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 Marketer's Hub 2.0...

Marketers Hub 2.0


Matt Sunderland


Really love the back office, all original content, AMAZING!

​Elizabeth Anderson ​

Hi...I have just completed week 1 of your mhub and am enjoying it immensely.   I found this course and feel I c​ould benefit from studying it at the same time.   I am hungry to learn all I can about marketing.

​Connie, B.

​Hi Marie, WOW! This is absolutely great. I can't thank you enough.  I'm so excited Marie, I feel like I could just take one big bounce to Canada to give both of you a big hug and kiss ​

​Radito Dizon


​​I'm a newbie and have found Andrew and Marie to be very supportive and accommodating. They have help me with all my concerns. Hope they will continue to help people like me.

​Randy  Flanders

Andrew, Thank you so much for the information you have sent me,, Now I can get started, cause now I have a idea of what's going on !!!!!!!! You are so very helpful, unlike my Mentor, Thanks and I'll keep in contact with you​.

Dave Brown

Washington DC

I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for a few years with moderate success.

I found MHUB while looking for something fresh to market to my list - which had gone stale.  

While going over the course, it didn’t take long before I realized that this material culminated everything I’ve been trying to learn, but couldn’t.  I’m confident this will help turn my business from part-time to full-time.

​Diana, B

​You are such a brilliant marketer.  I've been spending about 25 hours  studying all the internet marketing stuff.  I ​hope to be as powerful as you  as you in this area someday. 

Kaylee S​

UI/UX Designer

I’m a newbie and Marketing Hub is helping me build that foundation that was missing.  Everything I’ve been learning about the last few months – I haven’t been able to connect the dots.  But I’m getting a solid education on the basics and everything is now making sense. I can’t wait to get started on the advance stuff.

Jennifer Clearwater

UI/UX Designer

This is really one of the most complete marketing courses I've seen come out in a while.

Dominic Acerbi

UI/UX Designer

Clear cut information.  Easy to understand, easy to execute.  Wish I had this when I started out online.

Joe Palatini


Online marketing is super tough to succeed in. But this Mhub program will make it a little easier. I recommend it to anyone who’s struggling and on the verge of quitting..

John Finlay

UI/UX Designer

I made $4 thousand dollars in my first week.  if you believe you can, you can do it too!

MHUB gives you the tools to succeed.  

Kevin Corbridge

UI/UX Designer

I must tell you how impressed and overwhelmed I have felt since joining you. The information and support provided by you and the websites you have created have made me feel that there is no way to fail at this business.

Never before have I felt comfortable going into such a new venture, or should I say ad-venture. I have looked into a lot of other organizations in this field, and your ease of delivery is far, far advanced.

I have never been this excited about anything since my son was born. You are a true leader and I feel it is a privilege to work and learn from you.

Brooke, W​.

UI/UX Designer

Online marketing is super tough to succeed in. But this Mhub program will make it a little easier. I recommend it to anyone who’s struggling and on the verge of quitting..

​Kyle Campbell

​Plano, TX

Hey.   I reviewed the MHUB webinar.  Great stuff!  Great Information! 

I'm excited to be a part of this company.

Chad Nilson, MN

​Andrew and Marie are the reason I am making money online.  They both took time to teach me the  basics of attraction marketing and listbuilding.   Thanks again for your help.  

Dear: Marie & Andrew

 I cannot thank you enough for all your assistance with building my very own personal website. It is truly a piece of art. Training with Marketers Hub has been invaluable. You cover every possible topic relating to the business.  I am so grateful I found you and this system. You and Marie have taken all the time necessary to answer all my questions in detail and strategize the best way for me to work my business. I am so pumped! Thank you so much! 

Jennnifer O'Brien


​​Hi Marie,

First I want to give you a thousand thank yous for being so committed to helping your students achieve success, both you and Andrew,  You probably know there is a lot of hype on the internet these days.  Successful marketers saying they’ll teach other to do the same.  They say they’ll teach you, bit a coaching session will cost you a thousand dollars.  ​And then they still leave out a lot of missing pieces on purpose to cost thousands more to put it all together.  

Yours is one of the few, if not the only program out there that gives everything complete and life personal friends to everyone who joins.


​Minnesota, MN

Alica, R​.

When I first started in the home based business industry, I was really hesitant because it has that stigma attached to it. But I’m thankful that I decided to go through with it. But if anyone’s out there who’s on the fence about taking that leap because of this “stigma”, Mhub is something you can be proud to market.

​Vivek G.

Sydney, Australia

UI/UAX Designer

​Hi Andrew and Marie,  Just wanted to let you know that I think the training ​you've created is really great.   Well done!  It gives a clear picture of every aspect of the business.  Not only that, but it has all the tools that one needs to succeed in this business along with some simple guidelines that make it easy for anyone to follow.   Furthermore, the fact that you and Marie have taken the time to do this shows not only your absolute commitment to the business but more importantly, to the growth and success of all those who are ​your students.I look forward to this exciting journey with you both.  Take care and Godbless.  ​

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