iCoinPro Review

iCoinPro is a cryptocurrency trading and educational company.  It was founded by Paul Da Sousa who is from South Africa, and a friend of mine, Justin Clark who lives in Fort Pierce, Florida.

SUMMARY: Now the important summary is that iCoinPro is more of a training platform than a network marketing company for me. While it does have a referral program, the important part is the solid education for those new to crypto, and the incredible time-saving tools like the iCoinPor Trade Finder for traders with experience trading altcoins.

I’m actually familiar with one of the trainers in the company, Justin Clark.  I’ve known Justin online for several years and he’s a legit guy.  Always somebody of high integrity.  I actually met Justin Clark at one of the No Excuses Summits events in Las Vegas, NV that I was a speaker at a few years ago.

iCoinPro does not offer to do the trading for you – that’s the #1 thing to watch out for.  And they have an active, vibrant, carefully-curated community that actually cares about their member’s success.

Now I want to clarify the term Crypto-MLM.  A lot of people are misusing this word to describe any income opportunity that is involved with cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.  But I want to draw a clear and distinct line between iCoinPro and the other “Crypto” opportunities.

iCoinPro is strictly an information product.  The product teaches people who to get involved in cryptocurrency by walking them through step-by-step how to buy their first bitcoin using the CoinBase platform.  It has a series of training videos that get deeper into the more advanced subjects of cryptocurrency.  If you are interested in Crypto Currency or Bitcoin, this is an excellent place to start your investing journey into cryptocurrencies.

I want to make clear that there are lots of Crypto-Ponzi’s around.  And that’s one of the reasons I’ve not been involved in any of the Cryptos until now is because most are Crypto-Scams.


How to tell if ANY Crypto Opportunity is a scam


Most of the Crypto scams are Ponzi schemes.  A Ponzi scheme is destined to fail.  It’s only a matter of time.  Some people can make money before they crash, but it is not recommended.  I don’t do ANY crypto Ponzi schemes.  A ponzi scheme or scam is quite simple.  They don’t really have a product and tend to offer a guaranteed payout at the end of a certain period of time.  For example, we pay out 3.4% BTC per day.

Most of them try to pretend that they have trading services that actually produce these results.   Be wary.  Any real trading – particularly in such a  volatile market as crypto coins CANNOT guarantee a set amount per time period.

They are actually paying out older members with the new money coming in.

So if any opportunity looks like this, stay away.  Some of these are things like Gladiacoin and others.  (The names may change, but the scams always seem to offer a “guaranteed” rate of return.)

What makes iCoinPro Different

iCoinPro is strictly an educational platform.

The product is information, and the information is solid.  In fact, it’s quite good.

Personally, I have extensive knowledge of trading and financial markets, so I’m familiar with what constitutes good information in this genre, for lack of a better word.

So what is iCoinPro?

Take a look at this short teaser video:

Notice in the video that Bitcoin has already surged well ahead of the projections.

iCoinPro Micro Profits System

The iCoinPro flagship product is the Micro Profits System, which is a short-term trading system developed by Justin Clark.

What I like about it is you are not in trades overnight – so you don’t have to hold open positions over a long period of time and you have less risk of being caught in a long-term downtrend or reversal.

The aim of the Micro Profits System is to make small profits of 1-3% over and over again using simple, repeatable patterns like the 1-2-3 Money trading system.

Does iCoinPro work?

What really impressed me about iCoinPro was the results people were having – people who had NEVER had trading experience before.


Because it’s a well crafted system, and the training is really thorough….yet simple enough that anyone who has the discipline to foollow the system can do.

Here’s an example from somebody on our team:

I, personally, was impressed with one of the leaders on my team, a mother of four in Australia who had never traded before.

Now in early 2020, iCoinPro is coming out with a free level – so that new people can learn and oproove to themsevles that the system works before even spending a dime.

But you should really takwe a look at some of the results in the Facebook group. You can join the Facebook group for free and experience the community and the results average people are having.

When you join the group, you will be asked who invited tyou to the group. Your answer should be: Andrew Murray. One of the team leads will let me know and we can connect.

