Top 5 Cooking Games

Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies. I love trying out new recipes and playing around in the kitchen. I think it is a fantastic way to decompress and get creative.

I’m a huge foodie and ever since coming to Portugal these past few months I have been able to eat so many new, exotic, and tasty foods. I have had the pleasure of eating a Francesinha, bacalhau, shrimp risotto, seafood chowder, and Frango Assado. All of which have knocked my taste buds off and I think make me love food even more!

The salads have also been incredibly fresh! I have also made some pretty fresh salads from my time here with the help of my lovely lemon tree in my backyard. Yes, a real lemon tree!

lemon tree in my backyard
My Lemon Tree

Other than food being delicious and cooking an amazing way to get creative. In my opinion, it also is one of the most crucial life skills you need to have.

Personally, I learned how to cook way too late in life. I learned in my thirties. 

Which is one of the reasons I strongly encourage my eldest and youngest soon to cook or help set up dinner or whatever meal it is. Even if it is just cutting a veggie, keeping an eye on the chicken when it is cooking, or playing with some spices to enhance the taste.

Cooking Games For Kids

My youngest son Henry also loves to play video games and something that I have noticed is that he has been more interested in cooking since playing some fun cooking games. Something I had also noticed with my eldest, Jack

So I have made a list of fun cooking games for kids that my kids love and might get them to want to help out in the kitchen.

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Happy Chef 1 & 2 

Happy Chef is my wife and eldest son’s favourite cooking game of all time. They even made me play a few rounds myself and it is not a bad game at all.  

Top 5 Cooking Games

The game starts you off with a story where you have to take over your grandfather’s restaurant. You serve hungry customers all the way from New York to Japan.

You cook everything from pizza, burgers, breakfast foods, some pretty fancy stuff, and tons of drinks.

As you complete levels you unlock vanity items and more food to give to customers and go all around the world making new foods that keep the game exciting and fresh.

With customers having very short attention spans you have to make sure you get what they want when they want it or else you will be bleeding money, and fast. 

With a high tempo and very simple controls, it is a fantastic food game that my wife and eldest son LOVE!

The Boiled Eggs

I found a website that had a wide variety of excellent cooking games. The games were fun and interactive that appealed to my little one greatly. They were so many that my little guy loved, so I will be sharing a couple. 

The first one he and I loved is “The Boiled Eggs.”

boiled eggs game

A fun high-tempo game where the game randomly gives you different kinds of eggs to cook. Through tapping the dial into the green area You then have to keep the eggs from burning. This is a game where my little guy laughed at me lots and lots of times when I burned my egg. We also had some rounds where we worked together and did amazing!

In all honesty, the game is one of those incredibly simple games that makes you laugh, and scream literally every single second.

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My favourite thing about this game is that in my house we eat eggs every other day if not more. So when my little guy plays this he gets to cook a virtual food that we eat so often, and that will encourage him to try to cook an egg with me sometime.

Burger Time

Another game that I love from Culinary Schools is “Burger Time” 

Burger time is a game where you have to serve customers the best burger! The customers will show you a picture of what kind of burger you want and you will have to give it to them in an allotted amount of time. 

You also have to put on the ingredients in the exact order that they want or else they will turn away the food. A great game where you have to analyze what they want and give it to them fast.

Top 5 Cooking Games

Some burgers are pretty easy to see and make but sometimes there are some that can be a bit more challenging like the one below.

Top 5 Cooking Games

My little guy also has been very interested in making burgers recently. 

Can I Eat It?

The last game from Culinary Schools is “Can I Eat It?”

It's a fun game for preschoolers to learn more about different types of food.

Top 5 Cooking Games

You will be a person and you will have an item in your hand. You will then be asked whether you can eat it or not. You will have items like apples, glass, carrots, and more. 

The game ends when you click yes to something you cannot eat. It also gets more intense as the game goes on as you also have a timer and the timer gets faster and faster each and every round. and if you do not press an answer in the allotted time you will also lose the game.

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Play “Can I Eat It?” here.

Wedding Dash

Number 5, also the last game is Finally the last game is Wedding Dash! In this, you can't just be quick you gotta dash, and fast! 

This is another food game that my wife and eldest son showed me. 

Top 5 Cooking Games

You are a waiter at a bustling wedding. You have to serve people, seat people, and do everything in between. This game is fast-paced and like any fast-paced game can feel a tiny bit overwhelming but this game is incredibly fun!

With many different tables, foods, and guests this game is a game where you have to focus hard to make sure the bride has the wedding of her dreams!

Those were the 5 games that I have played all about food. Each one of them I love, and all are super fun!

Actually, there are a lot more food games over here. Try some when you need some downtime.

let me know which ones you try out in the comments below.

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