goods that people actually WANT to buy – unlike much of the MLM or network marketing world where the majority of the product is purchased by distributors who really would not be spending that money without a business opportunity attached.

Infinii Review: INFINii Products Explained

There seems to be some confusion about the INFINii products.

Essentially, they fall into 3 levels of products, and the products do 2 things.

ONE: Tools to automate and scale your eCommerce empire.

These include listing tools, and we will have a complete review of these after they have been released to the public.  This is the core offering of INFINii, and members have used more basic versions of these incredible tools to sell 2 BILLION dollars worth of product through them.  Yup, 2 BILLION!

TWO: Dropshipping Co-Ops (INFINii Springboard)

Think of the co-ops as DONE-FOR-YOU-DROPSHIPPING.  Yup.  Forget about having to find products, find suppliers, list on ebay or Bonanza and fulfill order and answer support questions.  The co-ops allow you benefit from the profit margins and income potential of eCommerce without the hassle.

As you move to the higher levels, you can participate in more and more co-ops, maxing out at 20 concurrent co-ops at the EXCEL level.  The EXCEL also allows access to co-ops that have higher profit margin targets than the lower levels.

Some of the co-ops on Prime will be accessible with as little as $20.

Update: Springboard was a failure.  It never came to work as it was intended.  However, INFINii can give you a list of products that sell phenomenally well via e-commerce – and this is the #1 hurdle for new entrants in the ecommerce space.

I also give my direct members access to a personal list of ecommerce products to start with.

This democratizes the business and allows anyone to start winning at eCommerce, and is especially attractive not only to those new to ecommerce, but also international members who may have a harder time opening up an eBay or Amazon account at first.

Infinii: Which Levels Can I Join At?

There are 3 levels at which to join.

Prime – $49.95 per month
Surge – $149.95 per month
Excel $399.95 per month

Below, I will explain the different levels and the benefits of joining.

INFINii Prime
$49.95 per month

Introduction to Drop shipping on eBay.

I think when people think of making money from home, one of the first things that come to mind is selling on eBay. Well, Prime offers you this opportunity ALL without ever having to inventory or touch anything – this is the beauty of dropshipping!

When dropshipping, all you do is list an item found at a supplier and sell it on eBay for a profit.  You only purchase the product from your wholesaler AFTER the buyer has purchased on eBay.  There are few different ways to do “eCommerce” online, but that is probably the easiest concept to start with.  It means that there is no risk to you – and you are not stuck pre-purchasing inventory – so you can get started and operate a high-profit business with very little capital investment.

In addition to getting the exclusive training on how to do that, you also get the following extras:

Infinii's eBay Listing tool:

If you have ever tried to manually list on eBay, it can be very time to consume. I had a great selling product on eBay and even in the search of finding a great selling product – listing them took lots of time. This eBay listing tool helps you list in minutes helping you leverage your time.  Tools save time and allow you to accomplish more in less time.

Another tool is the Infinii app that allows you to scan items to see if it is profitable to sell online at Amazon (FBA).  FBA, AKA Fulfillment by Amazon is another way to leverage dropshipping.  You create and package your product and ship it to Amazon's warehouses – and let Amazon ship and fulfill your customers for you!  I love not touching boxes unless I ordered something for myself 😉

Bonanza Training:

Bonanza is a popular eBay clone.  This modules teaches you how to buy and sell on Bonanza – and there are some interesting advantages over eBay that you'll discover in the Infinii Bonanza course.

Tier 1 Product Co-op Opportunities.

INFINii Surge
$149.95 per month

This level has everything Prime has to offer PLUS more:

Included with Surge is the use of an automation and analytics platform that makes making money even easier.  Have you ever wanted to take advantage of the seasonal e-commerce cycles?  Well, these tools make seasonal item suggestions.  This way you know what hot items during these seasons and can take advantage of it!

Leveraging off yearly cycles is fun and easy – but it takes years to learn the right timing.  Not anymore with Infinii Surge!

This is a HUGE advantage for new entrants into ecommerce.

With those tools, it will also help organize and grown your business by showing you what your best selling items are, your worst selling items and will give you suggestions to add and remove items as needed.

Plus you get access to Tier 2 product coop opportunities.


INFINii Excel
$399.95 per month

This is Prime, Surge and Excel all rolled into one!

With Excel here is everything else you get – it's pretty AWESOME and will take your business to a new level.

Amazon FBA training.

