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  1. Good day fellow blogger! Discovered your webspace through the search engine, and was forwarded to your site, lol. Anyway, great article that you write right here, I discover the content to be very informational, in a way. On the other hand I am just wondering whether or not a fellow blogger such as you want to do a little hyperlink trade with me, as I am continually searching for high quality blogs like yours, to further expand my network of friends. Let me know, and thanks in advance.

  2. I am willing to join the Elevation Group but do not feel comfortable giving my Soc #. Thank you.


    • Hi Dan,

      I’m pretty sure it’s NOT required for customers. Did you try leaving the filed blank? Or just put 111111111.

  3. I can’t get your sales page
    to open, been trying for over an hour and running out of time. If I buy through your link, how do I get bonuses?

  4. Thanks! I saw your affiliate ID so you should see where I got it!

  5. Hi Andrew,

    I sent an email to you on 20th Dec under my wife’s name Maryse Tan after getting my order details as below:
    Order ID : ELEV1-201012200046-xxxxxxx
    Order Date: 20 DEC 2010 00:46:23

    Did you get it? am I still eligible for your bonuses? I’m happy to get in EVG and also the PPP. I’m dead serious to work with you under the umbrella of EVG.

    Looking forward to your fast reply.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  6. My 2011 can be better knowing this!

  7. Reader’s New Year can be better with this idea!

  8. seriously good perspective on the topic and extremely properly written, this has cleared up my day, a lot of thanks from the USA and retain up the superior work

  9. diana lipton says:

    I paid Mike Dillard almost $300 and never received anything! The phone numbers no longer work. This is a scam!!

    • Andrew Murray says:

      Hi Diana,

      Mike Dillard is not a scam. I forwarded your comment on to his support team. Expect a reply in the next couple of days.

  10. Andrew Murray says:

    Yes, it is real. Be prepared.

    Mike Dillard has some KILLER content coming out shortly.

  11. great blog ill be sending this like to as many people as i can!

  12. Nice site, but you’d get a better search engine ranking with SEOPressor (in link above.)

  13. Hi, I joined the Elevation Group yesterday and am a bit confused. I’m not clear on what to expect from this organization. Are most of the members business owners? Are there job opportunities in the Elevation Group?

    • Andrew Murray says:

      Hi Cindy,
      The Elevation Group is an educational membership based around investing and wealth building.
      Do you need help investing?
      Let me know what I can do to help you out.

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