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Top 5 Reasons To Blog in 2020

Yesterday, someone asked me “Why blogging?”

It's a valid question.

I can understand how someone looking in on all the success we've had in the network marketing industry would wonder why have we segued into blogging?

Truth is, we've always had a blogging income, it was actually our first online business (get your step-by-step PDF downloadable guide to building a free blog here…)


Here are my top 5 reasons ????


1. Master of My Own Days

Having built an online business while still in University, I've had the fortunate experience of never having had a traditional job where I would leave the house every day to go to work for someone else.

As networkers, Marie and I created an income we could have only dreamed (multiple yearly 6 figure income, 5 figure a month incomes) of but here's the rub…

Even though we had excellent online lead generation and made the recruiting process EASY, our days, though still at home or wherever we were at the moment, were spent on the phone – selling, recruiting, and team building. A lot of our time was spent hitting quotas, to qualify for sales pools.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved building teams.

I loved all the people we met, getting to know and working alongside them but as you get older, certain things become clearer and as my children grow, I've realized, “Boy, does it go quick!”

I have always been a family-first kinda guy and the desire to spend more time with my wife and my kids doing the things that we LOVE is crucial for me.

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I don't have to tell you if you have kids, childhood is a special time of awakening and wonder, I want to be there for my boys, watching them take it all in.

So back to blogging and designing your own days…

I was already blogging as we built teams.

And since blogging was already a large part of our online lead generation and we recognized a freedom and passivity that came from our blogging income, it made sense to start looking at it as a viable full-time option, especially when I liked blogging when it's convenient for me and my family.

This eventually turned into a side income business where we ran our own website and blog company from 2004 to 2016. Soon enough, we decided to concentrate our efforts mainly on blogging.

Plus, when we first started our online journey, we were blogging about completely different topics not even closely related to networking and were making affiliate income. There was huge income to be made in our chosen markets, and so we switched gears.

Most of our blog income comes from NON-Networking/Marketing type of blogs.

This is key!

Blog about what you love!


2. Controlling Your Income

With your blog, there are so many different ways of creating your income.

In our FREE membership site, we talk about the various ways to do that and surprisingly, with so many different sources in almost every niche imaginable, blogging allows you to create an income exploring topics that you love – and as you know, when you do something you love, it is much easier to find your intrinsic motivation. That coupled with the enormous potential for being paid what you're truly worth, blogging is a hard business model to look over.

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3. You Can Do It From Anywhere

This next point doesn't really need any explanation.

Blogging allows you to work from anywhere in the world.

I blogged all the way down the East Coast while we road tripped this Fall. It was awesome. We explored during the day, and I blogged about my chosen topic once we got to our destination at night.

Easy. Profitable. Fulfilling.

This is true freedom.

Perhaps the perfect business!


4. Low Start-Up

If you were to look at any business, the start-up costs for blogging are minimal.

In fact, it's a business you can grow without even having a marketing budget.

If you've ever tried to build a business before, you know that having a marketing budget is a problem that most people face.

And of course, the upside is that the amount of income you can make from such a small investment (domain name, hosting etc…) is staggering.

The ROI is the best you can get.


5. You're The Boss

You're the boss.

You decide what you blog about (choose something you love – there are always ways to monetize a passion!)

You decide how you monetize your blog and how much you want to be paid for your work.

You decide your schedule and when you work. You literally can build a blogging business around your current lifestyle.

This makes it the perfect side hustle for anyone looking to transition from one income source (your current job or career) to full-time blogger.

Again, there is a freedom in being your own boss. It's a rare thing but it's a good thing.

Ready to build a blog business?

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(No, we are not charging for this info. It's free on my blog.)

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In summary…

Look, there are so many other reasons to blog. I could literally go on and on for pages but I laid out my top 5 reasons for choosing to blog.

If you are interested in building a business, side hustle and want to talk about your passions (with the goal of monetizing your message) then it's easy to get started.

Click here to get the step-by-step guide to blogging in 2020, and then ask to get access to our free blogging training membership area.

Blogging has been one of the BEST business decisions we've made. It's allowed us to pursue more of what we want out of life and has been a turning point for us.

If you need a turning point, I know blogging can be this for you, too.

You don't need experience. You need the willingness to proceed and the passion for something.

Start now.

Here's that link again.


PS – Pro Tip: Having a blog also allows you to legitimately write-off things you would be spending money on anyway – which I love.

Click here to read how to get your own blog started for FREE.


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