Understanding Your X Relations

X followers are like people. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good, and some are dead weight.

But since Elon Musk took over Twitter, there have been some changes to the X Algorithm. And because of this, I find it helpful to look at my algorithm and in particular my ratios with my followers.

Using Circleboom, I can get a big picture overview of how my followers interact with me. As you can see from the following image, Circleboom groups your followers into different buckets.

I find this really helpful as a marketer so that I can go into each bucket and quickly get rid of followers that don't serve my purpose anymore.

Egghead followers, by the way, are those Twitter accounts who have not bothered to upload a profile pic. For me, this signifies somebody who does not care about their account and are certainly not very active.

But I can also find those accounts that are not following me back.

These are accounts that typically I will look at individually. Some of them I follow for their updates (maybe they are a corporate account of a service I use, for example) or I just like their content.

But having a tool like Circleboom allows me to go through the followers quickly and remove those that unfollow me that I don't love.

Trust me, this pruning process is an important part of the new X algorithm, and something you should do on a regular basis if you want to maximize your organic reach on Twitter (X).

If you haven't tried Circleboom, give it a shot.

It may take a little time the first time to prune your X followers of all those accounts not following you back – but if you keep it up you will shart seeing your tweets get extra distribution in the new algo.

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Let me know if you see the same boost in organic reach I did when I unfollowed most of those accounts that were not following me back.

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