Coinberry Review

Coinberry. Coinberry. Coinberry. Let's talk about Coinberry.

Coinberry is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada that is reputable, legitimate and has a gorgeous UI. (Which I always think is important in any application.)

You will get $20 for free when you open an account at Coinberry – which is an awesome return on your time.

Get $20 bonus when you trade $50 or more at Coinberry:

In this video, I go into Coinberry, dig deep into their features, benefits, pros and cons and break down if Coinberry is a good place for Canadian to buy Crypto.

I also compare Coinberry to some. of the other Canadian options for buying cryptocurrency, like Coinsquare, Shakepay, Newton, and Bitbuy.

Coinberry allows users to trade BTC, ETH, XLM, LTC, BCH, and XRP.

Here is what the main dashboard looks like over at Coinberry:

coinberry crypto dashboard
The Coinberry Dashboard

I love how well-thought out the interface is for Coinberry – and it shows that they really love their users. Coinberry is based out of Toronto, Canada.

I wish they had longer-term chart options on the dashboard and I have found the iPhone app to keep requiring me to login – it does not seem to save, which is annoying. But those are minor complaints.

Coinberry has an auto-buy feature, and they also have the unique ability to send invoices in cryptocurrency, which is a nice perk for business owners who are also crypto-enthusiasts.

Overall, Coinberry is my favourite place to buy crypto in Canada. I like that they have a wider variety of coins than Shakepay, while still offering the reputable altcoin projects that truly have fundamental value.

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Other recommended crypto exchanges in Canada:

Coinbase (US & INTL)

0:00 Coinberry Review Start
0:32 Other Canadian Crypto Exchanges
0:58 Free $20 Bonus from Coinberry
1:28 Coinberry Cryptocurrency Charts
2:24 Coinberry Supports These Crypto Coins
2:51 Coinberry Transaction Activity
3:20 Gamification
3:44 Coinberry Autopilot Feature (I Love This!)
5:24 Funding Options with Coinberry
5:56 Coinberry Referral Bonuses
6:51 Coinberry Buy & Sell Limit Orders
8:16 Coinberry Withdrawl Options
8:43 Coinberry Pay
9:40 Exclusive Content For My YouTube Subscribers
10:26 Coinberry Settings
10:50 Coinberry Summary

This video is everything you need to know about Coinberry.

Coinberry Fees:

Coinberry has no fees. And they have a lower spread that either Shakepay or Newton.

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Note: Coinberry does not carry Dogecoin. Here are my thoughts on Dogecoin:

What do YOU like or dislike about Coinberry? Let me know what you think about Coinberry in the comments!

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