What is Popup Domination?

What is Popup Domination? Popup Domination is a lightbox software with a high conversion rate for getting subscribers to your list. The software includes a WordPress plug-in as well as software that will work on any website. Features of Popup Domination Popup Domination works on any website and with any mailing list provider such as … Read moreWhat is Popup Domination?

SEO WordPress Webinar

SEO WordPress Webinar I recently recorded a webinar that explains my method of getting highly targeted traffic from the search engines.  I love WordPress, and I think you will too once you see how powerful it really is. The content on my webinar is especially important given the recent “Google Farmer” index change that dropped … Read moreSEO WordPress Webinar

How To Use Stumbleupon Advertising

How To Use Stumbleupon Advertising In addition to Facebook, several other web2.0 social networks have quietly opened up pay-per-click advertising. Myspace is open to US residents (not Canadians yet or I would have tried it already.) Linkedin has a higher-priced PPC option. And Stumbleupon has advertising also. Using Stumbleupon Advertising Here’s a quick video showing … Read moreHow To Use Stumbleupon Advertising