YouTube Embedding Secrets

Master these codes to take your YouTube marketing to the next level!

&rel=0 (don’t show related videos when your video ends)

&autoplay=1 (autoplay video)

&showinfo=0 (don’t show title bar)

&controls=0 (don’t show controls)

DS Domination – $4500 Payday

DS Domination – $4500 Payday

Check out this new video update about DS Domination:

We have exclusive training, exclusive Facebook groups for marketing DS as a business, AND for making money with the program, fully stocked helpdesk so you can ask ANY question you have if you ever run into any issues.

And we have a free marketing system for our team ONLY that integrates with your own Aweber or Getresponse account if you have one!

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Don’t Use Facebook’s Boost Post Feature

Don’t Use Facebook’s Boost Post Feature

Here’s why:

I did a little test that shows some interesting results on this newsfeed ad.

By the way, the product I am promoting in the ad is excellent.  If the offer is still available, you can pick up a copy here for the cost of just shipping and handling.

The ad is actually converting great.  I keep getting more sales (now that I am no longer suffering for the Boost Post decision.  And I’ve seen some top marketers ordering through that link also.

I also recommend you check out this other video that talks about Facebook’s fraudulent clicks and suggests that Facebook has an overseas in-house “click-farm”

Well worth watching carefully.

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