Morpher Exchange Review + Airdrop

What is Morpher Exchange?

Morpher is an around-the-lcok trading platform that offers no fee trading of assets with unlimited liquidity. It's not setup as a traditional exchange.

morpher exchange crypto review

Morhper is based out of Vienna, Austria and created by Morpher was founded by Martin Froehler and Denis Bykov in April of 2018. (Coincidentally, CryptoExplorer is also based out of Austria. Being that is is Austrian, it is under the laws of the European Union (EU.). I like this because the EU has good governnance over such entities.

Tim Draper, the popular crypto-enthusiast and American Venture Capitalist is the main investor through his venture capital firm Draper Associates. He has invested $1.25 Million into Morpher.

tim draper crypto

Morpher is not an exchange, market maker, or a brokerage firm. It is a platform where users can place trades by interacting directly with a “Virtual Future.”

The Morpher platform allows trading in “Virtual Futures” so called as they do not expire, which allows trading on weekends and 247 which is not possible with traditional futures, as the traditional markets close over the weekend.

The incentive is that if you win you earn more Morpher tokens. if you lose, those tokens are burned.

The Morpher Tokens is an ERC20 cryptocurrency on the Etherium blockchain, and this your account is denominated in Etherium. This menas, theoretically you could lose money even if you trade goes up, if the ETH drops. So while you can trade other assest beyond crypto, using Morpher relies on a fundamental belief in the long-term growth of crypto and ETH specifically.

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If ETH continues to increase in value, you portfolio will be boosted accordingly.

When is Morpher laucnhing?

Morpher is launching in May 2020.

If you want to claim your airdrop of $30 in free tokens, you can claim them here.

I highly recommend you take advantage of this Airdrop,

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