What Is The Empower Network

What is the Empower Network?

The EmpowerNetwork was started by David Wood and David Sharpe, both who are from the MLSP (My Lead System Pro) community.

They planned The Empower Network down in Cost Rica, where David Wood lives and has lived for the last couple of years. David Wood has cultivated the look of a mad genius. (Trust me, everything David Wood does has an end goal.  Very sharp guy.)  And truth be told, he has a storied history in network marketing. His father was in Amway, and introduced he and his 2 brothers to the concept when they were children. Afterwards, he was in Agel with Randy Gage.

David Wood is also a MASTER of NLP.  NLP is Neuro-linguistic programming.  And it’s basically the art of being influential.

And probably the most prolific video marketer in network marketing.

But he has good stuff.  Excellent content.  One of the most innovative network marketers on the planet.

Video Review of Empower Network:


Earlier this year David Wood had a small group of elite marketers join him for a $3500 weekend event hosted in his home down in Costa Rica. This was aimed at the marketer who already had the basics down and wanted to take their business to the next level. And in the Costa Rica Mastermind, he held nothing back.

I think this kind of frankness is rare.  There is so much BS and dumbed-down products glutting up the network marketing industry right now. So some of the Costa Rica stuff may be over your head on day one, but this is like a tap into how one of the most successful businesses is run.
David Wood is also in Numis Network, and markets this using his own funnel, which has a built-in viral element on Facebook, using the FBWebinars script.

He is a product of attraction marketing – MLSP style. But he just did it consistently. He committed to create an article a day for a full year. And this has become a source of significant traffic to his blog and made him the #2 income earner in Numis Network.
Empower Network is a mind tap into his trainings. Which is a good thing, because from what I have heard from other who have joined him in Numis and MLSP, once you get in, you can never reach him by phone.

If you plan on making a 6-figure income and dominating I think the Costa Rica mastermind is essential. You just can’t get this kind of information anywhere else.

Empower Network Compensation Plan

Empower Level 1: Fast Start Marketing

Empower level 1 is $25/mo

And it’s worth it.

It’s a hub authority-site blog – that needs ZERO setup skills. As an SEO guy, I like the idea and power of authority hub based around internet marketing. This is too important to pass up on.

This is a foot-in-the door to having a blog.  It’s dead easy and you don’t need to figure anything out.

Empower Level 2: The Inner Circle

Empower Level 2 is $100/mo

And not only is the training good, but you need to start thinking of the opportunity. Here is an opportunity, where you can make income right away – and RESIDUAL income right away – and the product is not some slapped-together resell rights thing. It’s actually class-A content.

He is also including audio training weekly from the top earners in The Empower Network.

And $100 residually a month is worth quite a bit.  That’s a true value in this level that you don’t want to pass up.

About 85% of people are going to this level.

Empower Level 3: Costa Rica Intensive Mastermind

Empower Level 3 – Costa Rican Mastermind

This is a one-off payment. But you need to buy it because the conversions are so damn high. It’s got almost 80% of people BUYING it. So you don’t want to leave money on the table and have all those commission pass up.

I think this is pure genius.  And it’s the main reason I joined the Empower Network program was because of the rock-solid content in this level.  (David Wood called me up personally and gave me access to this before I bought because he knows I’m one of the top marketers in the Network Marketing industry today.

The Empower Network’s 100% Commission Plan

Simple 100% commission plan. But it’s not really accurate. There are pass-up sales built-in and so it’s not quite 100% commission.

The biggest problem is the merchant account. The software platform is built-into a merchant account. So you are forced to get a merchant account. This is actually a good thing. Having a merchant account gets you to start thinking like a business owner rather than simply a product promoter.

Merchant Accounts are not an issue anymore as you can use ewallet and you do not need ot open up a new merchant account.  This makes it much easier for the average guy or gal to get started.

Should you buy The Empower Network?

Here’s the deal. David Wood can be a bit long winded. He talks alot, and likes talking about his story about going from living in a van to being the market maven he is today. But, he is a master of NLP, rapport, marketing, traffic, and outside the box thinking.

But, this is class A video training unlike a lot of products. Even Mike Dillard recently has outsourced his MLM Traffic Formula to other people.

