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One thing I will tell you is that while in the last few years, a lot of so-called attraction marketing specialists have sprung up, the real litmus test for somebody who can really teach you about marketing — is to have your own products.

Here are some of my recent products:


MLMZing is my step-by-step training course that teaches struggling network marketers how to effectively market their primary direct sales or MLM business in a clear, concise, actionable way.  Unlike other products in the marketplace, like MY Lead System Pro, for example, MLMZing does not exists to confuse distributors and try to sell them everything under the sun with live webinars.  A totally refreshing approach to marketing – and one that even complete newbies can finally start to have success with.

There are 9 modules that teach how to really build a business online – most of the methods are completely free.  There are no ongoing fees.

There is also a business opportunity attached, which can easily cover the costs of your marketing as long as you are active in network marketing.


Watch the MLMZing Webinar

Six Figure MLM Blueprint:

A Free CD Marie and I created to teach you the core principles of how we really started making a multiple six-figure income in network marketing.

Six Figure MLM Blueprint

Six Figure MLM Blueprint

Get your FREE copy of the Six Figure MLM Blueprint.

3% Method Training Course:

This course which teaches you how to instantly get to the top 3% of the network marketing industry is no longer for sale.  It was a physical product that included a DVD and workbook shipped to your home.

You can join the waiting list if we ever re-release it here.

Offline To Online Method DVD:

LeadnetPro Offline 2 Online Method DVD

Offline 2 Online Method DVD

My training DVD that teaches how to use voicebroadcasting to quickly generate leads – and how to create a large internet marketing list in a ultra-short period of time.

This DVD course was $297, but is now only available as a bonus to buying LeadNetPro.

Custom Marketing/Design

We currently design fanpages and wordpress blogs.  Ask for a quote.

We also have a dedicated marketing department that can actually DO the internet marketing for you.  Contact me for details.

MLM WordPress Domination

Currently in development

We also have another course on PPC marketing that is currently untitled and in development.

We recommend:

First and foremost... IM Tool Suite for creating landing pages and internet marketing automation tools.
Market Samurai for all your keyword research needs.
You need a FREE custom Wordpress Blog to brand yourself, generate free leads, and make you happy :-)
Magic Submitter for mass distribution of articles, press releases and video distribution.
Be sure to check out my Tools of the Trade and my Lead Generation Webinar if you want to succeed online.
Oh yeah, and subscribe to my Video Podcast to keep in the loop of what's working now!


  1. Do you have a limit income in your system? why i’m asking, because i’m in a company that doesn’t have a limit in their income.

  2. Rose, I can assure you that there is NO limit in your income. It is only limited by the number of sales you can generate.

    Rod supplies you will all the tools needed to produce free leads for you to promote the Secret Webinar.

    A friend of mine that is doing this program has generated 47 leads in one day. He made himself a minimum of $2400 in one day alone, and will be on track to be making $20K this month.

    The system works … bar none!

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I would love to talk to you on making me the #1 saleperson for this new and up rising company.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Dan Tokarz says:

    Rod Stinson is on almost every scam site………why would you be backing this fellow with a history of hit and move on programs??


    • Andrew Murray says:

      Hi Dan,

      Look with a grain of salt at those scam sites. Look, there’s no denying not everyone is successful, but I’ve spoken to Rod personally on multiple occassions, and I see the training he does for the entire company weekly. Rod Stinson is not a scammer. Furthermore, he is not in my opinion a company jumper. He got a great deal to work with FamilyIQ, but he still supports his Pizza Box business also.

      (And he makes sales in both of them weekly just like I do.)

      I’d urge you to read between the lines and you’ll see Rod’s integrity.

  5. Hey Andrew, I’ve been kinda “internet stalking” you for a few months now. Really impressed with your body of work in the industry and I wish you major and massive success over there with Nick, Blake and Ryan!!!

    • Andrew Murray says:

      Should I be worried Damiso? :-)
      Let’s connect by phone. Fill out my contact form and I’ll call and see how I can help.

  6. Heidi Green says:

    I need automation! Sick of being in front of a computer all day! Tired of being a slave to a business!

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