3 Tips For Staying Sane When On A Long Content Production Mission

Whether you’re running a blog, starting a YouTube channel, streaming, or doing anything else that involves creating content, there will be times where you have to sit down and go through the content production process. This can mean an entire day or night is spent researching, producing, and editing content.

How to stay sane when creating massive content

As most people are aware, having a content schedule is the key to success. This enables you to tell people that you will produce new content on these dates, generating hype for your content. So, a lot of the time you will make batches of content that you release when your schedule demands it. Thus, you spend even longer on your content production mission.

For many of you, the mere mention of this is enough to drive you insane and give you a panic attack. It is very hard to focus when you are trying to create a lot of content, so here are some of my tips to help you stay sane:

Take regular breaks

You need to take breaks or your mind will become a jumbled mess and you won’t be able to produce your best content. Trying to power through everything with no breaks will usually mean you miss things out and make errors. Every hour or so, take a little break. This can mean standing up and walking around or having a stretch. Also, have longer breaks after every 3 or 4 hours. You can give yourself a 30-minute break after 3 hours of work, letting you recharge your mental batteries and avoid burnout.

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Use an ergonomic workstation

If you have an ergonomic workstation, it is so much easier to deal with your content production mission. One of the main reasons we go insane when writing or producing other forms of content is that we feel uncomfortable. After an hour or so, our backs start hurting, our necks are in pain, and our hips feel irritated. This is all eradicated when you have an ergonomic workstation. The ideal setup is a sit stand up desk, so you can stand for periods, then sit for others. It’s much better for your posture and can be way more comfortable. Of course, these desks are expensive, so they’re not a possibility for everyone. Instead, just make sure you have a comfortable chair, and that your screen is at eye level. This should stop you from slouching and allow you to work without the insane nagging pain biting away at you.

Find inspiration from elsewhere

Content insanity also comes when you can’t think of what to do. To combat this, I believe it helps to engage with as much content as possible. Instead of wasting time trying to think of ideas, go on different blogs and read their articles. Look at videos on YouTube, see what other people have produced. As a result, you can gain inspiration from their content, allowing you to think of an original idea of your own.

We’ve all been in positions where we think we’re going insane, midway through a long content slog. I find that these three tips help, but let me know if you have any ideas of your own.

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