LeadNetpro Review

LeadNetPro Review

This post is about LeadNetPro, a robo-calling solution for Network Marketers

NOTE:  If you are already a customer without support and want my DVD for personal use or for license it to your team, contact me for details!

LeadNetPro is launching this month, October 2010, and is promising to be a state-of-the-art system for network marketers to generate and contact new leads including an email and phone broadcasting system.

What is LeadNetPro?

LeadNetPro is being developed by Dan Miller and will allow marketers to collect leads and contact them using the same marketing platform. This system will be far better than the old way of buying lists that are often out-dated and inaccurate and still require additional resources in order to contact them. LeadNetPro allows you to generate your own highly targeted list of network marketers using data freely available on the internet.  It finds their name, phone, email and additional contact details also.  This puts clean buyers lists at your fingertips plus gives you the opportunity to contact them via email or phone broadcasting directly from your back office.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of voice broadcasting, read this wikipedia page on voice broadcasting.

Unlike most other systems out there, LeadNetPro's head programmer is actually the owner, Dan Miller.  And that's one of the reasons this works better than anything else.

In addition, LeadNetPro has filters written in to the software that do not extract from .gov websites, for example, which other scrapers do not.  Other scrapers would scrape the name and email off a .gov website, of a complaint lodged, let's say, and you could end up in hot water.  Leadnetpro is programmed to keep you safe, and your business in marketing.  It works!

Why LeadNetPro Matters

The reason LeadNetPro matters is because the key to marketing is directing your advertising at the right target market.  Less than 3% of people are entrepreneurial.  So this is a way to targeted the 3% that are already sold on the concept of network marketing AND already actively involved in network marketing.  Because these people have opened up their wallets and bought into a network marketing business opportunity, they are considered a “buyers list” in direct mail parlance.  Which is the highest quality list you can get.

It simple does more than it's competitors.  (A LOT more!)

Check out this chart (click to enlarge):

LeadNetPro vs the Competition

LeadNetPro Comparison Chart
LeadNetPro Comparison Chart – KO'ing the Kompetition!

What kind of List does LeadNetPro Generate?

The list produced by the leads extraction feature of LeadNetPro contains all necessary contact details including mailing address, telephone number and email address and are extracted from sources such as Google, Yahoo, etc. It is created after the user has entered keyword terms and so is more targeted to the users needs plus the user will have complete control over the extracted lists. By extracting these names from these sources at the time they are to be contacted helps to ensure that the lists are up to date and accurate.

So LeadNetPro allows you to generate an unlimited number of targeted buyers in the MLM community for free.

So this really is a breakthrough marketing system, especially since the costs of email and voice broadcasting is so low – anyone should be able to market their primary opportunity more effectively with LeadNetPro.

LeadNetPro Compensation Plan

The LeadNetPro compensation plan is great.  It's a simple 1-Up system, and after that you make $300 per sale.

If you're active in Network Marketing, you can easily make a sale in this by just directing people who DON'T join your primary opportunity to the LeadNetpro webinar.


My LeadNetPro Bonus

We have some exclusive bonuses for people who want to work directly with my team, including my $297 DVD course on Voice Broadcasting which is currently not for sale.

This DVD course is a physical DVD course that will be shipped to your door for free.

LeadNetPro Bonus
Andrew Murray's LeadNetPro Bonus DVD

Now the reason this bonus is so important is because it will actually result in you making WAY more money from you investment in LeadNetPro.  And that's your main goal, right?  Here's a video where I explain about the DVD:

We also will be setting up a custom lead capture page, we'll install the software for you for free (it's easy to use once installed – I promise!), and you'll get my proprietary Quick Start guide, and giving you my offline secrets that I use to generate even more buyers online.

LeadNetPro Success Stories

Here are some recent sales – as you can see, we have a TON of people on my team who are qualifying and making their sale quickly!

leadnetpro sales proof

(Not everyone resells the software.  But it's pretty easy to sell a marketing system that works!  Some people use LeadNetPro just to build their primary business.)


LeadNetPro Is No Longer Available

LeadNetPro is now defunct, and I cannot recommend robo-calling as a viable marketing method.

