Top 8 Gadgets In 2021 That Will Change Your Life.

andrew murray

by Andrew Murray
Posted: March 3rd, 2023

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and the conventional way be discover new products has fundamentally changed.  You can't expect to find the best products at a local store.  Who goes to the store anymore?

If you want cutting edge products to make your life easier, save you money, or just impress your friends, you need to discover them through alternate channels like Kickstarter and independent distribution.

We've curated a list of the top new products that you'll wonder how you ever lived without them before!

Pro Tip: We also have a free product at the bottom of this article!  So be sure to carefully read to the end of this listicle!

1. Photostick: Instantly Backup Memories

The Photostick is a perfect gift for the older generation who would be devastated to learn that a computer crash wiped out all the photos on their computer.

The facts are 1 in 3 computers will crash - and data recovery is dicey at best.

This is the ONLY product that can save up to 60,000 photos and videos on a thumbdrive that plugs in via USB to a MAC or PC.

ecommerce sales

2. FIXD: Unbelievable Car Diagnostic Device

So I knew that auto mechanics had to rely more and more on computers for diagnostics in the shop.  But what I didn't know was how standardized these diagnostic tools were.

I remember back a few years ago I caught my auto mechanic owner telling an employee, "Don't worry, we'll get him next time."  Meaning that they had billed a low amount and were planning to inflate the charges.

If you're like me, and know how to drive but have zero knowledge on how to change an oil filter - check out this video:

Honestly, I was stunned that something like this even existed.  I expect this to save me maybe a grand a year or more, easily.

3. Fix Your Posture. (Featured on Dragon's Den)

We only have one body.  And unfortunately, many people suffer from poor posture.  With all the time spent at work in front of a desk, which is a non-natural posture anthorpologically, it's no wonder so many are suffering from back pain - either now or will in the future.

But it's not only the desk that is causing poor posture.  Now, with an addiction to notification and smartphones, doctors are seeing more forward head-shift in people that had good posture - just from us staring at our phones and playing Candy Crush.

(Actually, I don't play Candy Crush, but I do spend waaaay too much time staring at my phone!)

better back fix posture

Better Back is a new way of addressing posture - easily and without time-consuming and boring exercises you know you won't do consistently anyhow.

Check it out here:

In fact, Better Back was such a well-developed product and actually solved a problem that it was picked up by Shark Tank.  You can read the article on Shark Tank here.

4. Instant Insomnia Cure.

Dodow is a revolutionary new sleep aid device that sits on your nightstand and slowly projects a rhythmic glow onto your ceiling.  And focusing on this light is scientifically proven in double-blind sleep studies to clear the mind, relax the body so you can quickly drift off to sleep.

So you stop worrying at night.  Your body get a chance to relax and re-charge.  Think of all the time you've probably wasted by not being able to sleep and worrying about something.

dodow cure insomnia

It's a huge problem, and Dodow solves it without external supplementation of Melatonin, which actually makes the root cause of getting to sleep worse because the body become accustomed to getting Melatonin through supplementation.

Do you know anybody who suffers from insomnia?  This could change their life.

5. Artisan crafted cured meats from around the world.

get artisan meats

OK.  I'll admit it.  This isn't really a gadget is it?  I get a bit giddy around new foods.  I love trying new foods, and I love meats cured the traditional way.  So when I discovered this next company, I really got excited to try it out.

What you get is carefully selected meats from around the world, shipped to your door.

Prefect for the carnivore in you, or for making Charcuterie and Cheese boards that will surprise your guests and get their taste buds tingling with delight.

Here's the link to learn more.

6. The Best DSLR and Smartphone Tripod.  Period.


Confession time: I run a YouTube Channel.  (Much love if you can give me a subscribe!)

And I like getting new photo gear.  It makes my videos look better.  But one of the best things I bought was the SwitchPod, which was designed by a couple of YouTube creators I know.

This takes the GorillaPod, and takes it to a whole new level.

It's light.  It's easy to shoot from a flat surface, or to grab a camera and turn it on yourself... even a DSLR camera!

(By the way, if you are looking for a good starter DSLR camera, click here.)

This tripod just oozes cool.  And it works flawlessly.  There are some magnets to help it snap back into place easily.  I recommend getting the ballhead also.

7. The Absolute Best BBQ Tool.  Period.

If you have a barbeque, you need this tool.

This is not a cheap flipper like you can get at the Home Depot or Walmart.  This is a professional chef quality tool.

The knife is sharp enough to slice a tomato, and I love the grater.  It's a way to totally elevate your cooking game.

Got a husband or boyfriend or Dad?

Perfect gift.  You're welcome :-)

8. Know Your Body.

I read a quote years ago that stuck with me...

“What gets measured gets managed.” - Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker was a world-renowned business strategist.  And I find this applies to everything in life.

If you want to improve something, you first need to know what the numbers are.

And when it comes to body weight, there are a lot of factors.  Muscle, for example, weighs more than fat.  Back a few years ago, you could only measure these biometric markers in fancy labs with tests that cost thousands of dollars.

Now you can accurately measure several biometric markers and see your progress.

(By the way, I lost just over 40 pounds (197-150 lbs) easily using intermittent fasting.  Highly recommend that as a way to lose weight and not have to give up your favorite foods for life.)

This cool gadget has been used and endorsed by UFC fighter Anthony Pettis.

anthony pettis fittrack

But honestly, I just like knowing more about my body.  It helps keep me on course and making the right decisions.

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It allows my family to earn income, and for me to be able to express my thoughts into the world.

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