July 2015 Recap

Wow.  July has been a super-busy month.

One of the things I'm doing much better at is jealousy guarding my personal time.  Even though this has been a busy, busy month, I have also taken a LOT of time to just chill and hang with the family.

I learned a long time ago from Eban Pagan that you need to either be working… or relaxing.  It's the grey area – when you are working but really aren't focused that sucks the marrow out of life.

In July I got back into the affiliate world in a big way.

I found a product on Shopify that I really liked (a little late in the launch sequence, mind you) but I really liked the product and mailed hard for it.  I created a cool bonus PDF that gave away 5 super-valuable eCommerce niches, and I hit #9 in the leaderboard for one of the top selling JVZOO products of the entire summer!

Here is the final leaderboard from July 22nd, 2015:

ecom experts academy leaderboard

I didn't even have a chance to run any Facebook Ads for this product, but I should have.  I probably could have got in the top 5.


One of the great things about the above is that it forced me to start writing great emails again – emails that not only sell, but teach, connect and inject my personality.

I have re-formatted one of the best emails of July into a new blog post about Robert Kiyosaki and his game, Cashflow For Kids, which really inspired the email!

And I also posted this post about how to correctly set goals.

I have also been working on a brand new funnel that leads off with some great content.

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I build it on ClickFunnels which I really, really like.  One thing I can say is that I've always like Russell Brunson's pages and fonts, and the fact that they are based on a lot of his business means less mucking about with the fonts and the look to get exactly what I want.


I was on Russell Brunson's leaderboard for his free book giveaway, top affiliate #35 against some stiff competition, which I could have done a much better job of if I had been prepared for the launch better.

Win Russell s Ferrari-Leaderboard

But his book is fantastic, by the way.  I believe you can still get a FREE copy through this backdoor link. You just have to pay a small S/H fee.

On the personal side…

I have been trying to get one of our rental houses rented all of July, and it's been a bit frustrating to still not have it rented.   Just one of those things where it's been a trying year, but it's ok.

But the last half of July was a time devoted to the lost days of summer.  Jack really connected with a couple of the kids of longtime family friends.  Like really connected.  So we spent the last days of July enjoying the seamless, beautiful way that kids just make up games and play together.rainbow

This is the kind of thing that life is about.

It's important to never forget what you are really building your business for.

On the family side…

Jack progressed tremendously in swimming.  And he's been doing awesome in both tennis and soccer.


And we saw the movie “Inside Out” at the drive-in.  What a very cool movie.  I loved it.  You totally have to see this movie if you are, oh, any age at all from 3 to 93.  What a trip to watch it at the front row of a Drive-In with my family and friends.

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Yes, you REALLY need to see this movie!


Now, some very interesting stuff from this area bleeds over into August.  But, faithful reader, you'll have to wait to hear about that.  It's another story.

There is a lot of stuff that breaks open in August.

But overall, I feel that July was a month when the traction came back in a strong way into my business.

Look out!  Here I come.

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