Tips On How To Plan A Corporate Event

Tips On How To Plan A Corporate Event

Tips on How to Organize a Corporate Event That You’re Sure to Look Back on Fondly

Whether you're planning a corporate event for your employees or clients, you want to make sure that it is one to remember. However, pulling this out of thin air is almost impossible. Instead, you need to have a plan. So here are some helpful tips from Andrew Murray to help you get you started on the right path. 

Establishing the goal for your event

Establishing the goal for your corporate event is a good place to start, as it'll give you a clearer idea of who you’ll be catering to. Once you've determined who your audience is and what your objective is, it'll be much easier to plan around this to ensure you pull it off successfully. 

Decide on your guest list

Deciding on your guest list will be the next step in determining how much space you’ll need for this event. In the case of a smaller venue, your guest list needs to be pretty accurate, especially if there is a set menu and cost involved per person. However, on the whole, it's usually a good idea to have a large guest list to create a buzz about the occasion. 

Promoting your event

When it comes to promoting your event, social media is a great way to spread the word. Furthermore, if you intend your corporate event to be a larger affair, as in the case of a trade show, a team-building event, or a product launch, you'll want to use your marketing to create as much hype and discussion as you can about the event beforehand.

One of the ways you can get people talking about your upcoming event is to use a Facebook ad to help generate attention and build some interest in your brand. You can design a Facebook ad by customizing free online templates according to your logo, fonts, and colors. You can then upload it to Facebook and other social media platforms when you’re ready to launch your ad. 

Staying within budget

Knowing how much you can spend to make your event a success is important. Sticking to your budget can help you allocate funds where you'd like them most. Food and beverages will be a priority, as this is one aspect of a corporate event that many guests look forward to. You also have to think about how much money you want to allocate to the decor, whether you want a guest speaker, or if you need an event planner to ensure everything comes together.

When it comes to how extensive you want your marketing efforts to be, your budget will also dictate how much time and money you can put into your marketing strategy. If you don't have a big budget to work with, you may have to opt for cheaper marketing channels, such as social media marketing and sending out email blasts, as well as enabling social sharing to help spread the word about your event. On the other hand, if you appreciate the benefits of spending a little in order to generate a lot of awareness, you could use advertising platforms like Google Ads to promote your events in all the right places online. Additionally, you can give away free tickets or company swag to get people more excited about what's to come. 

Using the tips above, you are sure to start off on the right footing when it comes to creating a corporate event that will leave its mark in corporate history. Just remember to put together a budget-focused plan that incorporates smart marketing techniques while keeping your guests and the goal of your event front and center.

Andrew Murray is here to help other entrepreneurs with their online marketing campaigns, especially on platforms like YouTube. If you have any questions, please scroll down to find the comment form!

Was Browsing The Net Always This Annoying?

Nowadays, when you go online, whether it’s to share your thoughts, buy something, research some info, or otherwise, it’s all too easy to get inundated with annoyances, interruptions, and downright threats along the way. Advertisements, popups, targeting, auto-playing videos, the list goes on and on. Sometimes it can feel like you spend as much time dealing with all of those annoyances as you do actually using the net. So, for that reason, we’re going to look at what you can do to make the net a little less annoying. 

Was Browsing The Net Always This Annoying?

Image – CC0 License

Passwords and logins

Now, there’s no denying that it’s downright essential for you to protect your various online accounts with login details, including passwords. What’s more, you should make sure that you’re using different passwords as best as possible. However, you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) keep a master list of passwords. Let a password manager do the work for you. These tools can generate and keep track of passwords across all of the various sites and tools that you log into. All that you need to do is make sure that you remember the password to your password manager so that you can access its database at any given point. You should keep in mind that if you have auto-complete on, then anyone using your terminal while you’re logged in can log into any account that you have saved with your password manager.

Make search engines useful again

What happened to the big search engines? Well, in a word: business. Companies and organizations learned how to use search engine optimization to make sure that online browsers are always directed to their websites first and foremost for a wide range of queries. Now, if you try to get an informational answer to a question, you’re often being directed to companies providing that information, and often with the agenda of trying to sell you on a product or service. There are guides on how to use different search engines to get better answers, which can often mean clarifying that you want answers from communities like Reddit and Yahoo Answers rather than from business websites.

