What is Popup Domination?

What is Popup Domination?

Popup Domination is a lightbox software with a high conversion rate for getting subscribers to your list. The software includes a WordPress plug-in as well as software that will work on any website.

popup domination

Features of Popup Domination

popup domination

Popup Domination works on any website and with any mailing list provider such as iContact, AWeber, etc. It has 7 different themes with 15 different colour options. In addition you can choose which WordPress page or pages it is installed on, how it comes up on exit and also how many impressions the page must have received from the visitor before the popup is shown.

In addition, Popup Domination can work with any mailing list provider by simply entering the HTML code provided. The Popup Domination software is easy to use and doesn’t require any programming knowledge but if you do have some programming knowledge and would like to further customize your lightbox then you can use the advanced editor to adjust the pop up even further.

After you have installed this plug in and have customized it to suit your website then it will come up at the schedules you specify helping to increase the opt in rate to your newsletter and build your subscriber list.

Cost of Popup Domination

The price of Popup Domination is currently $47 once-off; however there is talk of this going up. You also receive a 60 day money back guarantee so that you can try the product for a while and if you’re not happy with it then just request the guarantee.

Making Money with Popup Domination

The affiliate program calculations are already based on what they are talking of pushing the price up to – $77 with recurring continuity amounts of $37. This means that if you make a sale it is valued at $299 and you receive commission of $150/customer you sign up. The affiliate program is administered by Clickbank, a well-known and popular affiliate manager for digitally downloadable products.

popup dominationPopup Domination is a piece of software that you can use on any of your websites to increase your visitor to subscriber conversion ratios. If you need more subscribers or more money then consider Popup Domination.

If you buy through our link, I'll have my team install it and configure it to work with your Aweber account for free.  Plus, I can give you a discount on a custom ebook design to increase your conversions using Popup Domination.


Daegan Smith’s Postcard Recruiting Secrets Review

Daegan Smith's Postcard Recruiting Secrets Review

This blog post is a review of Postcard Recruiting Secrets, the new marketing training course from MLM trainer Daegan Smith.

What is Postcard Recruiting Secrets?

psotcard recruting secrets
Postcard Recruting Secret

Postcard Recruiting Secrets is a new information marketing course that is surprisingly relevant.  Just a few years ago, postcards and offline marketing techniques were becoming less and less important.

Sure, it's always great to sell a physical product, becasue you can easily re-market to your customers – which is one of the reasons why SendOutCards is so cool….

…But there's been a huge change in the industry.


First up…

The Google Slap

A little over a year ago, network marketers who were advertising on Adwords suddenly logged into their Google Adwords account and saw a strange thing: there were no new impressions.  No ads were being shown.

The ads weren't disapproved.

They just had zero impressions.

Here's one of my Adwords accounts:

from adwords to postcard recruting

After the dust settled, it became clear what happened.

Google decided they didn't like network marketers using Adwords.  And slowly, through a meticulous manual review process, they have virtually cleared ALL of the network marketers off Adwords.

I was pissed!

I ranted a bit.  Complained.  Hired people to run my Adwords accounts.  Nothing worked.

Which sucked, because Adwords was a cash-cow for me.

Next up…

The Facebook Slap

Facebook also does not look favorably on “marketing” ads.  You can't mention money claims (which is what really sells, right?)

So while you can market on Facebook, you have do it in a round-about way.  Which generally is more expensive than marketing directly.

But recently, something even more insidious has come about:

The YouTube Slap

My YouTube account was closed without warning a few days ago.

(And when you have over 300 videos, it's a pain to fix everything and find dead YouTube links in your autoresponder series.)

Fortunately I was already hosting all of my video squeeze pages on vimeo.

But this highlights an industry wide problem.

Large marketing channels are being closed to Network Marketers!

Think about that for a second.  It's important.

Facebook can easily just disapprove any marketing-type ads.  And overnight, your business could be headed for a tailspin.

That's why offline marketing still matters.

In fact, I think it's even more critical than before.

Enter Postcard Recruiting Secrets by Deagan Smith (the king of never calling a single lead!)

Postcard Recruiting Secrets Benefit #1

Postcards are great because they are impossible for any marketing channel (Google, Yahoo, Facebook) to stop.

You suddenly become immune to a trend (attacking marketers) that I think is going to get more intense online.

Postcard Recruiting Secrets Benefit #2

Recruiting distributors via postcards is duplicatable.

I do a lot of SEO, which works great for me, and works good for some of my team also…But some people just don't get it.  And while we offer to outsource this for members of our team, it is pretty costly.

But postcards – anybody can do that and get very similar results!

Think about that over the long-term.  Imagine if you had an entire team below you sending out postcards.  This is one of the reasons why some of the ultra-top earners in the industry are clueless about online marketing – they just learned how to do the offline stuff really, really good.

And this leads also into the third main benefit of Postcard Recruiting Secrets:

Postcard Recruiting Secrets #3

It's scalable.

Once you have a postcard (or direct mail piece) that works, you can easily recruit tens of even hundreds of distributors a month.

And scalability is one of the hallmarks of a REAL business that most network marketers really don't understand.

Robert Kiyosaki, for example, is rich because of scale.  he sells TONS of books.  And making just a small piece off a LOT of people will lead you very quickly to wealth.

