Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

Get ready to become an unstoppable entrepreneur.  The cat is out of the bag.

Jonathan Budd is sitting somewhere alternating between meditating and working feverishly on his new upcoming launch of the unstoppable millionaire.  He's using every bit of energy he can get to start really fulfilling his dreams – which, if you've ever seen him talk, are HUGE and will literally impact the world.

And this one is a game-changer.

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What is The Unstoppable Entrepreneur?

Jonathan Budd's new product is called “Unstoppable Entrepreneur.”  But it's really more than that.  It's really his first major project that actually hits squarely on his real, underlying passion – which is changing the world through entrepreneurship.

So it's not really just about becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur.  (Although that's great.)  For JB, it's all about creating a MOVEMENT of empowered, unstoppable entrepreneurs.

Now, the details of the project are for now strictly under wraps.

I haven't even seen the completed unstoppable entrepreneur product.

But I have connected with Jonathan Budd on it, and I'm stoked, for a few reasons.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus
Tim Atkinson and Andrew Murray have teamed up to promote The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

About The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Launch:

#1 – Unstoppable Entrepreneurs is the first project where Jonathan will really start impacting lives OUTSIDE of the network marketing arena.  This has always been a core belief (and I think need) of Mr. Jonathan Budd.  This is what really drives him to build a massive business.  When he won Mike Dillard's car in the Traffic Formula 2 launch, he ended up giving most of his profits away to charity.

So this is a pivotal product for Jonathan Budd.

#2 – This is his first product to really step firmly past the fences of network marketing and into the wider pastures of entrepreneurship.  It's also the start of a long-term suite of products, so he has no choice but to make it an absolutely incredible game-changing moment.

#3- The product is going to teach about what it really takes to become an entrepreneur.  And at this moment, I think that's essential.  Having a job is a hopeful idea at best.  Creating a business is the only thing that will be able to deliver you stability and luxury in the future.  We need more entrepreneurs, and with the right training, anybody who has been flopping around in this industry – the real change is starting to run your business like a business owner – not a network marketing rep.

#4 – Jonathan Budd has done all the incredibly difficult things about growing a business (scaling up, hiring, delegating, partnering etc) amazingly well.  And I am HUNGRY myself to really get into this product in a way that gets right to my emotions.  Most of the books/etc on running a business are geared to larger businesses, or based on how businesses were built before the 90s.  That's different now. The real growth comes from micro-businesses that start with one person (like how Jonathan Budd or me or any network marketer starts)…

And I don't think anything can teach this to you better than the Unstoppable Entrepreneur course.

#5 – I'm coming off the launch of Mike Dillard's Elevation Group, which was also a huge cross-over product that attracted mega-JVs from the real estate, network marketing, and internet marketing communities.  I completely dominated people with much larger lists because I offered better, more targeted bonuses.

And I love entrepreneurship, running a business like a real business, and all the core things that really lie at the foot of success.

So I'm going to love coming up with some KILLER bonuses that nobody else will be able to touch.

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And if you want to share you comments on Jonathan Budd's vision, passion, or about becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur – comment away!

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Documentary:

If you haven't seen the 3-part documentary from Jonathan Budd called The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, you  should do that now.  Seriously!

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Check Out Our Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus Package Here

Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group Review

Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group Review


A new business has just opened its doors and is looking to be a great success – Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group. Mike Dillard is well know in internet marketing circles and has been CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring but now feels that he has contributed all he can for the present to marketing and has decided to take a slightly different route – coaching people on how to manage their money using techniques and strategies used by the super-rich.

This actually has been a passion of mine also, and is similar to the DVD I created in 2011 called “How To Get Rich.”

The Elevation Group Webinar

To find out more about the Elevation Group, watch the webinar with Mike Dillard explaining TheElevationGroup:

Mike Dillard's The Elevation Group
The Elevation Group Webinar Opening Frame

What Is the Mission of the Elevation Group?


