I Can Guarantee You'll Fail In Network Marketing Unless You Have

Someone Who Can Show You How To Drive Traffic…

How Would You Like To A Top 1% Marketer Working On YOUR Business?

Master Marketer and MLM Coach wants to help you build your network marketing business and show you how to literally create multiple streams of income from the internet.

Hi Fellow Networker,

Thanks for checking out my coaching program!

Now rather than “try” to sell you on what a good idea coaching would be, the bottom line is, if you are a network marketer, you know the state of your business.

Marie and I featured in Home Business Connection Magazine

As you sit there right now, you know whether or not your business is where you'd like it to be.  You know whether you could be doing better or if you're just downright lost and you need the proper guidance and mentorship to achieve what you set out to do when you first joined your business opportunity.

So go ahead and read this entire page because if you're struggling, I know without a doubt, that I can help you.

Now over the next few minutes, I'm going to explain what I do, and how I can help you.

So Why Am I Coaching MLMers?


Now people often ask me how I started coaching people who were not in my business.

Well first off, as a top producer in my ownnetwork marketing companies (actually THE top producer in one of them…) and as a top affiliate marketer, without fail I would always be contacted by several people each and every month asking for help.

Their stories were always similar in that they were excited about building a business, but their sponsors were either non-existent (yes, that's right they disappeared right after signup) or could not help them at all because they lacked the knowledge needed to build a big business.

Needless to say, these people were lost and needing clear direction to get their business into profit.

In fact, even when I went to my own company events, I got swarmed with even more of these stories of bad mentors, broken promises, or just tales of people with absolutely no idea how to drive traffic to their websites or lead capture pages.

I can't even tell you how many stories like this I'd heard and it literally makes me sad for each and every one of these people because I know that they have the same dreams I did when I got started in the home business industry in 2001. And a few of them were at the point where they were ready to quit.

I have to tell it like it is.

Here's the Raw Truth About The Home Business Industry…

In my opinion, this industry offers the only real opportunity for people to start a low-cost business. You will NEVER become wealthy as an employee.

And for most people, starting a brick-and-mortar business is out of reach. In fact, Robert Kiosaki explains this in his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book series so I won't go into the why here but the you need to understand one thing about working in this industry –

The home business industry changes rapidly. It can get complex especially when it comes down to what works right now, this very moment in terms of marketing.

The down side to this is that there are lots of sharks and con-men waiting to strike. And there are so many red herrings that can literally ruin your chance at success.

Often times, what people need is a real marketer, who has integrity, and who YOU can trust that YOU can instantly turn to when they have questions. (Because you will!) But it's hard to even get a top marketer to answer your email…

So to make a long story short – that's how I started, coaching a few people here and there in my primary company, but outside my main group, to help them get the mentorship they deserved – this was back in 2004. In fact, here is one of the very first client feedbacks I ever got from someone who asked me for help:


I'll use any tools you can send me. I appreciate your follow up and valuable information. I'm grateful you are my mentor. I will pass on your guidance and wisdom to those who sign up under me. Thanks for all you do.

Your friend,

Tom Kellogg


Now not much has changed since 2004, there is still a 97% failure rate, and most people are still ditched by their sponsors and simply don't have the knowledge to market. Marketing is getting tougher for the people who don't know how, and easier for people like me, who do.

So this is where I come in.

The truth is there is so much money to be made in this industry if you simply have the marketing knowledge to implement it.

For example, when I first came on the scene back in 2001, Marie and I struggled. Our largest check we ever made was $386 and that was after 18 months of working full-time!

By then, we knew quite intensely,

that we were missing something.


I remember looking at some of these guys making over $10K a month, and I started wondering, “Why not me? What's so special about what they are doing and what they know?”

We felt in our bones, that if we just learned to market, we would be even more successful than those guys.

So we then started to study internet marketers and realized they were light years ahead of network marketers in terms of how they were building their businesses.

From these internet marketers back in 2003 I learned how to automate my business, how to position and brand myself (before that became an “in vogue” term, and by the tender age of 28 years old Marie and I were making a multiple 6-figure-a-year incomes off our network marketing and internet marketing businesses.

It is this knowledge that has made us millions of dollars in this industry has garnered us awards and accolades and has helped us to reach the top levels of whatever company we joined.

Mike is the founder of Magnetic Sponsoring.


And check out some of these pictures of us winning the top awards at our Network Marketing company events:

In fact, at that same awards event above, we also had the most team members win sales awards – so we know how to pass it on, unlike a lot of top guns in the industry…

Heck, we've even taught for some of the most respected network marketing companies.  Here's an image from one of them:

Look the problem is, even if you have bought a ton of books and info products – you still have to piece the stuff together and you don't have anyone to really tell you the truth and bounce the ideas off of.

Is it really good for you or are you being sold?

(Here' s a secret you probably already know. The people selling you a secret marketing technique in a course or software are going to say their products great – even if it will get your site banned from the search engines – and even if it doesn't even work, so you need to be cautious when believing what is supposedly the next big marketing tactic!)


Now here's the most important sentence on this page:


The real gap is NOT the information, but in the implementation.


What that means is that it's probably not the information that's slowing you down. I can hand you over systems I use personally for my marketing.

But the missing piece you'll struggle to get without me is how I apply it specifically to you:

• How to build YOUR specific primary business

• How to brand YOU

• How to bring traffic to your site working within your budget and your available time.

But I can end all of that frustration for you right now, simply by deciding you want to coach with me.

Click Here To End The Pain:


By coaching with me you will have the RIGHT Knowledge plus the mentor to bounce the ideas of off and that is priceless. In fact, that could be the only barrier you have left to being a multiple six-figure earner like I am.

