7 Figure Networker Review

7 Figure Networker Review

If you are looking for a way to increase your business base and profits, you know the value of marketing. Getting your brand, message and name out to the public is critical to the success of any business. If people are not aware of what you have to offer, how will they ever become part of your customer base and expand your profits? Advertising and getting your business into the minds of potential customers is crucial, and all savvy business owners already know this. Business owners also know traditional advertising methods can work, but traditional marketing plans involving print media, radio or television advertising can cost thousands of dollars. Investing in these advertising mediums is costly and the return on your advertising investment is not guaranteed. The large financial investment necessary to launch a traditional advertising campaign coupled with doubts on the return it will yield often leave business owners to do little or nothing to advertise their business and services. Until now, there has been little alternative to traditional marketing but a new marketing model, the 7 figure networker, is here to change all that and give your business a larger share of the market.

How does Jonathan Budd's system work

Working off the idea that traditional marketing and sales methods are expensive, time consuming and often do not work, this system takes a new approach to advertising and generating business. Cold calls, approaching uninterested businesses or clients and wasting valuable time pitching your product to people who do not want it are in the past when you use the 7 figure system.

Instead of building on traditional marketing models, the system utilizes cutting edge technologies to navigate the confusing field of marketing. Using the power of lead generation and harnessing the vast reach and appeal of the internet, this innovative marketing system will teach you how to use new technologies and methods to increase your business. The 7 figure system is designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a true entrepreneur and how to use the tools in a logical, systematic, step by step way. With both written and video instruction, you can learn at your own pace and get completely comfortable with the system before you put it into place.

How does Jonathan's Program Help Me Make Money?

The system harnesses the power of the internet to generate leads and prospects. The system helps you generate leads and prospects online in just a few steps. There are numerous internet marketing strategies and culling through them is overwhelming and confusing. Jonathan Budd has done all the research for you and put it into an easy to use system. Using this system, you will learn to identify the internet marketing and networking strategies that best suit your business. Put the marketing plan you create and customize for your business into action and you will attract business and increase your profits immediately. This innovative network marketing system allows you to make money while prospects are looking at your information, increasing profits and continually generating business.

What does the system teach business owners about lead generation?

The system Jonathan Budd has created teaches you how to design a marketing campaign that will drive people to your site and create income for you. Creating an automation system for your business will allow customers to do business with you without ever encountering a sales pitch, presentation or talk. The system allows people to direct more traffic to your site constantly creating leads for your business. Generating traffic and leads increases profits for your business is easy with Jonathan's system. Here's how:
1. The system sets you up for success. Creating everything you need, you will have converting pages and everything is set up for you by Jonathan's system.
2. You will learn how to identify and target your business's desired customer and prospect base.
3. The system teaches you how to talk to your target audience and how to make a sale.
4. Continually driving people to your site will send traffic to the system and all you have to do is let the system take over and generate leads, income and prospects.

How is Jonathan Budd's 7 figure networker system taught?

Taught in a four part series, the networking system designed by Jonathan Budd is delivered through streaming video and accompanying online text. This teaching methodology allows you complete control over how long you spend on each segment, section or component so you fully understand and master Jonathan's revolutionary network marketing techniques. Taking things at your own pace and studying techniques when it is convenient for you makes this marketing system a great choice for already over scheduled business owners. Investing the time in really learning how to use the system to work for your business will yield great dividends in prospects, MLM leads, customers, and financial profits. Once you have learned and mastered the techniques in the 7 figure system, you can let the system do the work for you while you enjoy the profits and continual generation if business.

Traditional marketing plans are expensive and you have to entrust others to implement them. Take control of your advertising and use the 7 figure strategy to identify, target, attract and engage your ideal customers. Learning the tips and techniques that Jonathan Budd has honed, refined and streamlined into this innovative network marketing system will allow you to generate more business and profits than you ever dreamed possible. Put the years of research and work Jonathan has done creating this system to help you achieve all your current business goals. Once you see how quickly you are able to build and grow, you will set new goals for your business and you can continue to grow exponentially. Become the successful, independent entrepreneur and business owner you have always wanted to be using the methods Jonathan is ready to teach. Invest in your business and your self, learn and utilize this revolutionary tool and start building your future today.

How can I Join Jonathan Budd's 7FigureNetworker System?

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Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

Get ready to become an unstoppable entrepreneur.  The cat is out of the bag.

Jonathan Budd is sitting somewhere alternating between meditating and working feverishly on his new upcoming launch of the unstoppable millionaire.  He's using every bit of energy he can get to start really fulfilling his dreams – which, if you've ever seen him talk, are HUGE and will literally impact the world.

And this one is a game-changer.

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What is The Unstoppable Entrepreneur?

Jonathan Budd's new product is called “Unstoppable Entrepreneur.”  But it's really more than that.  It's really his first major project that actually hits squarely on his real, underlying passion – which is changing the world through entrepreneurship.

So it's not really just about becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur.  (Although that's great.)  For JB, it's all about creating a MOVEMENT of empowered, unstoppable entrepreneurs.

Now, the details of the project are for now strictly under wraps.

