Can You Trust Rod Stinson?

Rod Stinson: An Honest Review

Rod Stinson is a veteran of the home business industry.  This post is going to break down who Stinson really is and you'll see my impressions as an insider in this industry.

Rod Stinson Webinar

Rod Stinson

I have direct contact with Rod Stinson and have his personal phone number and email address, which I will not give out, because he has asked me not to.  However, I can contact him directly and he gets back to me promptly.  I've known Rod for years.   I like Rod.

First off, one of the things I really like about Rod Stinson is that he really has developed into a systems-driven marketer.  He actually comes from a machinist background, and when he develops marketing systems, they are organized, are optimized to convert, and highly effective.

This is true of his two most recent marketing systems…

System #1: Rod Stinson's Pizza Box Formula Webinar

Rod's marketing genius created a superb marketing system called the Pizza Box Formula.

And while I really dislike replicated marketing systems, this one was really effective. It costs a one-time $97 fee, which is pretty cool, because nobody needs another monthly fee for a marketing system in my opinion.

But I have to say, without any hype, that this “Pizza Box” webinar is one of the most effective business opportunity webinars I've seen in my 10 years as a full-time internet marketer.  So that's a strong statement.  Why do I say this?

Because it's not your typical webinar that explains about the company, and the owners, and what the product is.  It actually contains a lot of advanced marketing psychology – which is why it makes such an emotional impact on everyone I send to the webinar.

It's a killer system.  But the Pizza Box Formula is not something I can endorse any longer.

My Results Using Rod Stinson's System

Here are some of my initial results using Rod Stinson's system.  I recorded this late at night while everyone was sleeping, so excuse my lack of excitement LOL:

And here more video proof:

And here's a video of how quickly you can make money with the Rod Stinson webinar!

Rod Stinson' HBB Academy

Rod Stinson recently came out with a training program.  There are 2 things I dislike about it.

1) Rod tends to sell leads I've brought into his systems into his coaching programs with no compensation back to me.

And 2) Rod tends to teach more scattergun approaches to marketing like bulk email, bulk voice broadcasting and other methods where you piss a lot of people off.  If you really want to learn marketing, I would recommend this webinar instead of Rod Stinson's HBB Academy program.

Other things about Rod Stinson

Rod Stinson also developed the 1-Step System a few years ago, which was a Aussie 1-up in the $500 price range, with a recurring fee.

He has also developed his own stock trading course, and he claims that stock trading is a more effective residual income stream than network marketing – and I have to agree with him on that point also.

Love Rod Stinson and the Pizza Box Formula?

Look.  The Pizza Box Formula teaches massive voice broadcasting.  That's the “free” leads, which I'm not comfortable with.  And most people are not.  Also, the people who have success doing voice broadcasting are spending $30K+ a MONTH on mass voice broadcasts.  That's a huge liability in my opinion.

What do I recommend?

Learn marketing.  I have a great webinar that teaches you HOW to effectively market any business online.

You can register for that webinar here.

Do your research on me.  Look for a real mentor you can trust.

Contact me by phone at (617) 340-2920
or skype me at wealthambition

How can I help you?  The #1 thing people need to succeed is good marketing.  Traffic.  And I have systems that can really help an average person succeed.

We also have a team-exclusive landing page that totally rocks. We're getting a 29% conversion rate on the opt-ins for that page!

I help my team promote the Rod Stinson Pizza Box Formula webinar.  You'll see why I can give you a HUGE advantage over anybody else.

Here I am training on stage live:

Imagine what I can do when I help you personally!

In fact, I will give you some of my paid products – and ship them to you via real postal mail!

Final Thoughts

I think Rod Stinson creates really effective systems.  I think he has some genuine value.  But the Pizza Box Formula is an old product and there is not a lot of people marketing it any longer.  It's stale.

If you are looking for a nice high ticket program, check out my new program, MHUB.

Rod Stinson FOREX:

Lastly, some people come to this page looking for the Rod Stinson Forex program, which I believe was called Rod Stinson Forex Training Academy.  His FXTA FOREX training academy, to my knowledge, is no longer available.  However, if you want to learn FOREX and how to scale money without recruiting, check out my review of this FOREX system I use.


Rod Stinson creates great sales tools.  He is somebody of integrity.

However, I can no longer in good conscience promote the Pizza Box Formula.  The marketing system they use does not work.

If you want to know how to make $1000 a day online, watch this webinar I created for you.

Questions?  Shoot me a text: (617) 340-2920

Secret Formula Teleseminar

Rod Stinson’s Secret Formula Teleseminar Review

The Secret Formula Teleseminar is a popular Teleseminar on the internet today that leads people into the Pizza Box Formula and Premier Wealth Systems business opportunity. These teleseminars used to take place once a week but have recently started taking place constantly and are hosted by Rod Stinson, founder of The Pizza Box Formula.

