What I’m Working On

What I'm Working On

Marketing Funnels

I'm always tinkering with marketing funnels.  I create them for myself.  And for others.  Very few people can do this effectively.

We take about 3 custom funnel designs per month.  To get some perspective, I skyrocketed to the #4 ALL-TIME enroller in a high-trending network marketing company with over 100,00 reps within a matter of months – beating people who had multiple years jump on me.  Why?

Because I kill it when it comes to marketing and converting.

To check out the quality and calibre of my work, go to my Passive Income Webinar and watch the entire video carefully.

Let me know if we should talk.  Contact me if you need a funnel done for you.


60 Day Marketing Transformation

This is a one-stop resource to create a marketing training that takes you step-by-step into my methodology and walks you through what it takes to be successful online.

Grab your FREE membership (while it's in private BETA mode here):

We will be breaking records with the number of successful students in this free multi-media course.


MHUB is my generic training program.

It's also a business opportunity, with a killer compensation plan.

The whole course is based on how I've been able to achieve the #1 or #2 rank in nearly every company I've been a part of.  And it teaches how you can (for ANY online company) use paid and free marketing techniques.

I've kept it extremely clear, and easy-to-implement.

And each module comes with an action guide, so after you've completed it, you'll know exactly how to start putting the information into action and getting some leads into your business.