When search engines get too close

When search engines aren’t pushing you towards business websites, they’re getting far too close to you. Search engines are gathering more data on their users and, to some degree, this can be useful. However, a lot of people don’t want search engines to take the personal approach and don’t like the idea of them holding onto data and, for those people, you might want to look at how to depersonalize your search engine. From going into a private browser mode to using extensions that actively depersonalize your search results, there are a lot of ways to get straight answers from search engines, rather than answers that are supposed to be specifically for you, but often end up missing the mark.

Was Browsing The Net Always This Annoying?

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Stop ads from running wild over your browsing experience

One of the oldest and truest annoyances on the internet. Ads have always been a huge hassle. Not only can they bombard you with information that you don’t want, but they can often slow down the browsing experience, making web pages take longer to load, and making it harder to identify useful information on those webpages. There are plenty of great tools for blocking ads, so you should start by looking for the best ad blocker for Safari, first and foremost. Some websites detect ad blockers and gate you off from content if you’re using one, but, as the arms race goes on, some ad blockers are even starting to get through these roadblocks.

Shut those videos up

They might not be quite as prevalent an annoyance, but videos that start playing automatically on websites can always be a hassle, especially if you’re trying to avoid making unnecessary noise late at night or in a public place. To that end, there are tools that can stop videos from auto-playing when you’re visiting web pages. These tools don’t make the videos entirely inaccessible, you can still click play if you feel so inclined. However, you don’t have to be jump-scared or have your browsing experience interrupted before you’re able to do it. It’s a small annoyance, but one that’s definitely worth getting rid of.

Become untrackable 

Another one of the biggest annoyances on the modern internet is the constant rush to get to know everything about every user. It seems like every site, business, and organization is trying to track and collect data on you online. Sometimes, you can’t avoid it, as you can’t stop a social media platform from tracking your use if you’re logging into your own account. Some web browsers use privacy protection systems that will block cookies from across other websites than the one that you’re on. Safari also has Intelligent Tracking Protection for much the same reason, but you should pay more attention to which apps and companies you give data permissions to. Always search for the words “sell,” “sale,” and “share” in their data or privacy policies before you agree.

Was Browsing The Net Always This Annoying?

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Stay private

VPNs have a wide range of uses that are making quite a versatile tool for anyone who wants to be savvy while browsing the internet. For one, they can allow you to connect to networks with some degree of anonymity by encrypting data that you send and receive, which can make you safe on even public networks (to some degree). They can stop companies, including ISPs (to some degree) from tracking what you do online. Of course, they can also help you access content and websites that might normally be blocked from your IP, allowing for a much freer experience of the internet.

The net is always going to try and find new ways to sell you things and gather your data. It’s the nature of the beast. However, keep up to date with the tools and tips above and you can always stop it from becoming all too overbearing. There will always be new ways for the net to annoy us, and new tools made by savvy people to get rid of those annoyances.

3 Things That Have Changed My Life This Year

I just picked up some Pao de Mafra which is some really nice crusty bread from the local bakery.

I had some time to just sit and I wanted to share a couple of things that I have been doing for myself – and maybe they will help you too.

lisbon, portugal
My son and I walking around in Lisbon, Portugal.

First, I started creating a personal SOP. An SOP is a standard and procedures manual that is often used in corporate work. But I like the fluidity of adding to my personal life.

So in the morning, I run through a checklist/SOP and get those things done. It's a much better way to have a habit stick.

I've thought about the idea of doing these for other people – and it might work really well if you are feeling stuck.

If the idea resonates with you, contact me and we'll get your life working better.

Secondly, I have been walking in the morning. I like to get some of the beautiful Portugal sun in the mornings. I will turn on my STEPN app that pays me crypto.

So not only am I getting some exercise and clearing the mind for the day ahead, but I'm starting off by generating some cash.

Here's how I do that.

And thirdly, I've taken more of a focus on helping people create their own product. Having your own product or service is not difficult and creates passive income.

Do you have an idea for a product that has not been getting completed?
If so, let's talk.

Neo Money Card

Neo Financial, the coolest kid of the Canadian FinTech block has a new offering.

It's called the NEO Money Card, and unlike their credit card offering, it is not a credit card and does not require a credit check. And you still earn instant rewards at their growing arsenal of local rewards. (And if the merchant does not have a special deal with NEO, you will still earn a minimum of 1% cash back.

