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I wanted to let you know about a really cool app I’ve been using that turns spare change into a passive investment portfolio.

It’s called Mylo, and it works by automatically rounding up any purchases you make and investing the difference. 

I’ve personally been using it since Aug 2017, and I have $424.11 saved and invested according to my risk tolerance without even noticing anything!

That’s nearly $900 a year in passive investments on top of anything else I’ve been doing - without doing anything differently or even attempting to save!

YES! It works in Canada!

You can get the app here:

You’ll get $5 free to get started through my link:

YES! It’s totally safe. I linked my main RBC personal bank account. I’ve spoken with the Mylo team and with my dedicated account rep who invests your spare change in funds according to your risk profile automatically when you transfer the funds every week.

Here’s a link to an article about Mylo in the Global & Mail:

Basically each week, it adds up the round ups for that week, and Mylo sends that amount in one batch to your investment account. If you have a low balance, they will ask if you want to skip it. You can also invest additional manual transfers if you like. It rocks.

Tons of great reviews and rating in the App Store.

You’ll get $5 free to get started through my link:

Any questions, just hit me up!


Andrew Murray


PS - If you refer 10 people by the end of the month, you'll get a $1000 cash bonus!  Easy!

By the way, if you are in the US, there is a similar app that dpes the same thing.  Click here if you are in the US.

Note: If you don't want to link your bank account, you can also choose to link it to a credit card and invest the round ups with everything you buy on that credit card.  Cool, eh?

"Set It And Forget It.  So Easy!"

I love Mylo.  It just happens automatically. 

- Andrew Murray,

Mylo Promo