I haven't even seen the completed unstoppable entrepreneur product.

But I have connected with Jonathan Budd on it, and I'm stoked, for a few reasons.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus
Tim Atkinson and Andrew Murray have teamed up to promote The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

About The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Launch:

#1 – Unstoppable Entrepreneurs is the first project where Jonathan will really start impacting lives OUTSIDE of the network marketing arena.  This has always been a core belief (and I think need) of Mr. Jonathan Budd.  This is what really drives him to build a massive business.  When he won Mike Dillard's car in the Traffic Formula 2 launch, he ended up giving most of his profits away to charity.

So this is a pivotal product for Jonathan Budd.

#2 – This is his first product to really step firmly past the fences of network marketing and into the wider pastures of entrepreneurship.  It's also the start of a long-term suite of products, so he has no choice but to make it an absolutely incredible game-changing moment.

#3- The product is going to teach about what it really takes to become an entrepreneur.  And at this moment, I think that's essential.  Having a job is a hopeful idea at best.  Creating a business is the only thing that will be able to deliver you stability and luxury in the future.  We need more entrepreneurs, and with the right training, anybody who has been flopping around in this industry – the real change is starting to run your business like a business owner – not a network marketing rep.

#4 – Jonathan Budd has done all the incredibly difficult things about growing a business (scaling up, hiring, delegating, partnering etc) amazingly well.  And I am HUNGRY myself to really get into this product in a way that gets right to my emotions.  Most of the books/etc on running a business are geared to larger businesses, or based on how businesses were built before the 90s.  That's different now. The real growth comes from micro-businesses that start with one person (like how Jonathan Budd or me or any network marketer starts)…

And I don't think anything can teach this to you better than the Unstoppable Entrepreneur course.

#5 – I'm coming off the launch of Mike Dillard's Elevation Group, which was also a huge cross-over product that attracted mega-JVs from the real estate, network marketing, and internet marketing communities.  I completely dominated people with much larger lists because I offered better, more targeted bonuses.

And I love entrepreneurship, running a business like a real business, and all the core things that really lie at the foot of success.

So I'm going to love coming up with some KILLER bonuses that nobody else will be able to touch.

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And if you want to share you comments on Jonathan Budd's vision, passion, or about becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur – comment away!

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Documentary:

If you haven't seen the 3-part documentary from Jonathan Budd called The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, you  should do that now.  Seriously!

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Does Facebook Matter?

Do you need to be marketing on Facebook?

A friend asked me if Facebook really mattered. Was it important?

Let me put it this way.

Facebook is just ONE method of marketing, so it's not required.  But it is one of the EASIEST ways to target active MLMers.

And to build a list fast.

But you NEED a fanpage.

Get Traffic 3.0 bonus - custom fanpage

I think Facebook is one of the methods that you really should be using.  Why? Because it works.

But advertising on Facebook is a little quirky.  They have some rules you need to follow in order to get your ad approved.  Like DON'T ask for a phone number.  Facebook is paranoid about that.  And building a fanpage creates social proof – but also allows you to get around marketing your business opportunity directly, which is a no-no.

So that's where Get Traffic 3.0 comes in.

Jonathan Budd's course that will be (like his other course) only around for a short time.

But you'll also get FREE mentoring by myself AND Jonathan Budd personally… Plus a ton of great other bonuses simply for taking action early.

Look… This coaching program is really a no-brainer… It's extremely affordable and it's really going to put you at the absolute cutting edge of our industry, giving you skills that will make you a TON of money over the next few years…

Facebook IS going to be the next Google, period.  And we are at a very rare, and very profitable position right now to start tapping into this limitless traffic goldmine before the “masses”.

You won't find any other program like this out in the market place right now… And especially for such a crazy-low price.

Again, to catch up on all of the details of this program, go to:

Get Traffic 3.0

My Get Traffic 3.0 Bonuses

So here are 7 reasons why you ABSOLUTELY want to be ready to buy Get Traffic 3.0 from me:

1.  The first 5 people who join through my affiliate link: (Get Traffic 3.0) will get a FREE 45 min. private coaching session with me personally.  This is an incredibly rare opportunity, considering I do not currently offer my coaching services to the public (valued at $500).

2. The first 10 people will get FREE Facebook FanPage custom designed like my fanpage… But custom designed for you!

3. And EVERYONE who orders will get access to a very special “MLM WordPress Domination Course” which explains how I got top rankings for over 6 companies I have been a part of.  And Why I'm #1 on Google for companies I'm no longer even involved with!

This course is absolutely for free, and will be turned into a $497 product before the end of November.

Get Traffic 3.0

Don't miss this opportunity Andrew… Trust me when I tell you that you WANT to have these facebook advertising skills under your belt…

The return on investment is going to be absolutely HUGE for you, not only for immediate results over the next few weeks, but also for years and years to come.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you in this program! 🙂

Let's rock it out on Facebook together! Talk soon!

Cheers, Andrew Murray & Marie Torres

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PPS – One of my assistants made the mistake of DELETING my fanpage, so I lost all my cool FB fans!  I'll post the link to my new one shortly.