I think this “global “ blog idea is much weaker than having your own blog.
Despite the ease, it’s important that you continue to start to brand yourself.

My Empower Network Bonuses:

I have a couple of killer bonuses just for my team.  Now if you join me in the Empower Network, YOU can give these away to your members too.  That’s going to make a hughe selling benefit for you that will come in handy down the road.

Prosperity Team Access

You get access to the entire Prosperity Team bonuses, including DAILY training, unlimited lead co-ops, and iPas that will actually CLOSE your sales for you!

FREE Blog Training

Blogging Traffic

I will give you 2 webinars.  One on on-page blogging for traffic and one on off-page blogging for traffic.

Both of these combined are the reason I dominate the search engines.

MLMZing Training

If you don’t already have it, I will also give you access to my MLMZing course which teaches marketing in a very clear, linear way. A lot of people have said this was just amazing for them.

I will also give you my secret to DOMINATING any MLM I join.  (Never before revealed!)

Video SEO Marketing

Ranking videos in the search engines is EASY and Non-competitive.  Anyone can start doing it and get results quickly.  I’ll show you my system on how I do this and I hold nothing back.

Joining The Empower Network?

If you’re joining the Empower Network, do yourself a favor and join with somebody who can teach you, and has a track record of really helping other people market and make money online.  And if you have any questions, call me at 203-400-6515.  I’ll answer the phone.

If you have already seen the welcome video, you can join my team here:

Join Empower Network (With Exclusive Bonuses)

When you sign up, you NEED to see “wealthambition” as the username:

If you have not yet seen the incredible video, opt-in from the beginning here:

Check Out The Funnel/Video For Empower Network


  • http://tanishaadjo.com tanisha

    100% commissions rock this is epic

  • Florante

    This is a very interesting concept. I’ve seen one of my colleagues join the network and I’m yet to see the results, before i jump in.

  • Sun

    I like your blog and info but
    In re. to the percentage of people upgrading, you note that its both over 80%, I”m just trying to get this straight because there’s one thing I dont like and that is people that promote an opportunity with BS regardless of how successful they are, so can you please disclose where you get your information from in regards to that? (such as a video from either D and D. Thank-you.) I was watching a video on youtube on how to earn 15,000.00 a month with this biz opp where the fellow was stating that conversion rates for the $25 sign up was converting at 20%. And of those that sign up at the $25 level, the upsell to $100 was converting at 56%. (and with all due respect, I was wondering where you both got your stats from?) And of those that sign up at the $100 level, 40% upgrade to the $500. (you state almost 80%) With the way the economy is going right now, these figures seem to make more sense to me. Can you please give us a link or information as to where you got this info?
    Thank-you very much

    • Andrew Murray

      This is based on my own sales only.

      Except to see wide difference based on the traffic source. QUALITY is what counts in traffic.
      So somebody spamming on Facebook or Craigslist (which I’m not a fan) won’t have conversion anywhere near that.

      Since I wrote that, my upgrades have dropped a bit, but with the promo, they should see a spike.

      Anyone who upgrades to the $500 level gets a bump up to the next level.

      My major benefit as a leader/mentor in Empower Network is that I know how to market and how to teach it. This industry is filled with wannabees and over-promisers. I get emails, phone calls and facebook comments like this all the time:
      pick the right sponsor
      Do your research on whomever you think of joining.

  • Sun

    Thanks for clarifying.. I can see that you’ve been at this a while..
    I’ve been studying this opportunity for the past three days,
    you seem the most qualified of the bunch!..
    Love the way D and D have put this together too.. Real
    likeable guys, honest, Christians at heart.. Hard to come by
    these days, I can see the value here as well, setting up a blog can be a bit of a challenge to many that are just getting started on line so good idea and excellent opportunity for those that are looking for a useful platform
    to promote their ideas, Thanks for your quick reply!

  • Camillia

    Hi Andrew,
    I’m ready to join Empower Network at the Costa Rica level. Does that include your MLMZing as a free bonus ?

  • cobi

    I’m a newbie to IM, but eager to learn. I guess EN is a good start.
    You got lot’s of bonuses (compare to others top producers),
    is it accessible even I join at $25 level per month only?

