Brad Wajnman And The Wealth Vault + BONUS

The Wealth Vault Review

Brad Wajnman is the co-creator of The Wealth Vault along with Barry Goss.  This i my review of the insider-view of The Wealth Vault.

the wealth vault brad weinman passive income newsletter

The Wealth Vault is a private investor-based membership that has been operating for several years.  Actually, The Wealth Vault grew out of the influential Passive Income Newsletter, which was also produced by Brad Weinman and Barry Goss.

I should mention that I have known Brad for years, and we speak on the phone periodically.  So I know and trust him.

Brad is an internet marketing compatriot, but has been obsessed with finding passive income solutions.  And he's compiled and tested several hundred different opportunities with his own money.  The cool thing about The Wealth Vault is that he'll tell you what works, what his specific results are, and even break all the investment opportunities down to low-risk, medium risk and aggressive.

What's Inside The Wealth Vault?

The course component of the Wealth Vault is 2 sections.

There is the mailbag section, where you can write Brad a question, and he will answer it in the membership area.  This is a very powerful option, because most people who are involved in the investment world don't let you ask them anything.

the second part is the portfolio section, which is a group of investment opportunities broken down into a traditional investment portfolio and an unconventional portfolio.

the wealth vault by brad weinman
Back Office screenshot from The Wealth Vault

The unifying strand of the membership is the fact that all the investments shared by Brad Weinman and Barry Goss are passive income solutions that don't require a large investment of time or energy to turn into more income.  Everything is vetted either personally with their own money, or by close friends.

Who Should Consider Joining Brad Weinman in The Wealth Vault?

The truth is, there are much better investment opportunities OUTSIDE the box than inside.  And Brad Wajnman is the go-to guy to see what works, and what's a scam.

Personally I've been a member of The Wealth Vault for over a year.  I love it.  It's better than a typical investment newsletter because it covers so many more investment options that go well beyond the stock market.  And I've found some awesome opportunities to grow my money COMPLETELY PASSIVELY.

So the cool thing is that it puts you directly in Robert Kiyosaki's “I” quadrant.

Bonuses For Joining The Wealth Vault

Now there is a paid membership.  If you decide to become a member of Brad Wajnman and Barry Goss's Wealth Vault, just let me know and I'll ship you my exclusive DVD: The Wealthy Habits” which explores how the wealthy think differently, and what core traits make them more successful in investing and business.   yes, it's a physical DVD that will go to your house!

Also, I'll give a copy of the incendiary documentary MeltUp, which explains about inflation, and how best to protect yourself (and profit) from the dramatic changes that inflation is going to have on our economy.

And finally, I'll give you a copy of my private webinar “What Nobody Told You About Money” where I explain…well…What nobody else told you about money.  You'll also get my private wealth  mindmap.

Check out what you'll learn inside The Wealth Vault.

Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

Get ready to become an unstoppable entrepreneur.  The cat is out of the bag.

Jonathan Budd is sitting somewhere alternating between meditating and working feverishly on his new upcoming launch of the unstoppable millionaire.  He's using every bit of energy he can get to start really fulfilling his dreams – which, if you've ever seen him talk, are HUGE and will literally impact the world.

And this one is a game-changer.

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What is The Unstoppable Entrepreneur?

Jonathan Budd's new product is called “Unstoppable Entrepreneur.”  But it's really more than that.  It's really his first major project that actually hits squarely on his real, underlying passion – which is changing the world through entrepreneurship.

So it's not really just about becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur.  (Although that's great.)  For JB, it's all about creating a MOVEMENT of empowered, unstoppable entrepreneurs.

Now, the details of the project are for now strictly under wraps.

I haven't even seen the completed unstoppable entrepreneur product.

But I have connected with Jonathan Budd on it, and I'm stoked, for a few reasons.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus
Tim Atkinson and Andrew Murray have teamed up to promote The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

About The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Launch:

#1 – Unstoppable Entrepreneurs is the first project where Jonathan will really start impacting lives OUTSIDE of the network marketing arena.  This has always been a core belief (and I think need) of Mr. Jonathan Budd.  This is what really drives him to build a massive business.  When he won Mike Dillard's car in the Traffic Formula 2 launch, he ended up giving most of his profits away to charity.

So this is a pivotal product for Jonathan Budd.

#2 – This is his first product to really step firmly past the fences of network marketing and into the wider pastures of entrepreneurship.  It's also the start of a long-term suite of products, so he has no choice but to make it an absolutely incredible game-changing moment.

#3- The product is going to teach about what it really takes to become an entrepreneur.  And at this moment, I think that's essential.  Having a job is a hopeful idea at best.  Creating a business is the only thing that will be able to deliver you stability and luxury in the future.  We need more entrepreneurs, and with the right training, anybody who has been flopping around in this industry – the real change is starting to run your business like a business owner – not a network marketing rep.

