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back to back 1k days

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Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Review

An In Depth Review on Mark Hoverson’s “Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint”:  WHAT exactly is it and WHY you’re going to get it!

A very bold headline don’t you think?  Yes, however it holds true because right now something so big is about to happen that it’s actually monumental.  The Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint is currently in pre-launch and will be launching officially in the next little while.

Why do you care?

You care because now you will have the knowledge to take your business to another level by creating your own products and knowing how to sell them effectively.  Anyone who has created products will tell you that it puts you in a whole different light when it comes to your business and reputation in the internet/network marketing industry.  The Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint will show you exactly how to create your very own products and sell it effectively.

The man behind the mission is Mark Hoverson.  Mark is a man known to have the “Midas Touch”.  As a top producing distributor for Global Resorts Network (GRN), he’s also partnered up with some of the industry’s biggest names like Jonathan Budd and Ann Seig.  With his latest venture, he’s partnered up with Magnetic Sponsoring Mike Dillard and Tim Erway.

Anyone can tell you how great a new product coming to market is until their blue in the face so let’s by pass all the hype and breakdown exactly what you’ll receive and can expect from Mark Hoverson’s newest project.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint

Module #1: Irresistible Caffeine Product Creation
This module will show you how to create a product from a few hours to a few days.  These are considered short-term projects but it’ll help you get going.

Module #2: Irresistible Team Creation
This will show you the proper and effective way to market to your team.  There is a right way of marketing to your team that will bring you results and there is a wrong way to market to your team that will bring you nothing.  In this module Mark shows you the difference and what you can do about it.

Module #3: Irresistible Email (with Video Bonus)
Again, there is a right way and a wrong way to email your team in order to get the results you want.  Mark will discuss what goes into an effective and profitable email.  He’ll also show you how to put video in your email to give you the sizzle in your steak.

Module #4: Irresistible Selling Webinars
There are 37 components to a successful webinar and Mark will show you all of them.  Webinars are a great platform to sell your products and you’ll learn how to do that here.

Module #5: Irresistible Speaking Secrets
So many people know going in that their going to get a sales pitch at one point – you’re not going to stop that.  But how would you like to have people thanking you for selling them by the end?  Find out how in this module!

Module #6: Irresistible Crop Products
Module #1 shows you how to create a quick product to go to market.  This module will show you how to create that long-term product, a timeless product that can have you rolling in cash year after year.  There are many benefits to having a long term product in your arsenal.

Module #7: Friction-Free “Word-for-Word: Recruiting Secrets
In this day and age, it’s hard to put your trust in someone who’s trying to recruit you into their business.  It doesn’t make things any easier for the recruiter if they have to do it via telephone; no face to face equals little trust.  Being a top producer for GRN, Mark will show you what specific language you can use to get people to trust you and convert them from prospects to a member of your organization.

BONUS * BONUS * BONUS:   Instant Product Creation LIVE

This was a $4,000 event that was taught to less than 30 people in a room.  This is what you get in addition, at no extra cost for The Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint!!!

If you feel that you can benefits from creating your own products in as little as a few hours that will bring you residual income day in and day out then this is the blueprint for you.  This will change your business forever!

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Visalus Review

Visalus is a network marketing company with a tremendous amount of momentum.  I'll explain why that's important and what I think will be the growing challenges with Visalus in the future.

Be sure to read this entire review on Vislaus, and watch the 21 minute video that is the last video in this post!

visalus logoThe name ViSalus comes from the Latin word “Vi,” which means life, and “Salus,” which means both prosperity and health. Visalus is in the market of weight management, nutrition, and performance products.

ViSalus is a high trending mlm company.  And that is the hallmark of a growing company.  It's the intangible factor so many companies miss – and distributors seem to under-rate.

This Visalus review will explain a network marketing insiders look at the company

But more on that in a minute…

First, let's be clear.  When I first wrote this review, I was NOT a distributor for ViSalus.  I started my career in Melaleuca, and vowed NEVER AGAIN to join a health and wellness company.  But based on my own research (and I am familiar with most MLM companies) I decided to join.  And that's not a decision I take lightly.  I know the tricks of the MLM industry, and I know how to look “under the hood” of any MLM company and see if it's really legit.  Because when you decide to join a company like Vislaus, it's not a short term opportunity.  So I make sure to fully vet every company I join.

