Beyond the Files of Boring Info: How Lawyers Can Make Their Content Sparkle!

As far as the world of marketing and content is concerned, the law isn't the sexiest of subjects. After all, how can you make a pile of facts and figures with arcane laws from hundreds of years ago sparkle and appear vital? While lawyers can communicate their legal expertise, what does it really take for lawyers to work this into their content?

how to make better content for lawyers

See What Entertaining Content Is Out There

Whether it’s divorce lawyers that need to improve their style or road traffic accident lawyers need to find ways to appeal beyond the typical culprits, it's important to find entertaining content to understand what is out there, but also how you can get inspired by other voices and styles. It's a very simple thing, but to inspire content you very simply have to read more.

Focus on the Drama in the Content

In any piece of mundane content, you can create a sense of suspense. Whether this is providing resources for people so they get inspired to read on or you build subtly towards a reveal, any nonfiction piece can be made interesting by, very simply, asking more questions, as this will engage with the audience. How are you going to provide new insights on a topic? One of the most important methods is to engage people by giving them something that holds their attention.

Make Your Content Diverse

Content is not just about blogs. Many lawyers make the mistake of thinking that the best way to put everything across is via long-form content. Granted, this is beneficial when it comes to communicating the minutiae of the law, but if you are trying to appeal to people and get them to use your services, you've got to be diverse in how you put your content across. You can use blogs but you can also use:

  • Video blogs
  • Infographics
  • Explainer videos
  • Podcasts or any audio or promotional materials
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The list is endless! But you need to make sure that your content sparkles by making things different. Sometimes we can overthink something, but repurposing it and putting it into a different format is all we may need.

Asking for Another Opinion

Part of the problem many lawyers have is that they simply don't have the time to focus on creating content that makes a big impact. Sometimes content should speak for itself, but there will be times when someone else's opinion or input will make a massive difference to the outcome. Whether this is using a digital marketing agency to give your content some more purpose or a colleague to give their own insights into the layout, having additional input will always make a big difference.

Ensuring that your content sparkles will guarantee that all-important digital presence but it will also help you to think outside the box. The legal profession, in terms of its content, can be very dry. And if you want to think beyond files and folders of boring terms and arcane legal facts, it's time to make that content sparkle so everybody can benefit!

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