What is the Secret Formula Teleseminar?

The Secret Formula Teleseminar is a training and question and answer Teleseminar where Rod Stinson explains his Pizza Box marketing formula and the tools which one can receive when joining the Pizza Box Formula program. In addition Rod has teamed up with Premier Wealth Systems and so if you are involved in this business then you can not only use Rod’s system to promote the business but also send people to the free teleseminar to introduce them into the business.

In the teleseminar there are testimonials of people who have made money with the system as well as an introduction to the tools which you will receive in the Pizza Box Formula, find out about the different levels you can join the Pizza Box Formula at and about the different levels of commission you can earn with the program.

Listen to the COMPLETE Secret Formula Teleseminar here

Beyond The Secret Teleseminar

The Secret Teleseminar introduces you to the Pizza Box Formula and the business opportunity and marketing system associated with this. With this system you not only receive the chance to make commissions of $497 and greater but you also get access to the whole marketing system including the teleseminar which does your presentation for you, lead capture pages, autoresponders, and webinars. Two password protected websites give you access to the products and the marketing system.

A number of people have called the Secret Formula Teleseminar a turn-key business in itself – it not only presents the opportunity and marketing system to your prospective downline but should they decide to take it further they will also receive a whole marketing system to help them promote other businesses and the chance to earn commissions from referring others to listen to the Secret Formula Teleseminar presentation.

I no longer promote the Secret Formula Teleseminar any longer.

The product was not helping people.

If you are looking for an instant profit business, I recommend you take this masterclass and learn how to make $1000 per day.

Premier Wealth Systems Review

Premier Wealth Systems Review

Premier Wealth Systems is a gifting-style business opportunity created by John Bane.  It started to pick up a lot of steam and interest, in large part because of a killer new webinar, the Pizza Box Formula Webinar created by Rod Stinson.

Basically, Premier Wealth Systems is a 5-tiered program that offers 100% commissions.

On top of the entry fees, you pay a one-time $99 administrative fee to Premier Wealth Systems.

I made a lot of money with Premier Wealth Systems, but no longer promote it.  Read on to find out why.

Premier Wealth Systems Products

The products you get from the Premier Wealth Systems are well-organized video training on all elements of marketing online, from building a list, to advanced wordpress tactics.

You also get access to the lead generations software and the voice broadcasting technology that allows you to contact thousands of network marketers at once.

Premier Wealth Systems Compensation Plan

The thing I like best about Premier Wealth Systems is the compensation plan.  It's simple.

It's a one-up compensation plan, but you can waive the one-up for people who get started right away.  You are also allowed to put people in at one level HIGHER than they level they buy in at.

For example, if you buy the $1497 level from me today, I can qualify you at the $3497 level.

There is a dropsell level, that I don't use personally, but there are 3 other levels that I use frequently.

  • $1497
  • $3497
  • $6497
  • $9497

The higher levels include more products, but also people buy them to get qualified up as high as possible.  It makes the most sense to join at the $6497 level if at all possible – since you can end up qualified at the $9497 level that way.  And you have to realize that marketing Premier Wealth Systems, and using the internet marketing training I provide to my team based on the added value and bonuses, that you're going to make some higher dollar sales over the course of the next year.

Premier Wealth Systems Team & Bonus



We longer promote the Premier Wealth Systems business.

If you are looking for a business that works for people and you can make $1000 per day with, then I recommend you take my new masterclass: How To Make $1000 Per Day.

What Is The Pizza Box Formula Webinar?

What Is The Pizza Box Formula Webinar?

The Pizza Box Formula Webinar was created by Rod Stinson.

It's a webinar that markets an opportunity called Premier Wealth Systems.  Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm involved with Rod Stinson and his group in Premier Wealth Systems.  I think it's the simplest way to make money in this economy – because of a few reasons.

  1. You need a good profit margin
  2. There are different levels to get started at – so it can be accessible to everybody
  3. The product solves the problem of MARKETING for any business you may be involved with

Check out my review of the Pizza Box Formula here.

What I Like About the Pizza Box Formula Webinar

I really like the fact that the webinar is not the same intro-company management-products-compensation plan-now get started type of webinar.

There's actually a tremendous amount of marketing psychology behind it – and that's what you want in a webinar.  You want it to be interesting, informative, and create a strong emotional impact.  And the Pizza Box Formula does that by showing a lot of proof, and by educating about what you really need to make money in any home business.

