Coinberry. Coinberry. Coinberry. Let’s talk about Coinberry.

Coinberry is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada that is reputable, legitimate and has a gorgeous UI. (Which I always think is important in any application.)

Get $20 bonus when you trade $50 or more at Coinberry:

In this video, I go into Coinberry, dig deep into their features, benefits, pros and cons and break down if Coinberry is a good place for Canadian to buy Crypto.

I also compare Coinberry to some. of the other Canadian options for buying cryptocurrency, like Coinsquare, Shakepay, Newton, and Bitbuy.

I love how well-thought out the interface is for Coinberry – and it shows that they really love their users. Coinberry is based out of Toronto, Canada.

I wish they had longer-term chart options on the dashboard and I have found the iPhone app to keep requiring me to login – it does not seem to save, which is annoying. But those are minor complaints.

Overall, Coinberry is my favourite place to buy crypto in Canada.

Other recommended crypto exchanges in Canada:

Coinbase (US & INTL)

0:00 Coinberry Review Start
0:32 Other Canadian Crypto Exchanges
0:58 Free $20 Bonus from Coinberry
1:28 Coinberry Cryptocurrency Charts
2:24 Coinberry Supports These Crypto Coins
2:51 Coinberry Transaction Activity
3:20 Gamification
3:44 Coinberry Autopilot Feature (I Love This!)
5:24 Funding Options with Coinberry
5:56 Coinberry Referral Bonuses
6:51 Coinberry Buy & Sell Limit Orders
8:16 Coinberry Withdrawl Options
8:43 Coinberry Pay
9:40 Exclusive Content For My YouTube Subscribers
10:26 Coinberry Settings
10:50 Coinberry Summary




This video is everything you need to know about Coinberry.

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Note: Coinberry does not carry Dogecoin. Here are my thoughts on Dogecoin:

What do YOU like or dislike about Coinberry? Let me know what you think about Coinberry in the comments!