Why Healthcare Marketing Matters

Healthcare and wellness are huge industries – and they should be one that talks to everyone as equals. If your marketing isn’t showing a diverse range of people, then you are already off on the wrong foot. 

It’s not just about the product, the benefits and the price, medical and wellness should always be focused on the people. 

So how can you improve your strategy? What should you be considering?

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Digital marketing for healthcare companies


Make content for people and robots. Everything that you produce should be created for the consumer. It should flow nicely, and easily. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you reach your keyword goals – but if you are creating content about a specific topic, that will be easier. 

Consider what people will be searching for, what questions they might ask that you can answer. And, how best to present the information. 


If you are not making your content accessible by using ALT text, good descriptions, and considering readers who will be using assistive technology – then your marketing is not designed for everyone. 

Consider text etiquette for low vision, for optical character recognition, color contrast, adapt your writing style and create a style sheet for everyone who will supply content for you. 


The right marketing will position you in a positive light with potential customers. Taking the time to build a reputation for being inclusive and considerate isn’t something just for show – it should be in everything you do. 

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Making mistakes is common, and okay so long as you take the steps to learn from them – and show it. 

Working with a professional company like Cardinal Digital Marketing Agency can help ensure that you are taking the smartest actions when it comes to building and maintaining your reputation. 

Patient Experience 

Great marketing takes feedback at every turn, and puts that feedback into action. It becomes a positive loop of things that will give you patients and customers the best experience. And, it also offers the opportunity to learn. 

For example, if you push a social post, but you see that a lot of the feedback is negative, or highlighting an issue – this is an opportunity for you to make changes that will matter. Not only does this improve your marketing, but it improves what your patients and customers get too. 

Sustainable relationships 

The evolution of marketing means that it is no longer just about getting the product out there on screens and on papers. The real act of marketing is human-focused. Putting the customer in the spotlight and talking to them. 

Healthcare and wellness marketing matters greatly here because often the people who need services may be feeling vulnerable, or confused. You should be aiming to play a supportive and sustainable role in their lives. 

Of course, not every healthcare or wellness company will be dealing with chronic or serious conditions – but it doesn’t make this any less important. 

Sustainable relationships are more preferable than single transactions (in any industry). 

Healthcare market deserves transparency, inclusive language and interesting marketing – so don't skimp on yours. 

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