FBA is when you have items that you send to Amazon and they fulfill it for you.  This is a whole new ballgame and will open new avenues for you.

And one of the more exciting things about this level is the larger, higher margin co-ops.  I am stacking all my EXCEL level people first.  So consider that as you make a decision here to get started.

I will add more details about the products as I get access to them and can talk about the specifics in detail.

INFINii Compensation Plan:

The compensation plan is a binary with a unilevel on top.

And there is a lot of money in it.  In fact, INFINii plans to push 70% of gross revenue into the compensation plan – which is massive.  They wanted to create a plan with little breakage.  Most binaries in the industry payout in the neighborhood of 25%-35%.

The binary portion allows me to help you with spillover.  And the unilevel puts some income in for recruiting.  Remember, you can join INFINii, leverage the eCommerce tools and co-ops and never recruit anybody and make a ton of money!

Consider that Infinii does not need to warehouse protein shakes and ship those to customers.  The product here is money.  And that means more for you!

I will add a compensation plan video here shortly to help you understand how best to understand the awesome power in the INFINii compensation plan.

Here is the IN-FINii_Official_Rewards_Plan.

Please watch this video on the INFINii Rewards plan so you fully understand it:

Why I Should Be Your Sponsor:

I was given one of the core founder positions in Infinii and I know how to build and groom leaders.

INFINii is in full launch as of April 3rd 2016.  We already have over 31,395 people in our downline because we are the #1 team to beat.  And all of these people will be helping to build your downline if you get positioned right with our team.

Here are just SOME of our exclusive team-only INFINii bonuses

So if you play hard, fill out the application and let's get you positioned with some hitters underneath you!  I already have major players in the US and internationally lined up.  So let's connect quickly!

We have an application process, as I am looking to position strong people at the top, and provide a massive spillover.

Click here to get started with our team in INFINii.

ALL of my team members will get the following bonuses that are exclusive to our team!


A FREE Marketing System that has the following:

infinii marketing system review
TEAM-ONLY infinii marketing system (these are just some of the over 10+ custom pages and presentations we have inside our INFINii team site.
  • Split-tested capture pages that connect with Aweber and Getresponse or your own custom email manager
  • (We actually integrate with over 7 different email autoresponders!
  • High Converting Follow Up Emails for your Email Autoresponder (I've been a copywriter for over a decade!)
  • CRM for you to followup with your leads
  • Custom Banners for online marketing
  • Custom documents and systems to eCommerce
  • Live Google Hangout – with your affiliate link to promote (and we like to promote people on the hangout who are working!)
  • Other marketing tools…
  • Professional graphics done by my designer of 7 years. (No don't ask me who – I won't loan him out!)

You get to be part of our team, the Ecom Avengers:


The marketing system is complete and ready to go live.  It includes advanced lead scoring and a drip campaign to squeeze phone numbers out of interested prospects.  It's going to be a game-changer!

Look, I'm the king of creating webinars and video sales letters that convert in the MLM space.  I'm working on 2 funnels right now for the team, and one of them I'm not even going to hint at what it is.  It's completely never been done in network marketing before.  I can't wait.  I've only told one person about this, and they are SWORN to secrecy!

Plus, we have a super-active Facebook group – so you can get instant answers to most of your questions.  Note: You WILL have questions as you navigate products and start to make your way in the ecommerce world.

These tools and systems are EXCLUSIVE to our team.  Sorry.  That's just that way it is.

Here are some people talking about working with me:

Support For Our Team

You will get access to me personally, including my personal cell phone.  Plus, our team has a very active (this is key!) Facebook support groups so you can get your questions answered FAST – and we have some incredible, humble people in there that love to share and help our members.

Our team has a tremendous group that includes FBA legends Jim Chao, Dion Jaffee, and team-building star like Kenya Alu, and some people that I can't mention yet.  Hint-hint!

You get these bonuses FREE for just joining at any of the memberships…

Of course, as I have always done, I want to extend the leverage I created to help you.  So the bonuses are structured so that anyone who joins YOU will also get all of my team of these bonuses to help them build your business.

I will be updating this as more information become available.

But that's my Infinii review in a nutshell.

If you have any questions before making a final decision, comment below and I'll get right back to you.  If you can want to call me directly, you can reach me on my cell via phone or text:

(617) 340-2920
Ask me anything about INFINii.   I'd be happy to help.

Can You Trust Rod Stinson?

