KevinG: The 25k Phenomenon

KevinG: The 25k Phenomenon

So the first question you may be wondering is…

Who Is Kevin G?

The Kevin G in questions is Kevin Giguere.

Kevin Giguere is a professional networker who was a 5-star in the binary Numis Network, and is now promoting another binary MLM program called My Video Talk.

In this present day and age, it is getting easier and easier to reach your target internet audience with new video tools.  Two companies have systems that can help you not only wow your customers and prospects, but can actually earn you money for referrals.

My Video Talk Vs Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion and My Talk Video both have an arsenal of tools ranging from video email, video conferencing, live broadcasting and more to help you grow your business.  I recently saw what My Talk Video had to offer by checking out a video by Kevin Giguere.

In his online video presentation, Kevin goes into a lot of hype about My Talk Video and its communication services.  He leads his viewers to believe that My Talk Video is cutting edge and the only system that is truly worth your time and money.  In my opinion, Kevin is sadly mistaken as I see Talk Fusion as a much better system.

So, Forget The Kevin Giguere hype…Which One Is Better?

The 8 video communication services Talk Fusion offers are far superior to My Talk Video.  There are over 400 message templates alone in their video email service, and if you don’t like one of those, you can custom create your own.  The monthly fee for Talk Fusion is a better bargain compared to the product Kevin offers with My Talk Video.  With Kevin’s product, you pay $70 per month to use the service.  Talk Fusion is a $20 a month charge.  Both plans have an initial startup fee, but you will find Talk Fusions fee to be smaller than My Talk Video.

In addition to giving you new technological tools to use for your business, both My Talk Video and Talk Fusion offer you a way to make money from home.  By marketing their systems, you will be compensated once someone joins under you.  Both companies work under some form of a Binary Compensation Plan, but when you really do your homework, you will find that Talk Fusion offers an Instant Pay Compensation Plan and will help you build the income you desire much more quickly.  Kevin really inflates the My Talk Video Compensation Plan in his video presentation, so do not be mislead.  Talk Fusion is a better service for you to use and a better way for you to pad your bank account with extra income.

The KevinG Marketing System

In addition to this, the ILS team, which creates replicated systems has created a system around Kevin's unduplicatable story.  The cost is $77 a month – one of the most expensive monthly systems in the industry.  And in my opinion, the one they created for Numis Network was slick, good looking, but highly ineffective.

If you want to check out the system for yourself, here it is.

Next steps:

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