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What Is IM Tool Suite?

If you are involved in the internet/network marketing industry then the names of Cedrick Harris, Kenny Gregg, Jeff Long and Jim Chao must ring a bell.  These men are heavy hitters when it comes to the online marketing world and each generated a minimum 6 figures income on a consistent basis.  Not only are they well known and proven online marketers but they are the creators of the IMToolSuite marketing system.

IMToolSuite Video Review

You must be saying to yourself, “Not another marketing tool”, as the industry is flooded with them, claiming to be the biggest and the best.  However, in this ever changing information world, new and innovative marketing systems are a necessity.  Cedrick Harris, Kenny Gregg, Jeff Long and Jim Chao have come up with the most innovative and up to date marketing system with IMToolSuite.  They are also intelligent and experience enough to realize what works now and what will work long-term.  Here is an in-depth review of the system.

What you will receive when it comes to this product is this.

Capture Page Creator:

This seems pretty standard and that’s okay.  It’s a needed tool and it’s the first on the list.  What makes it different though is that they have 3 templates and probably more to come.  All funnel systems and or lead capture pages can be customized but you only have one template.  At least with 3 you can standout a little bit from the rest.

Video Emailing System:

What makes this different from the rest is their coding.  Their coding is so good that any message you send will be kept from going into the receivers spam filter.  Why do all that hard work on your message so it’ll never be heard?

Voice/Text Broadcaster:

This is a tool you’ll set up so your list can receive text and voice messages on their cell phone.  Not all systems have this yet and it’s a great way to make you more real.

Voice/Text Autoresponder:

Despite how advance we’ve gotten in the world of marketing, the one thing that will never change is the follow-up.  You can send follow-up text and messages at scheduled times with this feature from IMToolSuite.

Contact Manager:

As good as your memory may be or how personal you may be, if you’re doing well you can’t possibly remember everyone.  With this feature you can keep your contacts organized and add details to jog your memory i.e.:  Mike has two kids Johnny and Katie and has been in network marketing for 2 years so he can spend more time with them.

Live Video Greeter:

This is basically SKYPE.  You can connect with your prospects one on one on a personal level regardless of location or time zone- a very effective tool since people want to put a voice/message with a face.

Facebook Greeter:

This is probably my most favourite tool.  Facebook is a staple when it comes to marketing and networking and if you’re doing it right, you’re connecting with several people a day.  However, the point of social media is to socialize and connect but that can be time consuming.  Imagine if you could connect with new “friends” with an automatic message?  Introduce yourself with your outgoing message and even direct them to your website or your fan page.

QR Code Generator:

With this feature, you can make phone calls, link up any sites or send SMS.

Video Hosting:

This feature allows you to host videos that you don’t necessarily want the public to see but rather selected people like you’re group or prospects.  IMToolSuit uses a service called VidHostingOnline.  Although video hosting has been around for a long time and is a proven tool, you’d be surprised at how many people still don’t use it.

Web Conference Room:

This is a highly effective feature but way less expensive than other web conference rooms like GoToWebinar.  You can also text chat, share files, record trainings and stream live videos making this feature not only useful but pretty cool too!

How Much Does IMToolSuite Cost?

This comes with a $67 price tag plus a reoccurring membership fee.  Hindsight being 20/20, this is an insanely low cost even with the membership fee.  To get all of these tools on their own will cost you and arm and a leg and would financially kill a newbie trying to start a business.

This may seem like a lot of tools but these are tools that the truly elite need and use on a daily basis.  There are only two types of marketers in this industry, those who are elite and those who make nothing.  If you dead set on creating a successful business, take advantage of IMToolSuite now!

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