Rod Stinson: An Honest Review

Rod Stinson is a veteran of the home business industry.  This post is going to break down who Stinson really is and you'll see my impressions as an insider in this industry.

Rod Stinson Webinar
Rod Stinson

I have direct contact with Rod Stinson and have his personal phone number and email address, which I will not give out, because he has asked me not to.  However, I can contact him directly and he gets back to me promptly.  I've known Rod for years.   I like Rod.

First off, one of the things I really like about Rod Stinson is that he really has developed into a systems-driven marketer.  He actually comes from a machinist background, and when he develops marketing systems, they are organized, are optimized to convert, and highly effective.

This is true of his two most recent marketing systems…

System #1: Rod Stinson's Pizza Box Formula Webinar

Rod's marketing genius created a superb marketing system called the Pizza Box Formula.

And while I really dislike replicated marketing systems, this one was really effective. It costs a one-time $97 fee, which is pretty cool, because nobody needs another monthly fee for a marketing system in my opinion.

But I have to say, without any hype, that this “Pizza Box” webinar is one of the most effective business opportunity webinars I've seen in my 10 years as a full-time internet marketer.  So that's a strong statement.  Why do I say this?

Because it's not your typical webinar that explains about the company, and the owners, and what the product is.  It actually contains a lot of advanced marketing psychology – which is why it makes such an emotional impact on everyone I send to the webinar.

It's a killer system.  But the Pizza Box Formula is not something I can endorse any longer.

My Results Using Rod Stinson's System

Here are some of my initial results using Rod Stinson's system.  I recorded this late at night while everyone was sleeping, so excuse my lack of excitement LOL:

And here more video proof:

And here's a video of how quickly you can make money with the Rod Stinson webinar!


Rod Stinson' HBB Academy

Rod Stinson recently came out with a training program.  There are 2 things I dislike about it.

1) Rod tends to sell leads I've brought into his systems into his coaching programs with no compensation back to me.

And 2) Rod tends to teach more scattergun approaches to marketing like bulk email, bulk voice broadcasting and other methods where you piss a lot of people off.  If you really want to learn marketing, I would recommend this webinar instead of Rod Stinson's HBB Academy program.

Other things about Rod Stinson

Rod Stinson also developed the 1-Step System a few years ago, which was a Aussie 1-up in the $500 price range, with a recurring fee.

He has also developed his own stock trading course, and he claims that stock trading is a more effective residual income stream than network marketing – and I have to agree with him on that point also.

Love Rod Stinson and the Pizza Box Formula?

Look.  The Pizza Box Formula teaches massive voice broadcasting.  That's the “free” leads, which I'm not comfortable with.  And most people are not.  Also, the people who have success doing voice broadcastign are spending $30K+ a MONTH on mass voice broadcasts.  That's a huge liability in my opinion.

What do I recommend?

Learn marketing.  I have a great webinar that teaches you HOW to effectively market any business online.

You can register for that webinar here.

Do your research on me.  Look for a real mentor you can trust.

Contact me by phone at (617) 340-2920 or skype – wealthambition

How can I help you?  The #1 thing people need to succeed is good marketing.  Traffic.  And I have systems that can really help an average person succeed.

We also have a team-exclusive landing page that totally rocks. We're getting a 29% conversion rate on the opt-ins for that page!

I help my team promote the Rod Stinson Pizza Box Formula webinar.  You'll see why I can give you a HUGE advantage over anybody else.

Here I am training on stage live:

Imagine what I can do when I help you personally!

In fact, I will give you some of my paid products – and ship them to you via real postal mail!

Final Thoughts

I think Rod Stinson creates really effective systems.  I think he has some genuine value.  But the Pizza Box Formula is an old product and there is not a lot of people marketing it any longer.  It's stale.

If you are looking for a nice high ticket program, check out my new program, MHUB.

Rod Stinson FOREX:

Lastly, some people come to this page looking for the Rod Stinson Forex program, which I beleive was called Rod Stinson Forex Training Academy.  His FXTA FOREX training academy, to my knowledge, is no longer available.  However, if you want to learn FOREX and how to scale money without recruiting, check out my review of this FOREX system I use.


Rod Stinson creates great sales tools.  He is somebody of integrity.

However, I can no longer in good conscience promote the Pizza Box Formula.  The marketing system they use does not work.

If you want to know how to make $1000 a day online, watch this webinar I created for you.

Questions?  Shoot me a text: (617) 340-2920