Don’t Use Facebook’s Boost Post Feature

Don't Use Facebook's Boost Post Feature

Here's why:

I did a little test that shows some interesting results on this newsfeed ad.

By the way, the product I am promoting in the ad is excellent.  If the offer is still available, you can pick up a copy here for the cost of just shipping and handling.

The ad is actually converting great.  I keep getting more sales (now that I am no longer suffering for the Boost Post decision.  And I've seen some top marketers ordering through that link also.

I also recommend you check out this other video that talks about Facebook's fraudulent clicks and suggests that Facebook has an overseas in-house “click-farm”

Well worth watching carefully.

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Passive Income Rant

2 days ago I posted a video on Facebook where I showed a single income stream in which I made $21K per month with a $690 daily residual stream.

Here is part 2:

Passive Income: The MOST important thing you can develop.

I had a lot of people get really excited by my last Facebook Video – where I showed how making $690 per day was equivalent to $21K per month.

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And I wanted to share my next video.

The key point I want to impress is the CONSISTENCY of making residual income. Some business model are set up to create consistent, passive income – and some are not.

So $700 is not just $700.

Here's what I did today:

– Woke up
– Turned on computer to check appointment
– Have raw food smoothie
– Took Jack to his first kids Yoga Class (He LOVED it)
– Had bloodtest taken at kids hospital
– Had lunch with wife and kids
– Bought some art supplies and books and a toy for my son (a cool thing that encourages him to make create his own stories)
– Bought some new dishes (our old ones might have had lead)
– Drove home
– Napped
– Turned on computer for first time (NOW).

That's basically the overview.

It occurs to me as I write this that I don't know EXACTLY how many income streams I have. Some large. Some small. But maybe that's the point.

Multiple streams of income are ingrained in my DNA.

And I just started a couple new ones (that may benefit those who get with me quick) this past week.

2013 is fresh.

But make sure you are building towards something passive.

And let me know if you need my help!

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How To Automate Social Media (Part 2)

How To Automate Social Media (Part 2)

Yesterday I explained about one of the tools I use to automate my sales using social media.  You can watch Part 1 here.

This is another tool I use that is not quite free, but I have tested and know for a fact that it creates a new profit of nearly $100 per month – all while building my social media reach and generating leads.

This is a super easy way I use to create a couple hundred dollars in affiliate commissions – even if you're really lazy.

You can use this to generate TRAFFIC on Facebook and Linkedin – even if you have ZERO friends.  And it requires even less time that the free tool I told you about yesterday.

Ready?  Check out the video.

Get a free trial of Hootsuite

I got turned onto this tool by master marketer, Chris Burpee.

How To Automate Social Media (Part One)

How To Automate Social Media (Part One)

Let's face it.

Running a business takes a lot of time.  And one of the ways you can be more productive is called batch-tasking.  All that means is that you can be more productive if you do certain, similar tasks in a row.

For example, if you go out and do errands, don't go to 1 side of the city, the the other for the second errand, then back again.  Put that shit together!

Same thing with your home business.  Don't flip from checking facebook to making a phone call to working on your blog…

You get the idea.

In this 2 part series, I'm going to be sharing with you what I do to automate my social media.

How To Automate Social Media (Part One)

Link to BufferApp (Free)

If you get value out of this, let me know.   Don't just hit and run!

Check Out Part 2 Here