I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars online marketing my own products and expensive business opportunities.  I'd encourage you to watch the “About Me” video on the top of the sidebar so you can understand my perspective better.

When companies truly create value in the marketplace is when they start to really shine. In this ViSalus review I'm going to show you what's really driving the growth over at ViSalus headquarters in Michigan.

The Visalus Momentum

Everybody knows, the key is getting in front of s trend and profiting. The same principle applies to investing in gold an silver right now. It's really quite simple. But sometimes the most obvious things are revealing.

OK, it's important to understand who you are getting your information from.  Get to know Marie and I better by watching this short video now before going any further:

But seriously, the #1 thing most people underestimate when joining an MLM company is the growth curve of the company.  Momentum.

Using my keyword tool of choice, Market Samurai, I saw there is an astounding 45,000 searches per month for the term ViSalus.  That's huge for a young company.

And it's only going to get bigger.

The reason is simple: VALUE.

ViSalus created their product based on a previous product at Herbalife that rocked, but that the scientist there didn't want to roll out.   It was actually an ingenious product.  And when he died, it created an opportunity. And in that opportunity, it created a new dynamic product for ViSalus.

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But ViSalus cuts an interesting path:

A product that you can take that can Lose weight without exercise!
And one that will cut your overall grocery bill at the same time.

And yet, because of the economies of scale, it can deliver this product at price that beats anything else.

So it creates a win-win spiral, which has a high chance of going viral.

Visalus Team Member:

(Just a quick video from on of our new team members on our Visalus Sciences team!)

And that exactly what ViSalus is doing right now.

But, ViSalus is trending on the social media platforms, also.
There is a growing trend to present your best self of Facebook. This is really nothing new, but with facebook its different because it's so public.

And I've noticed a trend in which Facebook is actually promoting s return towards a more healthy balanced life.
Here's a case in point:

Nobody posts a picture of a McDonalds meal they bought, but if they go out to a nice restaurant, or make a nice, healthy meal at home, that often gets photographed, and uploaded to their Facebook profile.

And this all ties into the momentum ViSalus is building right now.

What first caught my eye was the amazing RESULTS people I know had been having with the product.  It got to the point that I just couldn't ignore it.

And how often do you see a company growing because of the product?  In most cases, business opportunities are lead with hype and money claims.  But being behind a product that spreads virally is incredible.

Visalus Review: The Products

The Visalus products actually work.  Some of the results that people are experiencing are incredible.  They have 4 product packs.

  • Balance kit
  • Shape kit
  • Core Kit
  • Transformation kit

Visalus Product Suite Visalus offers nutrition and performance products. The nutrition packs have a super-charged combination of 26 anti-oxidants and a patented anti-aging and energy complex. Its vitamins have much more to offer than the every day multi-vitamin, and they are chelated for maximum absorption (which is the real difference between vitamins).  The Omega Vitals work to promote the health of the heart and vascular system. Check out the Wellness Tools on the official Vislaus Web site, which explains the science behind these products.

All their performance products are aimed at boosting energy and the metabolism. The ViSalus Neuro Lemon Lift energizes and fights daytime drowsiness. Neuro also comes in a raspberry flavor.

And Vislaus has a 6:1 customer to distributor ratio.  That means that the income you build up is solid, because it's based on REAL customer volume.  That's important!  But even customers are getting product for free.  If any customer or distributor has 3 active customers, they get their products for FREE.  Yup.  Visalus won't even charge your card.

And keep in mind, these products replace 1 or 2 meals a day.  So your grocery budget will finally start going the other way 😉

I mean, how hard is it to get 3 customers?  That's the real simple reason Visalus is growing so quickly.  It's easy to talk about.  “Hey, I just started a 90-Day Challenge.  I want you to do it with me.  Watch this video.”

But the results are dramatic.

Visalus Compensation Plan

The Visalus compensation plan is tweaked to really give money and awards to people brand new in the company – which is incredibly motivating.  Visalus has found a way to really energize the compensation plan in a couple important ways that is one of the driving forces behind the massive growth of Visalus Sciences.