Plus, get a $25 instant cash bonus when you sign up!

My Thoughts on Neo Money

Personally, I like the card and the app. It is fun to use, and the notifications are awesome and gamified. You can with one click transfer rewards to your spendable account or a high-interest savings account with NEO.

Here are the main benefits of the NEO money prepaid card:

neo money card

I did a video on my top reasons why I use the NEO Card (which is the NEO Financial credit card offering.)

Some money savings tips for Canadians

Why should you choose a prepaid card over a credit card?

There are many reasons to choose a prepaid debit card over a credit card; for some people, it just makes more sense. You can still get the availability to buy online, and even earn rewards – but you are not using credit.

The top 5 reasons are:

Prepaid debit cards and credit cards have some similarities, but they function differently and have different benefits. Here are some potential advantages of using a prepaid debit card over a credit card:

  1. Control over spending: With a prepaid debit card, you can only spend the funds that have been loaded in advance onto the card. This can help you stick to a budget and avoid overspending. Unlike this, a credit card lets you borrow money up to your credit limit, which can make it easier to overspend and accrue debt.
  2. Overlimit fees: with a prepaid card you never have any over limit fees. (Actually, NEO's credit card does not charge for over-limit fees either.)
  3. No credit check: Prepaid debit cards don't require a credit check. And if you have NO credit, the NEO Money card is a great option for people who can't obtain a credit card.
  4. No interest charges: Since prepaid debit cards do not offer a line of credit, there are no interest charges associated with their use. Interest can sneak up and accumulate if you are not paying off your card every month.
  5. No credit impact: Using a prepaid debit card does not affect your credit score, as there is no borrowing involved. This can be beneficial if you are trying to build or maintain good credit. It is good to have some credit as without it you won't be able to get a car loan, for example.
  6. Widely accepted: Many prepaid debit cards are backed by major payment networks like Visa and Mastercard, which means they are widely accepted at merchants both offline and online.

Get the NEO Money Card

Get the NEO Money Card using this link and get an instant $25 bonus when you create your account. You can withdraw it anytime without penalty.

Internet Security Risks in 2023 – What Business Owners Need To Know

Business owners need to be careful. 2023 is shaping up to be a dangerous year on the cybersecurity front. Threats are emerging from every angle, be it governments, disgruntled consumers, and organized hacker groups, looking to extract money. 

internet security risks 2023
Top 6 security risks in 2023

Risk 1: Third-Party Risk

Businesses are increasingly outsourcing their IT requirements to third parties. And, for many reasons, that’s a good thing. Firms enjoy lower costs, quicker updates, and faster services. 

However, this move comes with significant risks. Third-party web hosts and server providers, for instance, are themselves at risk from other third parties. They may represent “bigger fish” because of the fact they host so much valuable data. They may also be higher profile, perhaps because they are a big brand name, like Amazon AWS or Azure. 

Risk 2: AI Will Make Things Worse

AI technologies may assist hackers by helping them find holes in brands’ defenses. That’s why agencies, like PostMogul, offer so many expert tips and analysis articles. Artificial intelligence has the potential to circumvent even the most carefully laid plans, bringing websites down. 

Risk 3: Constant Threat

When cybersecurity issues ramped up in 2019, some experts thought it would be temporary. Unfortunately, the situation continued to worsen from 2020 to 2022. Now the prediction for 2023 is that the current situation is the new normal and firms simply need to adapt to this reality. 

All business areas should have an agile strategy to deal with this threat. Firms need to join up various pieces of the security pie, instead of focusing exclusively on network permissions and anti-virus software. They must observe the entire “attack surface” and defend every point of exposure. 

Risk 4: Insider Threats

Insider threats are another major issue for firms in 2023. Thanks to movements like the “great resignation” and “quiet quitting,” more disgruntled workers occupy senior positions in the workforce than ever before. 

Evidence suggests that around 25 percent of all cyber attacks come from within firms. This year, companies are going to have to come to terms with this reality and treat their staff differently. Things like setting strict permissions and only giving a few trusted people access to your network are the best strategies. You may also want to use behavior tracking, a technology that lets you predict when a breach is more likely, based on an observed pattern. 

Risk 5: Storage Issues

The fifth risk is storage issues. Businesses typically assume that once their data is in the cloud, it’s secure. 