Mike Dillard has brought together a number of individuals who make not only tens of millions but even hundreds of millions of dollars – people who not only know how to make money but also know how to manage their money; and has created a membership website where people from all walks of life can learn how to manage their money more effectively and what they should be investing in.

mike dillard from the elevation group
mike dillard founder of the elevation group

Mike Dillard admits that he has never been very good when it comes to investing or managing money and that he knows that there are many other people in the same boat and so he has brought together a group of select individuals to show us how it is done. He says, ‘for the very first time, you will have access to the strategies and techniques that are actually used by the truly rich, to invest, protect and grow their wealth, especially during the turbulent times we’re faced with today.’

Elevation Group Bonus:

Here's a video where I explain the bonuses for joining The Elevation Group through my link:

I have created an entire salespage explaining my Elevation Group bonuses here. (Opens in a new window)

The Launch of the Elevation Group


The Elevation Group has just launched on the 20th October 2010 and there is currently a free video of the launch available on This 1 ½ hour video in itself contains some very interesting information regarding our financial system, the Federal Reserve Bank, currency, etc. which is worth knowing about.

The Elevation Group launched by Mike Dillard this month promises to teach people of all walks of life how to manage their money correctly and how they can avoid becoming one of the statistics wiped out by economic depressions such as we are currently facing. These lessons are taught by a group of select individuals who know how to make and manage large sums of money. If you need assistance in knowing how to manage your money through this difficult economic period or even if you are doing well but know that there is always more to learn when it comes to finances then you may be interested in joining the Elevation Group.

Andrew Murray & The Elevation Group

Andrew Murray is one of the founding members of the Elevation Group, and as a bonus for joining the Elevation Group through my link, I'm going to ship for (free of charge) my DVD “How To Get Rich” where I explain over 100+ minutes of how the wealthy think, act and invest.

This DVD is only available if you use my link.

This is only ONE of my bonuses.  I explain my other The ElevationGroup bonuses fully on my site:

My Private The Elevation Group Bonus Package

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Keyword Research Special

Keyword Research Special

OK, if you've been on my list for any length of time, you'll know I firmly believe that most proper keyword research is the foundation of all your marketing efforts.  I can predict somebody success or failure based on their ability to target the right keywords.

And yet, it baffles so many people.

So what's I'm doing is offering to do advanced competitive analysis and keyword research on YOUR MLM company.

Some Video Proof:

Here's some undeniable video proof that explains why if you're using Google's Keyword tool to do keyword research, you're missing out on the best keywords.

I show video proof that shows for the keyword “mike dillard” Google is presenting only 4 relevant keywords, and my keyword research uncovers over 176 highly targeted keywords for the keyword “mike dillard”.

Sounds unbelievable, but it's absolutely true…

Here are the details of my Keyword Research special:

I will do some advanced keyword research, using a system I developed with multiple paid tools.

  1. I will actually be doing all of this work personally.  None of it will be outsourced.
  2. You will get a huge list of highly relevant keywords.  (About 3-8 times larger than you would get using google's free keyword tool.)
  3. You will get full research data in .csv format from my personal copy of Market Samurai.
  4. I will then personally study all this data, and I will tell you the top 10 keyword phrases I would start targeting immediately if I was in your opportunity.

So you won't have any uncertainty about what keywords you should start writing blog posts or articles on, or doing youtube videos about.

This will allow you to clear the mental clutter and focus on the 10 keyword phrases that will get you the best results.

Here's a tip about internet marketing: You pick a few, highly targeted keywords, and focus all your efforts on ranking for those keywords.  Consistency creates MASSIVE success.

Trust me.  This service I'm performing for you is worth WAAAY more than another ebook from clickbank – it's information applied directly to YOUR business.

The cost is $50.  If you need the keywords tomorrow, take the rush order option for $75.

Sound good?

Order away:

Regular order is 7 days.  Most will be done well before this, but no guarantees.  (We may have a lot of orders!). Rush orders will be ready by the next day.  Discounts for people order multiple keyword sets will be 25% off any additional orders.  Contact me if you are interested and I will invoice you directly.  But everybody can use the options below for the first order.


*This special offer and pricing is LIMITED to only 25 people.  I reserve the right to refund your money if I have too many orders before I remove the payment button.  You will get your keywords within 7 days.  Customers may order multiple keywords.  There are no refunds.

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