Is Cedrick Harris The World’s Top MLM Recruiter?

Cedrick Harris is well known in the network marketing industry.  He was the dominant force behind the MLSP AKA MLM Lead System Pro AKA My Lead System Pro replicated “Attraction Marketing” system that became a go-to hub for struggling network marketers.

cedrick harris

Cedrick Harris

Cedrick Harris no longer promotes MLSP, and personally I was never a part of MLSP, nor did I want to be.  I found some of their tactics disturbing and borderline unethical.

Cedrick Harris got his big break into the MLM world by speaking at a Jeffrey Combs event.  Prior to that, Cedrick has been a top selling mortgage broker in Florida.

Cedrick Harris & Andrew Murray

Cedrick Harris and I hooked up again at the private mastermind for Jonathan Budd’s top affiliates.  (I beat Cedrick in the JV contest, LOL!)

Here’s Cedrick giving me his death stare from Jonathan Budd’s living room:

cedrick harris visalus sciences

Cedrick Harris & Team Takeover

Cedrick started team takeover as a unified training platform to train the reps in his business.  He created a leveraged system where both he and his right hand leaders could diversify their efforts to create more and better training.

My favorite Cedrick Harris video is when he got caught with a kilo.  (It’s pretty shocking, here it is):

OK, Cedrick’s YouTube account got shut down.  So you can’t see the video now.  But trust me, it was funny.

Cedrick Harris & IMToolSuite

cedrick harris imtoolsuite

Cedrick Harris is now the co-founder of IMToolSuite, which offers core SERVICES and marketing tools to network marketers.

This is a step off from MLSP, which tries to offer both training and tools.  But in my opinion, the training from MLSP was cluttered, confusing, and was followed up with a pitch-fest every week from somebody else.

You can test-drive IMToolSuite via this link and get an exclusive bonus from me.

Cedrick Harris & Visalus

Cedrick Harris is promoting Visalus Sciences.

Here’s a picture of Cedrick Harris and Visalus sciences partner-in-crime Andrew Murray outside Jonathan Budd’s house.  (OK, I have trouble opening my eyes without sunglasses in California!)

Andrew Murray & Cedrick Harris: Visalus sciences

I positioned myself in his organization at the top, and rocked out Visalus Life Sciences (read my Visalus review here) with Cedrick Harris, and Visalus Ambassador Andrew Murray.

Visalus Update:

After hitting 1-Star Ambassador and clearing checks in excess of $22k in a single month, I have stopped promoting Visalus.  There are reasons on the business side and the product side.  If you are interested in hearing why – or what I’m doing now, feel free to contact me about it.


  • Donald Johnson

    After viewing his Facebook page, as a professional, he is the rudest!! He cursed out a whole organization of people representing another company. Right on his wall for everyone to see. He is not professional at all. He is arrogant and not very attractive, if that’s what he is representing! He is not the only one passionate about what they do. As long as you are on his side, you are fine. He has no respect for other network marketers and the company they represent.

    • Andrew Murray

      I take it you are in Solevei?

      Having worked with Cedrick, he has is reasons. What he is doing is leading his team – and sometimes from the outside looking in you can’t understand the reason behind somebody’s actions. But the guy is a pure leader. And I’ve never seen anyone give MORE TIME to their team. And I would challenge anyone to find someone with bigger work ethic. Actually I don’t find him arrogant at all.

      Look – Facebook has changed the rules on the boundary of public vs private conversations. It’s HIS wall. Just like you can say what you want on your own wall and in your own house.

      If you notice what he said, he is talking about specific people who are networking the wrong way.

      • Donald Johnson

        No I am not with Solevei. If he is dealing with people and promote Attraction Marketing, how can you justify a public rant against other network marketers? Every person is your potential business partner. There is no excuse for it. A business person should always be respectful of others no matter what business they are in. If people are networking the wrong way, he should have been skilled enough to turn the conversation around. That’s what a good network marketer does! Just like he said, people join you not the business. All those he publicly went off on, do you think in the future they would want anything to do with him or a company that he represents? A grown man has no valid reason for a public rant of that nature. Things like that come with the business. I get pitched all the time with lots of opportunities. If you not interested, you not interested. It just didn’t look good for a professional business man. There are a lot of great leaders in this business. He is not one of them.

        • Andrew Murray

          Donald, there are a lot of unprofessional networkers out there for sure. But if you want to make money, Cedrick is the best in the business for teaching the INNER GAME of growing a business.

          You are not understanding a couple of principles.

          #1 – Entertainment value.
          #2 – People are attracted to polarization and taking a definite stand.

          If you’d like to post your facebook account then I can reply better as right now I have no idea where you’re coming from. And I’m a stickler for source. Look – you’re entitled to disagree – but his facebook wall is his wall. It’s his choice what to say. That’s what freedom is – even if you disagree – and why I’m leaving your comments here.

  • beverly gordy

    Vi-Salus is The Best and You Are Top

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks Beverly. Let me know how I can help you build!

  • Javier

    Hey Andrew I’m kind of curious as to why you’re not promoting Visalus anymore. I’m not in that Network Marketing company but I was thinking about joining.

    This was a really good post Andrew, never heard of Cedric before and never knew that he was the dominant force behind MLSP. Good to know that.

    • Andrew Murray

      Hi Javier, I’d prefer not to have that discussion on a blog. Send me your phone via facebook and I’ll tell you the story and what I’m working on now that has me so excited.