Social Monkee Review

Social Monkee Review

Social Monkee Logo. Cute, eh?

As an SEO guy, I know the importance of backlinks.  And in particular, strategic backlinks.

For me, it’s all about time.  And having a good system.

What is Social Monkee?

SocialMonkee is a new service created by Colin Klinkert with a cute little social monkey logo.  (And yes, it actually works!)

Social Monkee is a new firefox plugin that in about 2 seconds can get you 25 free backlinks from different “C” class IPs – which is geek-speak for different locations on the internet (which is very good for SEO.)

However, building backlinks can be a time-consuming, boring process. You can outsource the process to an agency and pay a lot of money… Or you can do it yourself with SocialMonkee! SocialMonkee instantly builds 25 unique backlinks per submission.  All links are on unique C-Class IP addresses and domains. And folks, the key here is time, and a good system.

It doesn’t take long to get into the habit of clicking the social monkee and submitting your content (hubpages/ squioo and youtube works great, but so does your own blog posts like this one!)  So, 25 unique backlinks every day… That’s a total of 175 backlinks every week, 750 every month.

Premium Account: Social Monkee Review

If you upgrade, you will be able to build 100 uniques backlinks, 3 times a day! That’s a total of 2,100 backlinks every week, 9,000 every month! The good news is… you can get a Premium Account, FREE! All you need to do is to refer 12 members, and your account will automatically be upgraded.

It’s not a one-time offer, so you won’t feel pressured.  Upgrade if you like for more impact, or refer 12 members.  Or just use Social Monkee in it’s basic state – which is good enough for most marketers.

The premium version does have some nice extra features like keeping track of your submissions in pretty reports, which is great for keeping track of those links for RSS submitters.  (This is obviously a bit more advanced and not required to get the full benefit from Colin Klinkert’s Social Monkee free firefox plugin.

This video shows you the EXTRA features of Social Monkee Premium:

Why Consider Social Monkee Premium Version by marketingcouple

How Does Social Monkee Actually Work?

You just signup, install the plugin, navigate to one of your pages and click on the monkee face in the bottom corner of your browser.

If you don’t use firefox, you can do the same thing, buy you’ll have to login to use the tool.

There is no crazy one-time-offer.  But you can upgrade to premium for $47.  Or you can refer 12 people and you’ll get upgraded to premium instantly.

The benefit of that is that you can suddenly promote and get 100 backlinks 3 times a day.  That’s 300 targeted links for free.

Get started sign up for SocialMonkee for free.

Social Monkee Video Review and Tutorial:

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Another cool feature is when you signup, it creates all the accounts for you instantly.  So it’s a HUGE timesaver.

Be sure to USE the service when you signup.  It only works if you take action!

Got any questions? ask me about Social Monkee!

Social Monkee Bonus

I’m going to give you a special backlink report when you join through my link.  Hope you enjoyed my Social Monkee Review.

Social Monkee Update!

I did some testing on the rankings I had before and after using Social Monkee, and the results are good.  For a post I did on my blog recently about the project management app TeamWorkPM, I moved up from the bottom half of page 3 to near the top of page 2 with a single use of the free version of Social Monkee.

So there you have some actual results I’ve achieved using Social Monkee.

Also, the upgraded version is helpful because it allows you to keep track of your reports and links.  I think in internet marketing, many people focus too much on tricks to create new content, when SEO success is really all about dominating for your particular keyword – and consistently monitoring it.  So yes, Social Monkee is a great free backlink tool!