It tells the truth about profit margins.  This is something a whole lot of MLM guys are really lying about.  I know I've made so much more money marketing higher ticket items – and as the cost of advertising continues to rise on the internet, programs where you don't make more than $100 for a sale will eventually be wiped out.

I really love that you can easily market it using Rod Stinson's webinar site – and ONLY talk to people who have already seen the entire Pizza Box webinar.

That's true leverage.

Does It Really Work (Pizza Box Formula Proof):

What I Don't Love About the Pizza Box Formula

I think that it's a little weak on explaining the products.  The products are actually a series of marketing videos that explain how to market online.

I find that people still have questions, and one of the things I've done for my team is to record 6 videos that explain questions that nearly everybody asks after seeing the webinar.  Some of these videos also explain the bonuses I've created especially for me and my team to give away to anybody who joins Rod Stinson's Pizza Box Formula with our team.

Pizza Box Formula Team:

Our team is one of the fastest growing in the Pizza Box Formula business.  We have simple systems that can generate you leads that convert.  Don't fall for the offer of free leads – because free leads suck.  I'll teach you how I'm marketing + how my team is marketing and what's working for us.

The #1 regret people have is not signing up with me first.  I get calls daily from people who joined programs under people who offered discounts, free leads, and all kinds of other crap.  When what you really need is a system that works that can get you high quality leads that convert into sales.

Watch this short video training I did that explains my philosophy on building this business with real, highly targeted marketing:

Pizza Box Webinar Bonuses

Our team has some exclusive bonuses – which actually expand on the marketing techniques explained in the Pizza Box webinar business.  You can find out more about our team bonuses by calling or texting me at (617) 340-2920 or asking me on skype: wealthambition

I'll tell you the straight goods about Rod Stinson's Pizza Box Formula.

Here's a page that explains why you should join me in the Pizza Box Formula Business.

Read More About the Pizza Box Formula and the bonuses for joining my team!

Pizza Box Formula Financing

We have private financing options for joining our Pizza Box Formula team.  Contact me for details.  This is ONLY available to our team inside the Pizza Box Formula.

Pizza Box Formula Update:  Why I Quit

I no longer endorse or recommend the Pizza Box Formula.  The “magic” lead getting system uses voice broadcasting, which has become technically illegal and a major grey area that I do not use.

If you are looking for an income system like the Pizza Box Formula, I recommend check out my Masterclass: How To Make $1000 A Day Online

Is It TooDamnEasy?


TooDamnEasy Review

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scam. There are many warning bells that go off when reviewing the Too Damn Easy cash gifting program that should cause you to stop and take note of what is happening and, in our opinion, definitely not get involved in something like this.

Who Actually Owns


Knowing the person behind the program always helps to build trust. When someone won’t even tell you their first or last name there is good reason to be sceptical and this is just a first point of concern – who actually owns and runs Too Damn Easy? Too Damn Easy is supposedly run by someone who calls themselves ‘Q’ but who is ‘Q’? What is their actual name? How will I contact ‘Q’ or even learn more about this mystery person? Already the warning bells against this program are ringing loud and clear.

TooDamnEasy Has NO Products


You are giving away large sums of money but what are you actually getting in return? Too Damn Easy seems to actually pride themselves on not having products. In any genuine business though your money should actually be purchasing something of value, whether it is a digital product or a physical product and the financial benefits be an added advantage, but this makes the only value the financial aspect – if you can actually make money from this program.

High Investment Costs = Low Sign Up or No Sign Up


Too Damn Easy has very high joining costs (starting at $6,600) and this means that very few people can actually afford to send you this type of money. Many people today are simply struggling to make ends meet without having to give away huge sums of money like this. What will happen if you pay out this sum and then can get no one to sign up under you? Too Damn Easy makes it sound too easy but the truth is that it is not that easy to get people sending you this kind of money.

Is It Really Tax Free?


Another claim made by TooDamnEasy is that the earnings you get from this program are tax free. Although tax law does say that gifts up to $13000 are tax free a good lawyer can easily prove that this is a business and not really a gift and so the chances of getting caught for tax evasion should you try not to pay tax on these earnings is highly likely.

This program shows virtually every sign of being a scam – no products, no names given, and high investment costs for no guarantee. Although the marketing of this program may be very compelling and hard hitting be extra cautious with programs like this and don’t be deceived and abused into choosing a program that you are not happy with and where you are not going to get true value.

TooDamnEasy Alternative

There are programs with high profit margins that are NOT scams.  Some information marketing businesses – which sell REAL products even offer 100% commissions.

The one I really like, and am getting AWESOME conversions on is the Rod Stinson program, known by the name Pizza Box Formula.  You can watch a webinar that explains about the highest converting high-ticket program on the internet, the Pizza Box Formula here.