Introduction to
Dividend Investing

Learn how to invest with no stress in highly profitable businesses

“The Dividend Aristocrats have consistently been one of the historically best investments over longer timeframes.”

Want To Have The Hard Work
Done For You?

Think about how much a typical mutual fund charges: 1% of assets under management.

On a $200,000 account, that comes to $2,000 every year for stock selection…

Call me crazy, but I believe your money should be left to compound in your account.

The Sure Dividend Newsletter solves the problem of investing in the right dividend growth stocks – without having to pay thousands of dollars every year.

Dividend stocks are ranked based on factors that have historically either improved returns or reduced risk.  The Top 10 dividend growth stocks are analyzed in detail every month.

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The Sure Dividend Newsletter uses data from The Sure Analysis Research Database to find and rank high quality dividend growth stocks – so you always buy the best businesses at fair or better prices.  Ranking criteria looks for businesses with:

  • Dividend Risk Scores of A or B
  • Market beating expected total returns
  • Dividend yields in excess of 2.0% (with most significantly higher)

The Sure Dividend Newsletter currently has a  risk free trial – pay nothing for 7 days.  We are offering you this free trial because we know the value the Sure Dividend Newsletter offers and want to reach as many people as possible.

If you don’t feel the newsletter is the right fit for you, just notify me via email at [email protected] or call 1-800 531-0465 to opt-out within your trial period and you will not be charged.

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Don't over-complicate investing. Focus on great companies.


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