Reverse Marketing Resource – is a resource that helps you find active business partners.

Hop on and give it a try.  57,166 potential partners!  That should keep you busy.

Orange Leads Search Engine

How can I use this as a reverse marketer?

Simple.  Just type in a company name or keyword and you'll find people who are posting all their current, accurate contact data.

This is great if you ar eselling marketing services, like Superhero Marketing School or the Secret Teleseminar Formula.

Reverse Marketing takes time, but you're fishing in the right pond.  These are ALL entrepreneurial people, who are sold on the concept of network marketing, and are willing to take action.  Good luck!

How I Made $4197.00 in Less Than 3 Hours

How I Made $4197 in under 3 Hours of Work

The key to making money is speed.

It's all about taking action.  Even when it may seem slightly uncomfortable.

And this is a perfect example.

I sent out a last-minute email about a webinar.  I had about 7 people attend the webinar.

  • I have spoken to only 3 of those people.
  • 2 have already joined.
  • 1 is seriously considering joining today.

Here's the video proof:

So if you're intrigued, and would like to watch the webinar…

Opt-in Here and you'll be able to see the exact webinar these people saw.

I think this is the easiest way to make a full-time income in this economy.  No exceptions.

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PS – It also works even if you have ZERO MARKETING experience.

Sounds crazy, but it works for the little guy.

Turbo Business System Review – Norman Freeman

TurboBusinessSystems Review of Bazaar Software by Norman Freeman

When it comes to internet marketing, I'm all about systems.  And checking out the Turbo Business Systems prelaunch video, I was really blown away.

One of the hardest things for me when I create products is getting a sales tree set up properly.  A sales tree is basically the sequence and options from opt-in to product purchase to upsell and downsell.

Frankly, it's a huge pain.

And that's why I started getting heart palpitations when I saw this video.

No, I don't have any heart problems, but whe nI see a product I really, really need, I get a buzzing and natural excitement that is physical.

What is Turbo Business Systems?

Turbo Business System
Turbo Business System Logo

Turbo Business Systems is the brainchild of Norman Freeman, and he's actually been using it to create the sales funnels, product order integrations, product delivery – and every damn other thing that needs to be set up in order to have a working profitable business.

Who is Norman Freeman?

Norman is a cool German guy who created the most successful viral tell-a-friend tool, Viral Inviter.

His stuff is high caliber, and his sites and products always work, and look great!

Why is Turbo Business Systems Necessary?

OK, I'll admit I' ma bit jaded when it comes to internet marketing product launches.  The next big thing – yeah, yeah.

But as Norman explains in the video, the thing you really need is a R.O.B. (an acronym for Real Online Business.

And it's true.  This isn't some hyped-up black-hat marketing tactic.

This is not the Marketing on Facebook blueprint.

It's about building a real business.

Here's some real numbers of what the Turbo Business System (on the Bazaar platform) can do for you:

if you have a product that sells for $297.  If you sell only 1 per day, you'll make over $100,000 over the year!

And if that's a digital product, with an upsell, you'll make even more.  In fact, you can make that just on affiliate referrals – which means you'll have zero marketing overhead!

Benefits of the TurboBusinessSystem:

This is a sales-website including:

– A membership site
– An affiliate program
– 1click upsells (I think THIS is HUGE!)
– A DRAG&DROP salesflow editor (You've NEVER seen ANYTHING like this, i promise!)
– Drip-released subscription product setup
– Optin pages with even copy&paste any HTML code
– NO technical skills necessary whatsoever

My Turbo Business System Bonus:

So who needs this?

Anyone who wants to create a product this year NEEDS to get this product.  Success is all about the implementation.

And that's where most people get sidetracked.

As a bonus for buying Turbo Business Systems thru my link, I'll actually coach you on creating your product.  We'll have 4 webinar sessions where you can ask me anything and I'll work my ass off to make sure you can get your product launched with as few problems as possible.

You can leverage from all the mistakes I've made LOL.

And at the end of it all, you'll have a real product of your own that you can market — and that's the best branding you could ever ask for.

(Just give me a testimonial when your product is done!)

So check out the video now and see how quickly (under 10 minutes) you can have everything set up for your own product:

Turbo Business Systems Link.

You'll see this video here.  It's 20 minutes along.  Watch it now.

Turbo Business System Pre-Launch Video #1

Turbo Business Systems Link.