Hey there, I’m Andrew Murray!

When I was really young my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up – I told her, “A house soldier.”

Thinking about it now, I guess, it’s kinda funny, that I did in fact, end up working from home.

In University, Marie and I ended up starting a “side hustle” online and because of it, we made 7 figures before the age of 30.

Needless, to say we’ve been online entrepreneurs, and living life on our own terms ever since!


Hi Andrew. Thanks very much for “Why Not Me.” That was a powerful segment. You’re an awesome trainer the more and more I tune in.

Kevin Knecht

Hustle Up Podcast!

The “Hustle Up” Podcast with Andrew Murray & Marie Torres was created to help you reach your online business goals and make transformative change. 

We really believe that anyone can build a successful company online, and in various niches, but you need the right information, tools and resources.

In this podcast, we give you all the latest; what we’re using to grow our own personal business RIGHT NOW, what’s helped our students and the best part…

We’re giving you the goods in 10-15 minutes per episode – yup, no filler or beating around the bush, we know you’re busy!

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Learn the simplest strategy for making a side-income online… even if you have no experience!


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Learn how to strategically optimize your videos and get high-quality traffic from YouTube… Even if you don’t want to go on camera!


How To Start A Blog

Pick up our step-by-step blog training report and start creating an amazing blogging income with a simple WordPress blog.


Check This Out!

 I know how important good (and free) resources are when you are starved for good information and are being completely overwhelmed by ALL the information out there.  

This section of my site is designed, much like our “Hustle Up” Podcast – go check out the podcast if you haven’t already – to give you very clear cut, actionable steps to take in your business.

???? And who doesn’t love free? 



The Blog

Blogging is one of my favourite ways to build an income and since I started blogging, I’ve found out I have a lot to share!  Not only that, but I think blogging is such a fantastic activity that my 12 year old son has been an active blogger for the last year!  


Ever wanted to run an Ad on YouTube? This blog post will give you a free, detailed guide on how to run YouTube Ads.

With this guide, you can get everything you need to know how to run your video ads on YouTube.

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