My Products

One thing I will tell you is that while in the last few years, a lot of so-called attraction marketing specialists have sprung up, the real litmus test for somebody who can really teach you about marketing — is to have your own products.

Here are some of my recent products:

Weekly OneSheet:  Evergreen Edition

weekly worksheet pdf

This is a FREE product you can get that will bring clarity and direction to your business and life.  Download it here.

This product is generic and teaches about goal setting.



MHUB is my step-by-step training course that teaches struggling network marketers how to effectively market their primary direct sales business in a clear, concise, actionable way.  Unlike other products in the marketplace, like MY Lead System Pro, for example, MHUB does not exist to confuse distributors and try to sell them everything under the sun with live webinars.

We use a reductive approach – with short, concise, and clear modules complimented by specific action steps.   A totally refreshing approach to marketing – and one that even complete newbies can finally start to have success with.

There are 3 levels in MHUB that teach how to really build a business online – most of the methods are completely free.  There are no ongoing fees.

There is also a business opportunity attached, which can easily cover the costs of your marketing as long as you are active in network marketing.

Six Figure MLM Blueprint:

A Free CD Marie and I created to teach you the core principles of how we really started making a multiple six-figure income in network marketing.

Six Figure MLM Blueprint

Six Figure MLM Blueprint

This is no longer available.

3% Method Training Course:

This course which teaches you how to instantly get to the top 3% of the network marketing industry is no longer for sale.  It was a physical product that included a DVD and workbook shipped to your home.

This is no longer available

Offline To Online Method DVD:

LeadnetPro Offline 2 Online Method DVD

Offline 2 Online Method DVD

My training DVD that teaches how to use voicebroadcasting to quickly generate leads – and how to create a large internet marketing list in a ultra-short period of time.

This DVD course was $297, and is no longer available.

Custom Marketing/Design

We currently design fanpages and wordpress blogs.  Ask for a quote.  We also design lead magnets and sales funnels for marketers.

We also have a dedicated marketing department that can actually DO the internet marketing for you.  Click here for more details, pricing and packages.