Yes Billboards Still Work, And Here’s Why

do billboards work?
Here's why you need to explore billboards for marketing and brand awareness.

Billboard advertising is as old as marketing itself. It's easy to see why. You just write what you are selling on a blank surface and anyone who looks at it, instantly knows what you’re about. This is true for people in ancient Rome who were selling their products. They would write on wooden boards what kind of product they had at the local market. There were also advertisements of a similar nature for armies in the medieval times when they needed fresh recruits for campaigns. And now in the modern world, we see billboards alongside roads where millions of people will see them. But are they still effective?

Proof in the pudding

America is best-known for it's long, boring routes and highways. There’s not much to look at. When you have seen one tumbleweed, you’ve seen them all. So, this is perhaps why 70% of American drivers admit they do look at billboards as they go to work, on a road trip or driving to a sporting event. So you potentially have millions of people looking at your business, brand and products or services. The proof is there, people actively look at billboards and they will recognize a brand from their experience with it. This is great when you have a billboard in an area which is prone to traffic jams, which is why you see many fast food giants with billboards on highways coming into New York.

Modern billboards

Unlike the boring billboards of old, the modern billboards from a company like Allvision Billboards use electronic billboards to captivate drivers. They can change to whatever kind of digital designs you have. You may want a static photo of your product, but then a change over screen to your locations, contact details, etc. You may also be able to get moving billboards which can show 5-10 second ads. These can also help to draw attention of drivers stuck in traffic. The thing is, you need to consider where they are placed. If it's on a busy highway then chances are moving billboard won’t be allowed by law.

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What you need

The bottom line is that the higher the quality of your photos then the more people will look at them. There has to be a lot going on for someone to pay attention. Once they have seen your billboard and absorbed it all, chances are they may only look at it a few more times. So you need to have an approach that has vivid colors, great lighting, angles, action and something unusual all in one. The latest Venom billboards have a see through background and this gives the characters on the billboard a 3D look. There has to also be depth involved, so you feel like you are watching something unfold in front of you.

Billboards still work because when you are bored on the way home, something new and exciting to spectate is always going to dray your eyes over. You may want to captivate some of that 70% for your own gain!

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