Keyword Research Special

Keyword Research Special OK, if you’ve been on my list for any length of time, you’ll know I firmly believe that most proper keyword research is the foundation of all your marketing efforts.  I can predict somebody success or failure based on their ability to target the right keywords. And yet, it baffles so many … Read more Keyword Research Special

Reverse Marketing Resource – is a resource that helps you find active business partners. Hop on and give it a try.  57,166 potential partners!  That should keep you busy. How can I use this as a reverse marketer? Simple.  Just type in a company name or keyword and you’ll find people who are posting all their current, accurate … Read more Reverse Marketing Resource –

How I Made $4197.00 in Less Than 3 Hours

How I Made $4197 in under 3 Hours of Work The key to making money is speed. It’s all about taking action.  Even when it may seem slightly uncomfortable. And this is a perfect example. I sent out a last-minute email about a webinar.  I had about 7 people attend the webinar. I have spoken … Read more How I Made $4197.00 in Less Than 3 Hours