Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

Get ready to become an unstoppable entrepreneur.  The cat is out of the bag.

Jonathan Budd is sitting somewhere alternating between meditating and working feverishly on his new upcoming launch of the unstoppable millionaire.  He's using every bit of energy he can get to start really fulfilling his dreams – which, if you've ever seen him talk, are HUGE and will literally impact the world.

And this one is a game-changer.

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What is The Unstoppable Entrepreneur?

Jonathan Budd's new product is called “Unstoppable Entrepreneur.”  But it's really more than that.  It's really his first major project that actually hits squarely on his real, underlying passion – which is changing the world through entrepreneurship.

So it's not really just about becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur.  (Although that's great.)  For JB, it's all about creating a MOVEMENT of empowered, unstoppable entrepreneurs.

Now, the details of the project are for now strictly under wraps.

I haven't even seen the completed unstoppable entrepreneur product.

But I have connected with Jonathan Budd on it, and I'm stoked, for a few reasons.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus
Tim Atkinson and Andrew Murray have teamed up to promote The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

About The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Launch:

#1 – Unstoppable Entrepreneurs is the first project where Jonathan will really start impacting lives OUTSIDE of the network marketing arena.  This has always been a core belief (and I think need) of Mr. Jonathan Budd.  This is what really drives him to build a massive business.  When he won Mike Dillard's car in the Traffic Formula 2 launch, he ended up giving most of his profits away to charity.

So this is a pivotal product for Jonathan Budd.

#2 – This is his first product to really step firmly past the fences of network marketing and into the wider pastures of entrepreneurship.  It's also the start of a long-term suite of products, so he has no choice but to make it an absolutely incredible game-changing moment.

#3- The product is going to teach about what it really takes to become an entrepreneur.  And at this moment, I think that's essential.  Having a job is a hopeful idea at best.  Creating a business is the only thing that will be able to deliver you stability and luxury in the future.  We need more entrepreneurs, and with the right training, anybody who has been flopping around in this industry – the real change is starting to run your business like a business owner – not a network marketing rep.

#4 – Jonathan Budd has done all the incredibly difficult things about growing a business (scaling up, hiring, delegating, partnering etc) amazingly well.  And I am HUNGRY myself to really get into this product in a way that gets right to my emotions.  Most of the books/etc on running a business are geared to larger businesses, or based on how businesses were built before the 90s.  That's different now. The real growth comes from micro-businesses that start with one person (like how Jonathan Budd or me or any network marketer starts)…

And I don't think anything can teach this to you better than the Unstoppable Entrepreneur course.

#5 – I'm coming off the launch of Mike Dillard's Elevation Group, which was also a huge cross-over product that attracted mega-JVs from the real estate, network marketing, and internet marketing communities.  I completely dominated people with much larger lists because I offered better, more targeted bonuses.

And I love entrepreneurship, running a business like a real business, and all the core things that really lie at the foot of success.

So I'm going to love coming up with some KILLER bonuses that nobody else will be able to touch.

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And if you want to share you comments on Jonathan Budd's vision, passion, or about becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur – comment away!

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Documentary:

If you haven't seen the 3-part documentary from Jonathan Budd called The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, you  should do that now.  Seriously!

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Check Out Our Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus Package Here

Turbo Business System Review – Norman Freeman

TurboBusinessSystems Review of Bazaar Software by Norman Freeman

When it comes to internet marketing, I'm all about systems.  And checking out the Turbo Business Systems prelaunch video, I was really blown away.

One of the hardest things for me when I create products is getting a sales tree set up properly.  A sales tree is basically the sequence and options from opt-in to product purchase to upsell and downsell.

Frankly, it's a huge pain.

And that's why I started getting heart palpitations when I saw this video.

No, I don't have any heart problems, but whe nI see a product I really, really need, I get a buzzing and natural excitement that is physical.

What is Turbo Business Systems?

Turbo Business System
Turbo Business System Logo

Turbo Business Systems is the brainchild of Norman Freeman, and he's actually been using it to create the sales funnels, product order integrations, product delivery – and every damn other thing that needs to be set up in order to have a working profitable business.

Who is Norman Freeman?

Norman is a cool German guy who created the most successful viral tell-a-friend tool, Viral Inviter.

His stuff is high caliber, and his sites and products always work, and look great!

Why is Turbo Business Systems Necessary?

OK, I'll admit I' ma bit jaded when it comes to internet marketing product launches.  The next big thing – yeah, yeah.

But as Norman explains in the video, the thing you really need is a R.O.B. (an acronym for Real Online Business.

And it's true.  This isn't some hyped-up black-hat marketing tactic.

This is not the Marketing on Facebook blueprint.

It's about building a real business.

Here's some real numbers of what the Turbo Business System (on the Bazaar platform) can do for you:

if you have a product that sells for $297.  If you sell only 1 per day, you'll make over $100,000 over the year!

And if that's a digital product, with an upsell, you'll make even more.  In fact, you can make that just on affiliate referrals – which means you'll have zero marketing overhead!

Benefits of the TurboBusinessSystem:

This is a sales-website including:

– A membership site
– An affiliate program
– 1click upsells (I think THIS is HUGE!)
– A DRAG&DROP salesflow editor (You've NEVER seen ANYTHING like this, i promise!)
– Drip-released subscription product setup
– Optin pages with even copy&paste any HTML code
– NO technical skills necessary whatsoever

My Turbo Business System Bonus:

So who needs this?

Anyone who wants to create a product this year NEEDS to get this product.  Success is all about the implementation.

And that's where most people get sidetracked.

As a bonus for buying Turbo Business Systems thru my link, I'll actually coach you on creating your product.  We'll have 4 webinar sessions where you can ask me anything and I'll work my ass off to make sure you can get your product launched with as few problems as possible.

You can leverage from all the mistakes I've made LOL.

And at the end of it all, you'll have a real product of your own that you can market — and that's the best branding you could ever ask for.

(Just give me a testimonial when your product is done!)

So check out the video now and see how quickly (under 10 minutes) you can have everything set up for your own product:

Turbo Business Systems Link.

You'll see this video here.  It's 20 minutes along.  Watch it now.

Turbo Business System Pre-Launch Video #1

Turbo Business Systems Link.