Drama And Lies

I am completely sick of dealing with Michael Somerville.  I announced on my blog in April 2015 that we were no longer in partnership together.  He locked me out of the sites we built as a partnership and left owing me and the GoFunnels affiliates a lot of money. I’m not going to get into […]

The Email I Never Wrote

I am not even an affiliate of this product!

I have a warning for my list.  Apparently there is somebody who is trying to fool you and sending emails pretending to be me. This is pretty disgusting, and completely lacking in integrity. I want to break this email down so you know: a) It didn’t come from me b) That this practice is repulsive First, here […]

May 2015 Recap


May 2015 Recap Another month in the books. First off, I wanted to start my recap by repeating what I said last month which is that I am no longer working with Michael Somerville.  I’ve run into a few people who were still unaware of the fact that we are no longer working together in […]


SimpleRetargeting is no more! I am no longer in a partnership with Michael Somerville.  You can read about this announcement here. It was a bitter partnership ending, and according to Michael Somerville, GoDaddy deleted the site and could not recover it.  (This is what he told me.) I have moved on, but I have some people […]

April 2015 Recap


Lots of big news in April. First off, I thought it was important you know I am no longer partners with Michael Somerville. I am not involved in any of our co-projects that we built together, including GoFunnels and MyLeadConsultant. I’m not going to get into the details publicly, but a large part of April […]