7 Ways To Invest Your Money

You’re here because you have decided to invest your money, that’s great, however it can be difficult knowing where to start. Whether you are looking to invest big or small we have gathered seven ways to invest your money Take a look below and see if any catch your eye, remember it's always important to do thorough research before investing any money.

7 ways to invest your money
7 Ways To Invest Your Money

Stock Market

When people think of investing they automatically think about the stock market. You might think that you have to pay in large sums to see a return, however, this is not the case. You can start by investing a small amount whilst you get used to how the stock market works and learn the jargon that comes along with it until you are comfortable enough to invest a little more. This way is great as it allows you to invest without the big risks.

Premium Bonds

If you have a UK bank card you are eligible to purchase premium bonds. Almost half a million British pounds worth are currently unclaimed by Australians. The way premium bonds work is that you pay in a minimum of £25 and you are put into the draw to win prizes. It's like the lottery but if you don't win, the money you put in stays in your account ready for the next draw. The more money you invest the higher your chances of winning are, the highest amount of money you can win is £1 million. If you are looking to make money quickly from your investment then premium bonds are not the right investment for you.

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Cookie Jar

Before you invest you have to save up some money first. This is where the cookie jar method comes in. If you have something in mind you want to invest it, set a goal to have x amount of money by x date. Then work out how much you need to put away each month so you hit your target. Use a cookie jar or something similar to pop in your target amount each month and then when you have loose change toss it in the jar too. Seeing the jar fill up will motivate you to keep topping it up, then in no time, you will have your target amount saved and ready to invest.

Retirement Fund

You should be investing for your future and putting money into your retirement fund is a way to do this. If you are employed and earning more than $450 per month then you should automatically be paying into your superannuation fund. This is a government-run scheme that allows employers to match the employee's contributions. If you are self-employed you can still pay into your superannuation fund but you will have to set it up yourself.

Real Estate

Real estate is a popular way to invest your hard-earned cash, whether it's turning flipping a property or buying to rent. When buying real estate you need to be smart and keep a vigilant eye on the property market. Investing in property doesn't always have to be a quick turn around, investing in a family home or holiday home can be beneficial in the long run. Look at investing in up and coming properties like m vertica, properties that offer premium living with a range of facilities and perks are becoming increasingly popular especially in cities.

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Digital Robo Advisors

If you are a novice when it comes to investing and are a bit apprehensive about it all then consider using a digital robot to invest your money for you. Digital Robo advisors such as Quiet Growth, Stockspot or InvestSMART are all great examples of Robo advisors you can use. The way they work is that you set your preferences such as how much you want to invest, how often, and what your investment interests are, it will then create a tailored plan to suit you and your needs and invest automatically.


If you have a good eye for finding treasures from markets, thrift stores or small vintage shops then think about putting your skills to good use. Buying vintage items at a low cost now can make you lots of money in the future. This one is only good if you have the knowledge and knack for finding items that are being sold at a small price and when over time they will become more valuable. Vintage cars, art and antiques are all great possessions that can increase in value overtime.

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