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Here's Your Chance To Turn YouTube Into A Traffic Workhorse For You

“Look, Even If You HATE Doing Videos, You Can't Afford Not To Do Them…And Here's Why…

how to seo your youtube videos

No matter what, videos are here to stay.

Even if you personally don't like seeing yourself on video, there are so many other ways to create videos without you having to be in them!

That said, if you're not using YouTube as one of the ways to get eyeballs on your stuff, then you're seriously missing out!

Do you know that YouTube is one of the main ways I get traffic and yet it boggles my mind that people are STILL not using it!?

Do you know that 5 BILLION videos are viewed per day on YouTube?

Using these simple strategies, I will show you exactly how to leverage The Power of Highly Targeted, High-Converting YouTube Traffic Just By Tweaking my Videos”

And I'm going to show you how to do it!  It's like you'll be looking right over my shoulder…


Fast To Implement

Get instant traffic from YouTube without having to get backlinks.


Video Training

Get an over-the-shoulder look at how we optimize our videos, so you can easily follow along. 


Fast To Implement

Get access to the exact FREE software I use to help dominate on YouTube Search. 

Learn How To OptimizeYour YouTube Videos For The YouTube Search Algorithm

YouTube is my top source of traffic and delivers targeted leads every single day.

Steal my step-by-step instructions on how I optimize my YouTube videos to consistently get first page rankings on YouTube, and often on Google as a YouTube listing!  Ka-Pow!

Note: You will get my step-by-step blueprint, my 30-minute all-content step-by-step training, and the FREE ranking software!

I put up a video recently that tracks the tags and where my video ranks for each tag.  As you can see from this screenshot, my video is ranking #2 and #3 for most of the terms, which are specific, but not extremely long-tail…and these are just a couple of random examples.  I'm dominating YouTube for multiple search terms.  (And these search terms have very high ad revenue CPM's!)

placement targeting rank proof

And this is typical of many of my YouTube videos. 

There is huge potential for ranking and getting traffic. 

This video has no backlinks. 

I just optimized it exactly how I explain in my optimization training and PDF.


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Pay What You Can!

We offer a 7 day money-back guarantee.

I absolutely know that this is something that you will need and I'm basically giving it away.

It's a thorough training of how exactly to set up your Youtube videos for SEO and I know that I go through it everytime I upload a new video. And it gets ranked so quickly! 


I really loved this training. Just the thought that you do not have to wonder if there is a tool or what tool to use makes our life easier and it cuts learning time a lot.  Thank you.  – Marissa Telman


This is the perfect introduction because it gives a great overview – from understanding the “how to” to the thought-process behind everything. – Adam Petrou


This is a GRAND SLAM for any marketer wanting to start marketing their business online through video – Connor Jeffries

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