March 2015 Recap

Unfortunately, March was not much more productive than February, when my mother passed away suddenly.

In fact, most of the beginning of March was consumed with sadness, and the seemingly unending amount of executor duties.  And dealing with some of those – just left me winded because of all the emotion surrounding them.

During March break, I helped coach a half-day soccer camp that Jack, my son, was attending.  He had a really good time, and I think it was good for me to “get out.”  The 3rd day was cancelled because of a massive snow storm, and by the last day of the camp, Jack was settling into a nice, deep flu virus.  Fun!

In March, we took my mother's 8-year old dog, Harby back to our house.  (The breeder had been looking after him until things got sorted.)  He has taken to following me around.  He has long standing anterior cruciate ligament issues, and sometimes limps.  But he still goes up and down the stairs whenever I do.

I'm happy that Jack has a dog now, and I know his grandma would be too.

Near the end of March, Options Domination finally launched.

And that should secure a nice, residual income stream for us.  I'm very excited to start trading options also, having taken a year off to study the financial markets a few years ago.

What I really like about options is:

  • requires little time
  • No stress
  • No reading charts
  • Predictable
  • Requires little capital

This is something I'm passionate about.  However, having it launch at this particular time has not been ideal.  I would have liked to have no distractions so I could really put my energy behind it.  But I'm not back to 100% yet.

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I do have a funnel nearly ready that I had started months ago, and I think will be very, very profitable.  And I plan to give this to anyone on my team for free.

One of the things I have learned from this experience is that I just need to let some stuff go.  Some days I'm not going to be productive all the time.  So be it.  It is what it is.

I also have been on the leaderboard for Russell Brunson's FREE book offer, against some very heavy-weight competition.  And again, I feel like I'm marketing with one-hand tied behind my back.  So I'm not performing as well as I could be.

I started reading the bulletproof diet book, which is the kind of book I would have talked about with my Mom.  Ontraport FINALLY took my advice come out with a contact merge feature.  And I've been playing around on the Instapage platform to build landing pages.  I really, really like this better than Leadpages.   In fact, my optin page for Options Domination had a 67% opt-in rate!  Wow.

By the way, if you want a tip: grab a spot in Options Domination.  It is set up so the little guy – they guy or girl who can't recruit – will still benefit and make an income.

Lastly…I got out cross country skiing a couple times.

Towards the end of the month, I finally started feeling like I could get some business stuff done.  The best times are in the morning, and sometimes after a nap.  But, at times, it still feels so arduous.  It feels like a grind.

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There is still mountains of snow here in Nova Scotia – which is something I have not experienced since I moved here 7 years ago.  Looking forward to April.

How was your March?

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