We're Marie Torres and Andrew Murray.
I am so glad you’ve taken the time to check us out 😉

Back over 13 years ago, Andrew and I made a decision that would change our lives forever.
You see, when we were still young kids (working towards our college degrees) we were inadvertently exposed to business online and from the moment we realized you could create an income from home, we were hooked.  Since then, we have built multiple businesses that have produced over 6 figures in sales.  Plus, we've helped thousands of entrepreneurs; built thousands of websites and funnels in the industry and taught business owners how to build successful marketing campaigns that consistently produce leads and sales. Today, I am going to share with you the 200-year-old Japanese secret that has allowed us to stay atop of our industry for more than a decade and allowed us to become premier trainers in our industry….
BUT before I get into that, let me speak first of all to your biggest frustration… 

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