How To Get Facebook Contact Sync on iphone‏

How To Grab Contact Details from your Facebook Friends and Put Them on Your iphone Contacts

The new iphone IOS 5.1 update has tight integration with facebook.  Check out this slick way to grab Facebook contact details from your friends/prospects and put them right oin your iphone!

What can you do with this info?  Well besides updating your contact book and making it stronger, people often includre their phone number and/or address on their facebook profile page.  This is how you get that info into your hands:

Step 1: Get the FB App

Update to the most recent version of the native facebook app in the app store.

Step 2: Sync Up Your Facebook & iPhone Contacts

1)Select Facebook app, and press the 3 lines showing by the 3 lines beside the #1 below:

2) Tap ‘Friends' icon as shown by the #2

3)Tap ‘Sync' button top right

4) Slide to Yes next to ‘Syncing' option. Also slide to Yes next to ‘Replace photos,' if you want to pull profile pictures from Facebook.

On the next screen, tap ‘I Agree' to allow Facebook to start synching up your Facebook contacts with iPhone contacts.

Step 3: How To Use This Data

After syncing you'll see some contacts have a phone icon next to their name.

And if you click on the name of one of your Facebook friends, you'll see a screen similar to the one below.  To see their phone number and contact data, click on the info tab on the bottom.  This info tab only shows up on some Facebook contacts – probably due to privacy settings set by the user him- or herself.

After you click on the info tab, you'll see all the data you need ot start a phone conversation with your newest prospect!

You can also call directly form the FB app.  If you click on a name with the phone icon beside it, the name will disappear and you'll see the buttons “Mobile” and “SMS”

Mobile will call them directly and SMS will allow you to send them a text message.  I would STRONGLY recommend calling as it's just way more powerful.

Now who says they still don't have enough leads?

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There is an easier way to do this now using an iPhone App called SmartSync.

If you have problems using the above method, just use this app.  It also can be set to notify you about birthdays – both on the day and upcoming – so you can prepare to make a big impact with a particular prospect.
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