The great promise of technology has been about giving us more free time.

But that is not what really happens.

This is a really well-done short film (like 2 minutes) on quality time and cell phones.

Your life will be better if you watch it.

Love it? Hate it?  Let me know in the comments

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5 thoughts on “Lifestyle”

  1. That’s an awesome video, it’s funny but true. That is the way most people live their lives today. Even here in Puerto Rico you see people that are married with their cel phones, and without it they don’t function.

    Thanks for sharing Andrew, I’m gonna share this.

  2. Hi Andrew I saw this video on FaceBook a couple weeks ago and another one similar to it.

    I do a lot of driving around my city and I can tell you, this is so true what this video is relating.

    Just yesterday I came out of the building where I work and a young lady was sitting in her car, I guess waiting for someone she’d dropped off. I happened to glance over at her and damn if she didn’t have her face buried looking at her cell phone, actually it was more like in front of her face.

    There is a very attractive secretary I work with and she walks everyday outside, as soon as she heads out, bam, she pulls out her cell phone and up in front of her face it goes… I’m like damn she gonna run into something if she not careful

    Lastly, a bout month ago I was driving behind a lady in a red car and this bi-tch was damn near parked she was driving so slow… Anyway we both came to a red light and I had to stop behind her, but was able to pull up along side her… Yep she had her face buried looking down at her cell phone… But what was even more strange was the guy in front of her, who also was driving a red car also, was also looking down at his cell phone, I thought WTF, are these two A – holes texting each other.

    WTF has the world come to?

    Are we so engrossed with technology that we’ve lost touch with being real humans and reaching out to touch, really touch someone, getting personal with anyone anymore?

    Of note, I’m guilty with regards to always surfing the net though, LOL.


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