I will be there to help guide you through your obstacles, no matter what they are. You'll have one of the top internet marketers working with you, building YOUR business!


Now here is some of what I go through with my coaching clients:

• How to create funded proposal

• Weekly 30 minute phone consultations/follow ups

• Creating e-mail follow-up

• Mindset training (I always say marketing and mindset go hand in hand!)

• How to re-monetize your lead stream

• Website building

• Keyword Research for your specific business

• Web copy

• Creating special custom marketing pieces

• Downline retention

• Customer marketing funnel

Lead capture pages

• Set up systems

Automating your business

• How to outsource elements of your marketing

• Copywriting

• Creating irresistible autoresponder messages (and almost everybody does this all wrong!)

• Creating a custom marketing plan for lead generation

Social media marketing

• Web 2.0 strategies

Integration – taking ideas from a book/video/course and applying them to your specific business – to your specific opportunity.

Plus you get access to my elite team of assistants – graphics artists, tech support, my secret pay-per-click specialist, my personal social media marketing manager & more

And remember, yes I am a master marketer but I am also a closer. I have the phone skills to close so if you are a network marketer struggling in this area, I can help you there too! In fact, we are going to work on what you need specifically and this is what this coaching program is all about!

Let's Break This Down…


If you were to break down each and every one of these things the value would be way over $10,000.

I've had people pay me $5000 to come to my house and “watch me work” for 2 days! I've had a special group of people who each paid me over $12K in order to come to one of my live bootcamp seminars.

(Which I no longer even do anymore! Kinda hard with a toddler in tow.)

Now you're probably wondering how much this would cost and are afraid that you won't be able to afford it.

I get it, access to a top marketer like me –

someone who understands the network marketing world and the internet marketing world is rare and does not come cheap -there are programs out there where people are charging you an arm and a leg for email consultations ONLY!

But here is the deal. I really want to help as many people as possible – so I knew that my coaching program had to be accessible and more importantly affordable.

So I offer my coaching program for $500 a month. That's it.

You get my brain working on your business, a weekly 30-minute phone consultation, and email follow up for only $500 a month.

Now, the only thing I do ask is that you make a commitment to stay with this coaching program for 60 days, this is so I know that you are serious about making a commitment to getting your business to work.

If you are ready to take yourself and your business to the next level – then this is the best and most affordable coaching program you are going to get.

I can bridge that gap between where you are and where you feel you should be.

I can teach you how to use internet marketing to create more leverage in your life.

Get two-on-one mentorship from Marie and I — multiple 6 figure a year earners — and get access to all my resources and more importantly my time.

If you are feeling lost now, once you start coaching with me – you won't. You will finally have clear direction, understand the whole picture of making money online and have a crystal clear roadmap for how to get there.

As you can also imagine, with my primary businesses and my other coaching clients, I can only take a few clients every month and some people have come to this page and seen that I have closed the coaching program temporarily because I simply don't have the time when I get fully booked.

Now I promise you this is not a gimmick, or a fake call to action, I really do have limited time and so a limited number of spots (I also have a 2 year old son to take care of, LOL!)

But I do have a soft spot (remember I struggled for 18 months, and I really could have desperately used a coaching program that would have increased my results in every area of my business) so I try to reserve as many spots as I can for people who really want the help and are serious about making their business successful!

So if you you've hit this page and my program is currently open, it means I am still accepting clients and so go ahead and sign up for my elite private coaching.

Once you do, you will automatically get a questionnaire. Please fill this out and we will have our first session within the next 72 hours.

So go ahead and decide. If this is what you need, a mentor who truly knows the pulse of marketing and how to make you successful, then go ahead and get started with me right now – I look forward to being the guy to create your success in the network marketing industry!

PS – You literally are moments away from potentially changing the course of your life. I know the difference having the right knowledge has meant for me (both Marie and I work full time from home, our son will grow up having both his parents home full time which is a rarity, we enjoy a wonderful lifestyle, have the time to do what we want and when we want to and simply just enjoy life on our own terms.)

Look 6 months into the future. If you choose to keep doing things without a mentor, you will probably still be frustrated, confused and struggling. I don't want this for you just like I didn't want it for myself.


I don't want you to be losing money while other people around you enjoy the income and lifestyle that comes with being a top income earner from home.

The other choice would be to do what the wealthy people do: invest in people that know more than they do, and can help you get to where you want to go. And if that's you, I'm looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and giving 100% to building YOUR business.


PPS – Even if you bought lots of products, you know the problem – the truth is there is probably some good information. Maybe even some great information. But how does it apply to you?

I can help you with the one thing you can NEVER learn from any book, seminar or training course: Integration – taking ideas from a book/video/course and applying them to your specific business – to your specific opportunity. Are you ready to get me working on YOUR business? Good answer, now let's get you to the top!

3 Levels of Coaching:

Beginner: 30 minutes per week – $500

Beginner level includes a physical DVD called The Entrepreneur Blackbook mailed to your house.  It also includes the Habits of the Wealthy DVD Course.

Order Beginner Coaching:

Intermediate 1 full hour per week – $1000

Order Intermediate Coaching

Elite: 2 Full Hours Per Week – $2000

Order Elite Coaching

Intermediate and Elite also include my private cell phone number, and full access to MLMZing course, plus the Advanced Modules on Advanced Productivity.

You also get all of the Beginner Bonuses too 🙂

Got Questions?  Not sure?

Let's connect for a free 20-minute consultation.

PS – We also support charities, like the Chimborazo Children's Fund

which creates schools in Ecuador.  It's important to give back.

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