Their car bonus is pushed towards the FRONT of the compensation plan and it's one of the reasons why so many people are qualifying for black BMW's.  You get $300 when you hit Regional Director automatically added to your check.  Once you actually buy or lease a new or used Black BMW, and you show them the registration papers, they give you $600 added to your check.  Forever!  This applies even if you already own a black BWM.  I hit Regional Director in 27 days.  Then we put my wife, Marie Torres into Visalus and she hit Regional Director in 4 days!

Regional Director is only $12,500 in volume.  Which literally ANYONE with a little hustle could do in less than 30 days.  But it's not necessarily just your volume.  It includes rollover volume from the previous month, plus volume from people placed under you.  And it's this synergy that is really popping BMWs in our Visalus group like crazy.

The car bonus is so effective because it gets people into luxury cars, and then that creates a HUGE story which helps spread the message.  Talk Fusion has recently copied the Visalus car bonus using a “silver Mercedes Benz” but it's exactly the same.  When other established companies start copying you, you know you're leading the field.

Visalus Sciences dropped the industry standard of devaluing BV (volume) to dollars and made it a simple, easy 1-to-1 match.  If you look at most MLM companies, they use numbers that are hard to quantify – and try to seem better than they are.  A typical MLM company would make distributors spend $150 a month  for 60 BV – that's an old industry trick where companies basically force an uneven dollar-for-dollar exchange.

And this element of the compensation plan really got my attention.  All the autoship numbers are nice even numbers rounded to the nearest $100 or $50, and the BV is exactly the same.  So you know that the Visalus corporate guys, Blake Mallen, Ryan Blair (this dude has an INCREDIBLE story), and Nick Sarnicola are just being straight with you.

The Visalus Holding Tank

But the killer feature of the Visalus Compensation plan is the holding tank, which allows you 60 days to move people under other people – this allows to really help people who need it – and to strategically build under your leaders and help them reach their bonuses – like the car bonus.

By the way, all the volume bonuses are not based on your own volume alone.  Your team volume creates your car bonus and some of the other ones also.

This holding tank creates REAL spillover – not POTENTIAL spillover like a binary.  In the binary, even if you are in a strong leg, you won't earn anything unless you recruit on your weak leg.  I joined Talk Fusion for their product, and I have 137 people on one side and 24515 in volume, but I've only made about $98 because I haven't recruited.  (I bought Talk Fusion for their webinar software platform not for their business.)

If I had that same volume under me in Visalus, I would be making a pretty nice residual income.  Basically the holding tank helps the little guy.

The Visalus comp plan is turning heads.  If you haven't seen the whole thing, watch the Visalus compensation plan now:

Visalus Compensation Plan Video

Our Visalus Team

Your team is always important.  We are part of the Visalus All-Stars, which has 2 very active Facebook groups.  1 for distributors, and 1 for customers.  Upline support is always available, and you have access to the #1 closer in the industry, Cedrick Harris who is my personal sponsor.

We offer incredible team support.  Listen to Marie explain how we help our team:

We go above and beyond for our team, plus you get one-on-one access with both Marie and myself.

Visalus: Why Now & Why Our Team:

If you want to see WHY Visalus is growing so quickly, and WHY you should join our team right now, watch this training video I recorded a couple of days ago.

Get in touch with us.

Visalus Problems

Visalus will get copied by other companies.  That's inevitable.  But the real challenge will be continuing to innovate.  Visalus obviously has a history of breaking out of the mold and getting results – like the Regional car bonus at the beginning of the compensation plan.

And there is the possibility of growing too fast.  But I know they are owned by Blythe, which is one of the major business think-tanks in the world of entrepreneurs, so I'm not worried about that.  The biggest fear I would have if I were reading this would be getting started too slowly.

Visalus Final Thoughts

Visalus is in momentum.  And the month-to-month growth they are experiencing is epic.  They are poised to be the the next billion dollar MLM company within the next 14 months.  That's a huge figure.

Personally, I think Vislaus is going to become one of the big dinosaur MLM companies in the industry.  Their innovation, ability to get their sales force excited and active, and the incredible results from the product are unparallelled.

Check out Visalus.

Do your research.  If you want to join under me, use this link.

How To Join Our Team in Vislaus


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Update: We have left Visalus and are no longer promoting Visalus.