Snagit 2019 Tutorial

Snagit 2019 Tutorial

This video goes into a full tutorial on using Snagit 2019 as a screen capture software for images, video and text.  I have been using Snagit for several years, and could not imagine not being able to use this.  I use Snagit almost daily.

Snagit 2019 Review

Snagit 2019 just came out in October 2018. This is a deep dive into some of the NEW features in Snagit 2019, and a full tutorial on how to use the main features of Snagit 2019.

We go into using the Snagit editor, the Snagit text grabber, the Snagit Simplify tool, the Snagit video capture, Snagit picture-in-picture recording, the Snagit file structure, and more.

Plus, I show you how I delegate and outsource tasks easily using only Snagit and the free version of Screencast.

Techsmith's Snagit is the PREMIER tool for screen recording (video and image) and it works on both MAC and PC.

Yes, there are free chrome addons that do basic screen captures, but if you want a robust tool that can handle it all – including those pages that don't scroll properly, download the demo version of Snagit 2019.

BTW, Panoramic scroll is the scroll option that can handle those “unscrollable” webpages.

I also show how to do the a simple blur using the Snagit video editor. Real easy stuff, even for non-techies!

Lastly, I highly recommend not trying to use a Keygen or hacked copy of Snagit. This is a GREAT piece of software. It's a business write off, and you'll be using it for years to come because it's stable.

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You can get a free trial (or purchase) here.

Techsmith has also created Camtasia and Jing, which are different. Camtasia is for video recording and editing, but is not the best in class type of solution Snagit is. Jing is discontinued and limited to a maximum of 5 minutes of recording time.

Snagit can comfortably handle recording even 3 hour+ live webinars. It's the biggity-bomb!

By the way, I recorded this video using Screenflow for MAC. (I had to use a different recording software in order to show you how to use the main features of Snagit 2019.

Honestly, if you spend a little time learning the features, you should be really happy with the results you can achieve.  Techsmith's Snagit 2019 is the best-in-class screen capture software for MAC and PC.

What are you currently using to capture screenshots and video streams?

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