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NOT Recommended!

How many people tell you NOT to buy stuff?

Easy Video Player

easy video player 2

I REALLY wanted to like easy video player (EVP).  But the truth is, it's buggy, and it often stops working if I make edits to the page.  So while it keeps your videos professional-looking and without any branding, I really can't endorse it.  The analytics are bad, and the “management” of your videos is archaic.

If you want videos that just play well online (and don't have a YouTube logo) here are some options:

  1. Grab a PRO account at Vimeo.  It's $200/yr.  Vimeo is very marketer unfriendly.  Not recommended!
  2. Use YouTube and a plugin like Smart Youtube PRO.
  3. Use Wistia (which rocks but is expensive)  Get this Wistia Alternative.

Bad Sponsors

Avoid bad sponsors.  I talk to so many people who find me too late.  Seriously, there's a reason my blog is loaded with testimonials.  Take your time.  Make sure you have a sponsor that can be a strength in the areas that you are weakest in.

For example, if you don't know how to build a list, and you don't know how to drive traffic, make sure the sponsor you choose (in any business) knows this and is prepared to take the time to teach you!

And I would recommend the webinar training I did (some killer content in here) on how leaders really build their organizations.


Don't buy into marketing gimmicks.  Think before buying any product – will this really help me build my business?

Avoid any high ticket programs that don't have a valid product that you could not justify somebody paying the cost for.

Avoid any crypto “investment” schemes.  Never put your crypto into a “pool” which you cannot control in order to be “traded.”

Note: This changes so quickly and there are thousands of things to avoid.  If you have a question, contact me.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Buy List”

  1. dear Mr andrew.
    I’m a veteran looking for a way to be a marketer on the internet. what programs do you promote. how much will I need to start as capital. I’m in college taking up business. I was stationed in Japan for a long time. so being a leader is nothing new to me.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    My name is Jason and I’ve registered for your recorded webinar I’ll be watching tomorrow morning. I understand the basics with regards to what I have to get done in order to succeed, and have been slowly setting things up. My blog needs refined a little, but for a first shot I think it turned out decent. I know I’m inches from putting the pieces together, and have not signed up yet again with a MLM company. I want to get my marketing plan in place before I do that, and my plan is to sign up with someone that is in Numis. I’ve tried 2 other companies, the first being Amway, and they both either promote belly to belly, or restrict online promoting. Either way, I beileve SEO is instrumental and I’ve been studying that a butt ton as well. Should we talk sometime? I’d really like that, especially if there’s a way I can work with you in some capacity. Not sure what company you’re with, bout to google it though hehe. Take care.

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