I do however use permissions-based Call Loop, which allows you to send voice and text messages to cellphones.


Is It TooDamnEasy?


TooDamnEasy Review

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scam. There are many warning bells that go off when reviewing the Too Damn Easy cash gifting program that should cause you to stop and take note of what is happening and, in our opinion, definitely not get involved in something like this.

Who Actually Owns TooDamnEasy.com?


Knowing the person behind the program always helps to build trust. When someone won’t even tell you their first or last name there is good reason to be sceptical and this is just a first point of concern – who actually owns and runs Too Damn Easy? Too Damn Easy is supposedly run by someone who calls themselves ‘Q’ but who is ‘Q’? What is their actual name? How will I contact ‘Q’ or even learn more about this mystery person? Already the warning bells against this program are ringing loud and clear.

TooDamnEasy Has NO Products


You are giving away large sums of money but what are you actually getting in return? Too Damn Easy seems to actually pride themselves on not having products. In any genuine business though your money should actually be purchasing something of value, whether it is a digital product or a physical product and the financial benefits be an added advantage, but this makes the only value the financial aspect – if you can actually make money from this program.

High Investment Costs = Low Sign Up or No Sign Up


Too Damn Easy has very high joining costs (starting at $6,600) and this means that very few people can actually afford to send you this type of money. Many people today are simply struggling to make ends meet without having to give away huge sums of money like this. What will happen if you pay out this sum and then can get no one to sign up under you? Too Damn Easy makes it sound too easy but the truth is that it is not that easy to get people sending you this kind of money.

Is It Really Tax Free?


Another claim made by TooDamnEasy is that the earnings you get from this program are tax free. Although tax law does say that gifts up to $13000 are tax free a good lawyer can easily prove that this is a business and not really a gift and so the chances of getting caught for tax evasion should you try not to pay tax on these earnings is highly likely.

This program shows virtually every sign of being a scam – no products, no names given, and high investment costs for no guarantee. Although the marketing of this program may be very compelling and hard hitting be extra cautious with programs like this and don’t be deceived and abused into choosing a program that you are not happy with and where you are not going to get true value.

TooDamnEasy Alternative

There are programs with high profit margins that are NOT scams.  Some information marketing businesses – which sell REAL products even offer 100% commissions.

The one I really like, and am getting AWESOME conversions on is the Rod Stinson program, known by the name Pizza Box Formula.  You can watch a webinar that explains about the highest converting high-ticket program on the internet, the Pizza Box Formula here.

Who Is Trisha Frauenhofer?

Who is Trisha Frauenhofer?

Trisha Frauenhofer is an internet marketer who has been working from home for the past 19 years, and the last ten years online. She is also a wife and mother and through her work online has managed to stay at home with her children and also help her husband retire from his job. Her favorite high end business opportunity is Premier Wealth Systems although she does recommend a number of other affiliate and multi-level marketing programs on her blog.

Trisha Frauenhofer’s Background

On Trisha’s website she tells us that she is just an average person, from La Selva Beach, California, who grew up in financial lack and spent a number of years trying to make money from home working as a hair stylist and initially knew nothing about marketing. Today she claims to earn as much as $7,500 per day working online. Her and her husband Greg enjoy spending time with their two boys and going on tropical vacations.

She has a history of being in high ticket direct sales and gifting programs, which are essentially illegal.

Trisha’s Picks

On her blog, Trish Frauenhofer has picked a number of businesses that she considers to be tops in various categories including Premier Wealth Systems in the high end business category, 123 power System for direct sales products, and Million Mail Program for offline business.

Trisha Frauenhofer is a wife and mother who has gone from being a struggling hair stylist to doing exceptionally well making money online and helping others to do the same. Her favourite programs are Premier Wealth Systems, 123 Power System and the Million Mail Program. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family and going on tropical vacations.

Researching Premier Wealth Systems?

Personally, I think Premier Wealth System is a great opportunity.  We have some exclusive marketing bonuses for our team, and I've got a lot of people who have given me testimonials simply because I've been able to help them successfully market online.

You can read more about the kind of support I offer and get to know more about me as a sponsor on my page dedicated to Premier Wealth Systems.

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