I should mention that occasionally, I take a few days off Facebook. As you may or may not know, social media is not great for your mental well-being. And I like to live life in the real world as much as possible. So if you need to reach me, please send me a message via my blog contact form and I’ll send you my phone number.

Is iCoinPro A Scam?

One thing I want to point out, that might not be apparent to everyone is that you are not putting your money in a “pool” or allowing somebody else control to trade over your account/cryuptocurrency funds.

This is a critical point to understand.

There are a ton of crypto scams online. The main things you need to avoid are anything where you don’t control your own funds… even for a short period of time. Without exception those are crypto scams. Never relinquish control over your account funds or your cryptocurrencty keys.

By the way, in the training portion, you will learn how to keep your cryptocurrency assets secure and all about wallets, exchanges and what are the best practices for keeping your funds safe.

Here are some of the modules in the advanced training:

icoinpro review advanced training

The Micro Profits System: iCoinPro Review

The Micro Profits System is the heartbeat of iCoinPro. It’s what makes iCoinPro different. It’s not just the crypto basics. The Micro Profits System is a simple, duplicatable method for making money by trading various cryptocurrency coins in a particular way.

When doing an iCoinPro review, you need to carefully consider the Micro Profits System.

Now, there is a lot of content, but it’s actually not hard to trade once you have learned the system. It will, of course, take some time to understand what are the guidelines for entering and exiting a trade.

Everything is explained in detail, and clearly and concisely.

There are certain strategies like the “Buy the Dip” strategy, and the “Buy the Squeeze” strategy.

There is the “RSI Rider” module, which is one of my personal favorites.

iCoinPro also added the “5 Up, 5 Down” strategy.

These are are based on charts, which can be viewed for free, with only 3 indicators. So it’s not something very complicated. There are instructional videos on how to setup your charts for the Micro Profits System.

You can use the free charts. I like using this charting service. But you don’t have to.

Here is the core training on the strategies:

icoinpro micro profits system

iCoinPro Calculators

In additon, iCoinPro provides calculators that take trade fees for different exchanges into account so you can see exactly how much profit (or loss) you have made on each trade.

This is a vastly overlooked aspect of successful trading.

It helps with picking the right time to exit your trade.

iCoinPro Review - 2021 Update

The iCoinPro Tools

And I’ve saved the best for last!

The best part of iCoinPro, in my opinion, is the propritary, in-house tools they provide.

This takes away the guessing as it shows which exact coins you should be looking for to enter for each particular method. This saves hours of time – and frustration from looking for a trade and forcing a trade that doesn’t really fit the criteria for a successful trade.

Plus, it makes it much easier to learn as you can see charts already showing the correct pattern.

I know, it sounds complicated, but once you see how easy these tools are, you’ll be amazed.

The tools include the iCoinPro TradeFinder, which is the flagship tool from iCoinPro.

Plus, these tools:

The RSI Spy Tool.

The MACD Cross Boss

The Buddy Coin Crawler

And the Fear and Greed Index and the Oversold Index.

All of these could easily be worth $99/mo, but they are all included as part of your membership.

The iCoinPro Forum and iCoinPro Chatbox

Lastly, there is an active, private, members-only forum. This allows you to access some very knowledgeable people and get some inside intel on coins.

But the best part is the live chatbox.

So if you are making a trade, you can ask any question in teh chatbox… Like, hey, I’m looking at this chart and do you see the dips?

And you can get an imediate answer from a n experienced trader with iCoinPro.

Full disclosure: Nobody is allowed to give specific entry and exit prices to maintain complicace with regulatory bodies. However, this chatbox is a huge bonus to anyone starting out trading. Asking questions and gettting quick, instant answers is key to learning something like trading.

So that’s a solid overview of iCoinPro.

If you want to get started earning money without recruiting, click here to get started in iCoinPro.

And if you are not quite ready, but want to jump on a free training where Justin Clark explains the iCoinPro training system and shows you the basics of it for free, click here to register for the next training.

Any questions? Contact me and I’ll get right back to you.