How To Pick A Mentor

How To Pick A Mentor

how to pick the right mentorPicking the wrong mentor is the #1 complaint I hear from people who are struggling online.

The main problem is that the home business industry is completely unregulated.  So be careful who you join any business with.

Marie has recorded an audio that outlines what you should be looking for in a mentor:


It's great content no matter what business opportunity you're looking at!

I think a great litmus test is if the mentor has created any products.  if they have, you know they understand marketing and are not just faking (Yes! this happens all the time!).

And always trust your gut!

marie torres
Marie Torres & Andrew Murray explain how to pick the right mentor

6 thoughts on “How To Pick A Mentor”

  1. Great audio, thank you! I agree with everything you said. Have one question. What if you’re in a company that you are passionate about and believe and are confident about building long term, but are working with some great people, who are not so great mentors? I’m working with someone who is caring and is building a successful business, but provides me what feels like ‘canned responses’ to my questions. I hear that I should continue to go “up the chain” to the top if necessary. What are your thoughts?

  2. Thank you Marie and Andrew for sharing these most important points. I have believed for a long time that in order to be successful you must have a good mentor. But I have found the type of mentor you are describing are few and far between. I’m glad to have found the both of you!

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