How To Search And Replace Broken Shortcodes On Your Blog

Imagine you have a broken shortcode on your blog. Or you switched companies and wanted to change all the references on your blog to the previous company. There is an easy way to do that. It’s explained in this video: x

June 2015 Recap


June was a crazy month.  But it feels like a bookend, which is nice. The first 6 months of 2015 have been terrible, on most levels.  I had a ton of stuff go wrong.  And there is still grief and cleanup from the death of my mother in February. At the beginning of the year, […]

How To Plan Correctly

There are two schools of thought.  One if that you can just take massive action and blast through unreasonably short deadlines to get things done. The second is to take strategic, planned action. I much prefer the second.  There is less waste. Bruce Lee was obsessed with minimizing his movements to be the most efficient. […]

Drama And Lies

I am completely sick of dealing with Michael Somerville.  I announced on my blog in April 2015 that we were no longer in partnership together.  He locked me out of the sites we built as a partnership and left owing me and the GoFunnels affiliates a lot of money. I’m not going to get into […]

The Email I Never Wrote

I am not even an affiliate of this product!

I have a warning for my list.  Apparently there is somebody who is trying to fool you and sending emails pretending to be me. This is pretty disgusting, and completely lacking in integrity. I want to break this email down so you know: a) It didn’t come from me b) That this practice is repulsive First, here […]