However, that’s not always the case. Some cloud providers don’t back up their data to reduce costs. And others lack proper security arrangements to keep would-be data thieves out. 

Therefore, companies should invest in the proper encryption, end-to-end. They should also encourage employees to keep strong passwords, containing at least nine characters with upper and lower-case letters, symbols, and numbers. 

Risk 6: Zero-Day Attacks

Lastly, firms are likely to face more zero-day attacks in 2023. These are particularly dangerous because attackers are usually the only ones who know about the vulnerability. 

The best way to protect against these is to limit service upon release and then wait for a breach. If there is one, you can resolve it quickly without damaging your brand. 

Running a Delivery Business? Here’s What It Takes to Cover More Ground

We live in a world where delivery businesses are taking over, literally, at every turn. This is why if you are looking to move your business forward, literally and figuratively, and you are in charge of a delivery business, you've got to work efficiently and effectively while also making sure that your competitors are at arm's length. What can you do to run an effective delivery business that covers more ground?

delivery business
You've got a new delivery!

Invest in Your Vehicles 

When it comes to an effective delivery business, the vehicles are the most important asset. One van breakdown is going to result in a huge lapse in productivity and increase downtime. It's recommended to invest in top-tier vehicles, but of course, when you are attempting to build up a business, the finances are difficult to raise. This is why you need to opt for used vehicle dealerships that provide the goods. 

Used vehicle dealerships like MyCar provide cars, vans, and trucks that ensure you can choose the right type of vehicle for your business. You may have a smaller customer base right now, in which case, a van might be a better solution than a truck. But when it comes to scaling up, those vehicles will also need to be scaled up as well.

Adopt Newer Tech

Delivery management software like Track-POD is one such example of tools that can help your delivery business thrive. The toughest thing about running a delivery business is the logistics. Logistical nightmares are commonplace, but if you invest in contemporary technology, you will have a greater understanding of optimized routes and real-time tracking, and these will guarantee a far more efficient practice.

Reconsider Your Logistics

While logistics consists of utilizing the right tools, you should also consider the impacts of logistics on your customers. One of the most important practices you should incorporate is real-time parcel tracking. The modern-day consumer needs to know exactly where the parcel is. There is a wide variety of software that you can utilize here and provide customers with real-time updates, either via text email or a URL link. 

Additionally, when it comes to logistics, you may also want to look at the packaging. While it's critical to provide environmentally friendly packaging to please certain customer types, you need to give consideration to the certain sizes and shapes of your packages that can simplify your delivery options. When you can load more packages onto your vehicle, those extra 10 or 20 will improve efficiency across the board and simplify the process.

Remember Proof of Delivery

Delivery businesses are undoubtedly one of the most complained about! Customers will blame delivery drivers for any type of inefficiency, even when it's nothing to do with the delivery business itself, and the physical or verbal abuse delivery drivers get about deliveries are not conducive to a difficult working environment. One of the best approaches you can incorporate to give yourself an insurance policy and place the onus on the customer is proof of delivery. 

It is critical to be more transparent, and when you incorporate electronic proof of delivery services, this doesn't just provide clear proof that the item was delivered, but it showcases a clear paper trail. When we back our employees, this is going to make for a far more effective and transparent working environment. Delivery drivers are chronically overworked, especially when they are on the clock to deliver an item and there's traffic for miles ahead! It's important to side with your employees because this will make them stick with you for longer. Proof of delivery is such a simple insurance policy.

Be Insured!

In addition to proof of delivery as a metaphorical insurance policy, ensuring your delivery drivers are insured will make things easier in the real world. From weather conditions to traffic problems and, of course, car accidents, you need to give your driver's insurance coverage, as well as cover for their parcels. Customers want a certain level of security against unsavory outcomes. Insurance policies are a simple, yet vital, component you have to bear in mind.

Build a Brand

Finally, you need to think about your delivery business as a business. You can create a far more effective brand by creating a striking logo that will go on the package, but you should also think about what your business can do to deliver better customer service. When it comes to building a brand, there are a number of aesthetic components to consider, such as your logo, but you can also create a good name for yourself by simply delivering better customer service.

It is possible to cover more ground as a delivery business. Ensuring that you consider some of these components, as well as think long-term, will guarantee a greater and more effective delivery operation.