    • Andrew Murray

      Yes, it’s accessible.

      This is a great starting point. If funds are that tight, start at $25 and work your way up from your profits you get by applying the program.

  • Camillia

    I have been trying to join you in Empower Network for the last 24 hours through the portal on this page, but the system is rejecting my credit card even though there is plenty of money on it. I called my bank and they confirmed that there is nothing wrong with my card. This is the error message I keep getting on the credit card entry part : Error: SGS-020005: Error (Merchant config file is missing, empty or cannot be read). I have left messages everywhere on facebook, twitter and in other places for David Sharpe and David Wood, but have had no reply from them. As you can see from the error message, the Merchant config file has a problem. Please help, I am dying to sign up ! Thank you very much.

    • Andrew Murray

      Hi Camilla,

      I will look into this. Do you have another card you could try? I have people signing up on the team daily – so that’s pretty weird.
      Based on a search, ti looks like a linkpoint error.

      I don’t use linkpoint. So make sure you’re using my link. My username is “wealthambition” and my direct link (skipping the intro video for Empower Network is here).

      BTW, your phone message cut off your phone number, so I don’t have that.

  • Camillia

    I just checked with my bank and they have assured me that my card is completely normal nothing wrong. Please let me know if it would help for me to send you a screen shoot of the Error message.

  • Camillia

    I sold some of my silver last week to make sure this credit card had enough money on it so I could go straight to Costa Rica level. I have input the number about 20 times now and called my bank 3 times. Each time my bank is saying there’s no problem and I know that there isn’t, because I made sure there would be absolutely no problem. I also watched all the youtube videos to see who I want to join under before I decided it is definitely you. I went through your system and ticked the box for Andrew Murray. But now this problem. I am so upset. It’s like the universe is telling me this is not to be.

  • Camillia

    Hi Andrew, I just tried again to make the payment, but still getting the same error message. Is there any update about when this will be fixed ? I will wait for your message. Thank you.

  • Alice

    do i have to use a credit card for payment method?
    im a college student and i really dont want to use my
    credit just in case things don’t work out i have a little
    doubt due to the fact that it seems far too easy for this
    to actually happen o.O
    thank you.

    • Andrew Murray

      Yes, you need a credit card. If you want, you can get a pre-paid credit card fro your bank so you won’t go over a set limit.

  • susan

    This is not an mlm, correct? In other words, i drive traffic to a blog.
    And than i drive more traffic to a blog. Correct? In addition i add some occasional content to said blog. just want to be sure i know what is involved.

    • Andrew Murray

      Yes Susan.
      It’s NOT an MLM.

      You just drive traffic to a blog and make money passively!

  • Alice

    thank you i am still waiting for your phone call
    i still have lots of questions

  • Andrew Murray

    Hi Alice, I don’t have your phone number.
    Please fill out the contact form and send it to me or call me at 203-400-6515 tomorrow anytime.

  • http://www.talkfusion.com Dean Ethridge

    Great post Andrew and I agree that EN is a great program to use for affiliate marketing, or to blog using their built in system. Nice article

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks Dean! I appreciate your input.

  • susan

    so level 1 is residual for anyone who joins at any level? Is there content already in the blog? Can we add content on any subject? (can it vary as to subject, or should it be one niche only) Is the empower affiliate link /sign up already in the blog? I am extremely non technical. Do we have to have aweber or the blog only?

  • Andrew Murray

    Hi Susan,

    YES! It’s residual.
    You have to add content. I can show you how to do it yourself – or you can outsource it. I use http://www.iwriter.com for content.

    It can be multiple subjects – and yes, you earn money as your link to empower network is on EVERY page!

    You don’t need aweber, and you don’t need to be technical at all to do this successfully!