(I think he makes more money from his information empire than his real estate deals, but that's just my 2-cents.)

And finally…

Postcard Recruiting Secrets #4

It's free if you do it right.


Postage ain't free, Andrew!

No, but there's an old offline marketing principle called SLO (self-liquidating leads) which basically is set up this way: your goal is to sell a small priced item on the front end via your postcards.  (This is described in detail in Daegan's course.)

So you have a buyers list – and then you sell them your main opportunity – Xango, Xowii, Numis Network, Talk Fusion, Pizza Box Formula.  Whatever.

It's very cool.

And when you combine all 4 main benefits you get something unstoppable.

What Sucks About Postcard Recruiting Secrets?

It doesn't teach you about internet marketing – which is stil lessential.  You need to take prospects from the offline world (postcards and direct mail) to the ONLINE world (to become a lead or buy.)

This is different from direct mail 5 or 10 years ago.  Nobody faxes in credit cards anymore!

But, I've put together a bonus package that KILLS these problems.

Postcard Recruiting Secrets Bonus #1

As a bonus, I'm going to give you my “Offline To Online Method” DVD, which is a physical DVD I'll ship to you.  It's an 80+ minute vidoe where I show you how to take offline tools to drive online traffic.

Postcard Recruiting Secrets Bonus #2

MLMZing.  I'm going to be closing down MLMZing soon, so this may be your only chance to become a member.  I just got a new testimonial about it today.

(MLMZing retails for $297)

MLMZing teaches internet marketing – which if you combine it with the traffic you can generate from mailing postcards, can take the whole Postcard Recruiting Secrets to a new level.

Postcard Recruiting Secrets Bonus #3

Ryan Deiss has a report that explains how to create a SLO (self-liquidating offer.)  This is one of my favourite reports I've read – and a MUST READ for any network marketer.

How To Order Postcard Recruiting Secrets:


Just clear your cookies.

Click on my link below:

Order Postcard Recruiting Secrets

And order.  Then forward your receipt to [email protected]

And I'll get you hooked up within the next 48 hours with everything.

Got questions? Call me at (617) 340-2920

If you've already seen the webinar, you'll have to wait and watch it again to get my bonuses for Postcard Recruiting Secrets (it's worth it!)


Daniel Tan’s FBMaxed featured on CNBC

Daniel Tan's FBMaxed featured on CNBC

Daniel Tan's new solution to the sudden change to all Facebook Fanpages is called FBMaxed.

It basically makes the new Facebook Fanpage format (iframes) even easier to use to create fanpages than the obsolete FMBL – which is now discontinued.

Read more about why CNBC featured FBMaxed as the de-facto solution for creating simple, Facebook Fanpages.

As an additional bonus, I have offered a new bonus to my FBMaxed Review.

This bonus is for all buyers – even those who purchased previously.

TeamworkPM Review – Is TeamworkPM Better Than Basecamp?

TeamworkPM Review – Is TeamworkPM Better Than Basecamp?

What is TeamWorkPM?

TeamworkPM is an online project management software that help small businesses outsource more effectively.  It basically allows for better communication amongst team members and allows you to be more organized and focus on the right tasks.

teamworkpm review
TeamworkPM Project Management software

TeamworkPM is a low-cost alternative to expensive, complicated project management software like Microsoft Project.

Is TeamworkPM a Good Basecamp Alternative?

To be honest, I currently use Basecamp for my team.  Part of the reason is it's just what we settled into.  And now that I have a large team (I manage approximately 13 different  workers across 3 continents) it's just a pain to switch.  I have used TeamworkPM in the past, and I actually prefer it.

Even though Basecamp is the defacto leader in the online project management world, it has some serious limitations.  The most annoying of which is the inability to effectively set priorities.  Basecamp sets priorities by dragging-and-dropping to the top of the task list.  So it has no way of being able to view all the most important (high priority) tasks across different projects.


You can get a Basecamp free account here.

Teamwork PM Review (Video Review)

Do You Need TeamworkPM?

For most freelancer and solo entrepreneurs (or micro entrepreneurs as i like to call them), the hardest part of running a business is scaling up and hiring new staff – even part-time.  But with great online tools like Elance and Odesk, it's becoming much easier.  However, working across multiple time zones can be a challenge.  That's why I started using TeamWorkPM (and eventually Basecamp.

In order to run a real business, you need to have more people working for you.  And TeamworkPM cna help make sure you're using their time effectively.  If you're new to the idea of outsourcing, I'd recommend you pick up a bookby Tim Ferriss called the 4 Hour Work Week.  It will change your perspective on this.

Here's a screenshot of the daily email you can get with TeamworkPM:

teamwork pm email

TeamWorkPM Final Thoughts

TeamworkPM really will help you with

  • Communication with your overseas workers
  • Increased project focus
  • Quicker implementation
  • Centralized resources

My TeamworkPM Bonus

Because I believe in having an effective project management software, I created a special bonus for giving it a try and becoming more productive.

If you sign up and try out TeamworkPM, I'll give you an audio recording I created called “Project Management for Internet Marketers”

Click Here to Start your Free Trial of TeamworkPM

Editors Note:

TeamworkPM has published a nice overview of TeamworkPM which features they have that Basecamp does not.