#4 – Jonathan Budd has done all the incredibly difficult things about growing a business (scaling up, hiring, delegating, partnering etc) amazingly well.  And I am HUNGRY myself to really get into this product in a way that gets right to my emotions.  Most of the books/etc on running a business are geared to larger businesses, or based on how businesses were built before the 90s.  That's different now. The real growth comes from micro-businesses that start with one person (like how Jonathan Budd or me or any network marketer starts)…

And I don't think anything can teach this to you better than the Unstoppable Entrepreneur course.

#5 – I'm coming off the launch of Mike Dillard's Elevation Group, which was also a huge cross-over product that attracted mega-JVs from the real estate, network marketing, and internet marketing communities.  I completely dominated people with much larger lists because I offered better, more targeted bonuses.

And I love entrepreneurship, running a business like a real business, and all the core things that really lie at the foot of success.

So I'm going to love coming up with some KILLER bonuses that nobody else will be able to touch.

Find Out About My Bonuses For Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable Entrepreneur:

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And if you want to share you comments on Jonathan Budd's vision, passion, or about becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur – comment away!

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Documentary:

If you haven't seen the 3-part documentary from Jonathan Budd called The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, you  should do that now.  Seriously!

Click Here To Order Your The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Ticket

Check Out Our Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus Package Here

KevinG: The 25k Phenomenon

KevinG: The 25k Phenomenon

So the first question you may be wondering is…

Who Is Kevin G?

The Kevin G in questions is Kevin Giguere.

Kevin Giguere is a professional networker who was a 5-star in the binary Numis Network, and is now promoting another binary MLM program called My Video Talk.

In this present day and age, it is getting easier and easier to reach your target internet audience with new video tools.  Two companies have systems that can help you not only wow your customers and prospects, but can actually earn you money for referrals.

My Video Talk Vs Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion and My Talk Video both have an arsenal of tools ranging from video email, video conferencing, live broadcasting and more to help you grow your business.  I recently saw what My Talk Video had to offer by checking out a video by Kevin Giguere.

In his online video presentation, Kevin goes into a lot of hype about My Talk Video and its communication services.  He leads his viewers to believe that My Talk Video is cutting edge and the only system that is truly worth your time and money.  In my opinion, Kevin is sadly mistaken as I see Talk Fusion as a much better system.

So, Forget The Kevin Giguere hype…Which One Is Better?

The 8 video communication services Talk Fusion offers are far superior to My Talk Video.  There are over 400 message templates alone in their video email service, and if you don’t like one of those, you can custom create your own.  The monthly fee for Talk Fusion is a better bargain compared to the product Kevin offers with My Talk Video.  With Kevin’s product, you pay $70 per month to use the service.  Talk Fusion is a $20 a month charge.  Both plans have an initial startup fee, but you will find Talk Fusions fee to be smaller than My Talk Video.

In addition to giving you new technological tools to use for your business, both My Talk Video and Talk Fusion offer you a way to make money from home.  By marketing their systems, you will be compensated once someone joins under you.  Both companies work under some form of a Binary Compensation Plan, but when you really do your homework, you will find that Talk Fusion offers an Instant Pay Compensation Plan and will help you build the income you desire much more quickly.  Kevin really inflates the My Talk Video Compensation Plan in his video presentation, so do not be mislead.  Talk Fusion is a better service for you to use and a better way for you to pad your bank account with extra income.

The KevinG Marketing System

In addition to this, the ILS team, which creates replicated systems has created a system around Kevin's unduplicatable story.  The cost is $77 a month – one of the most expensive monthly systems in the industry.  And in my opinion, the one they created for Numis Network was slick, good looking, but highly ineffective.

If you want to check out the system for yourself, here it is.

Next steps:

Read more info and my review on TalkFusion.

How To Use Stumbleupon Advertising

How To Use Stumbleupon Advertising

In addition to Facebook, several other web2.0 social networks have quietly opened up pay-per-click advertising.

Myspace is open to US residents (not Canadians yet or I would have tried it already.)

Linkedin has a higher-priced PPC option.

And Stumbleupon has advertising also.

Using Stumbleupon Advertising

Here's a quick video showing how I quickly can setup a campaign on Stumbleupon Advertising in under 5 minutes:

Let me know if you have any questions below:

PS – I've got an attachment where you can easily see the kind of granularity they have into the different categories.  Taking the time to really find the right category/categories for your product/offer is a key to success using Stumbleupon Advertising.

Here's a link to the Stumbleupon Advertising Categories.