  • susan

    I joined at the beginner level. It’s a start. I watched the video explaining the compensation plan-is there any way that can be the video people will go to if they click the banner relating to empower on my blog? Or even have it on every page. Until i saw the video, i did not know what it was i would be selling. I also would like to know which products are subscriptions and which are a one time cost. I know the blog expense is monthly. I believe the first upgrade of $100 is a subscription as well. Are the other two upgrades also subscriptions, or a one time fee? Thanks, i’m off to gather some content for my blog now. Oh, one more thing. Do you have any solo ads available? If not i’ll get one ordered today. thanks

  • susan

    Waiting blog from empower from yesterday. Can i also have a solo ad that i imagine empower would provide? Ready to promote here, but need the blog and solo ad, how to sign in to add content. I work, so please, tonight so i can get some traffic for tomorrow. thanks

  • http://homebasedbusinessbrothers.com Alvin Hill

    Hay ladies and gents , Andrew Murray is the real deal when it comes to online marketing , Andrew is one of the guys that i’m following online and modeling business after his business because this guy knows what the hell he is doing . I am apart of the empower network also because this is amazing opportunity to make some serious cash.

    So if your looking to join with Andrew Murray The S.E.O. Ninja
    you have made a good choice on choosing your sponsor , because he has plenty to teach and much value to bring to you and your business so that you can be successful online and get results .

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks Alvin.

      I see you quit MLSP. I’m not a fan of MLSP either. Thanks for the glowing endorsement, bro!

  • susan

    I blogged today-but the publish button doesnt work, as i emailed you earlier. So no post yet. Is there another way to reach you? i cant call as my phone says restricted when i try. i need a quick way to ask questions. I also am waiting on a solo ad for advertising from you as i had asked i believe monday.

  • Preston

    Hi Andrew…I am ready to join. And I have someone in Thailand I like to have the Empower Network. So is the Empower Network in Thai?

    • Andrew Murray

      Yes, it’s global now.

  • susan

    I am blogging, though only once every few days. Not much to say really. is there a way to copy and paste a bunch of messages in there to autopost every 2 or 3 days? Also, i never did get a response about a solo ad: can empower provide one for me please?

  • http://www.makemoneyonlinewithrob.com Rob Sevilla

    Great overview of the Empower Network! You just can’t beat the 100% commissions. I’m personally a seasoned marketer, and I can’t believe all the resources that our offered even at the basic level. For someone who is new to the whole make money online arena, the Empower network is a great place to start. Even if you already in an existing opportunity, you can use your empower network blog to generate quality leads.

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks Rob. Glad to have helped you out, my friend.

  • Joseph


    I am interested in joining EN at the Costa Rica membership. Will I get any other tools if I join at the Costa Rica membership or is the tools the same for every member that joins you?

    • Andrew Murray

      No, we have a scaled bonus structure so the higher you invest in you, the higher I invest in you.
      Usually I like to chat with people first. My number is 203-400-6515. Call me.

  • Winnie

    Andrew, I have question about the comp plan? You have to qualify for every comp plan in order to receive commission? For example, you have to buy the $25 dollar, $100 dollar, and the $500 plan all together in order to prevent unnecessary pass-up? If I sign up for the $500 plan but someone else qualify for the $100 plan, it will be pass-up to you since I didn’t sign up for the $100 plan.
    Call me. I want to get started today.
    I have gotten kinda confuse about it.


  • Winnie

    If join at the Costa Rica Intensive membership do I have to make payments of $500 dollars each month?

    Second question: If I don’t sign up for the Inner Circle membership and someone that I recruit does, they will go to you since I didn’t join the Inner Circle membership. What I am trying to saying is that I have to buy all products in order to prevent unnecessary pass-up. Right?
    Call me.

    • Andrew Murray

      Winnie, The costa rica intensive is $500 one-time only.
      Yes, if you are not active at a certain level, all those sales will pass up to your sponsor.
      Can’t call now. Our cell phone is at less than 12% and we don’t have our bags with the charger. Airport nightmare. I will be on skype for about 1/2 hour call me on skype: wealthambition if you have questions. Will be home tonight late.

  • Winnie

    Hey Andrew!
    When I recruit people, will they get these bonuses as well.

    Thanks a million!


  • Winnie

    Are you doing a team co-op now?


  • http://www.alunaheart.com Debra

    How many calls can one person expect in a day or week in the co-op. How will it work. Love more details. Thank you Debra

    • Andrew Murray

      It’s not about the quantity. Leads are about quality. We can get lower quality leads on demand also. You get about 2 leads per day. But these are generated thru my own internal funnels. I consider a lead with a PHONE number.